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SLIGHT live at the Plant

Hey Pals,
Last Friday TVM and CKUT stopped in on Slight (formerly Vostok 1) in their jam space and occasional underground music venue The Plant to capture a glorious little moment in space and time. Prepare yourself for some trip-y tones, leafy looks, and make sure to catch the band’s EP release show (featuring Nick Keupfer, Sea Oleena, Year of Glad and DJ Noah Bick) as part of this year’s Total Eclipse Concert Series!

Slight – Edison

McGill Music – Slight from TVM Student Television on Vimeo.

If yr digging the tune-age, I highly recommend you send your browser in the direction of their brand spankin’ new Facebook Page, and if you want to hear more tunes, run as fast as you can to the Bandcamp.

Filmography by Sarah Leitner and Sasha Crawford-Holland
Soundography by Dorian Scheidt

More videos with similar similarites but very different differences coming atcha next week!

Are you a Musician, CKUT volunteer, or both? Wanna get involved in future video projects?
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the this many boyfriends club

The This Many Boyfriends Club live at RVC

Hey Again,
A couple weeks back we teamed up once again with the ever-fabulous TVM to film another McGill-related act in another McGill-related place. This time, the band were The This Many Boyfriends Club, and the spot was the Royal Victoria College residence cafeteria.

They brought some friends along, there is more than a little dancing going on.

If you dig the vibes, you might wanna check out the band’s upcoming show at Il Motore on April 19th!

Photos from the shoot, and hints at what might come next after the Jump!

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Trade Secrets Live at Douglas Hall!

We had a great time last weekend teaming up once again with TVM to make another awesome live performance video, this time featuring local rock troupe Trade Secrets! We were lucky enough to be able to film in the pseudo-legendary Douglas Hall Cafeteria, the most Hogwartz-esq locale on McGill Campus.

Trade Secrets – On the Road

McGill Music – Trade Secrets from TVM Student Television on Vimeo.

Watch the video, and if you dig the tunes make sure to check out Trade Secrets on Bandcamp or Facebook!

Camera work by TVM members Sarah Leitner and Nicolas Gontier-Angelard.
Sound by CKUT regular and New Shit co-host Dorian Scheidt.

CKUT + TVM = !!!

Recording Trade Secrets

You can check out our previous collaboration with TVM Right Here, featuring blues-rock trio (and CKUT chart alumni!) Alexei Martov!

Make sure to stay tuned for more upcoming live performance videos!

Are you a Musician, CKUT volunteer, or both? Wanna get involved in future video projects?
Wanna do something similar? Something totally different?



Babies Not Rabies

We have a bit of a raccoon problem around here. Or, rather, a raccoon blessing? Our offices are right up close to the mountaintop park space so we get lotsa nature going on at CKUT (check out the charts from July 19th to get an idea). Take yesterday when Amber glanced out of the window next to her desk and came face-to-face with a fairly sizable raccoon, which gave both parties a bit of a start. Our masked friend quickly made her exit down the fire escape stairs. Shortly afterward we heard a curious plinking sound punctuating our music listening session. We looked out and up and there were three baby raccons eating (and dropping) snacks! Observe:

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Check back for more posts later in the day! For now, here’s an archival photo of one of AJ’s encounters from last year.