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The Montreal Sessions with Pop Montreal: September 8th 2015


Pop Montreal is back for their second week here at CKUT on The Montreal Sessions! If you were lucky enough to hear last weeks episode, you would have caught this little gem taking place in our studios. Aside from talented kids singing R. Kelly and spontaneous songs about pooping from Commander Clark, Pop Montreal’s Daniel Seligman brought us an episode with great tunes and informative talks about this years festival. If you liked what you heard, make sure to tune in today from 3-5pm to catch more folks from Pop MTL and a live performance from Heartstreets, who are a local electronic/hip-hop/R&B duo.

You can read more about Pop Montreal on their website, and catch all episodes (if you happen to accidentally miss them) on our archives~~

Loosestrife and Look Vibrant – MTLIVE

Loosestrife and Look Vibrant – MTLIVE

Hey hey, Internet-enabled Radio-Enthusiasts

Good News! More awesome live videos in our ongoing co-lab with visual-whiz-bang-crew TVM!

This time, we’ve got a pair of captured performances featuring a pair of local bands, each of which consist of a pair of musicians: Loosestrife and Look Vibrant! Now I’m gonna go eat a pair of pears, just for good measure.


TL;DW: Awesome backlighting, “punk”, Serious Facial Expressions


TL;DW: Nice coats, Harmonny

Keep yr eyes peeled to this here music blog for more videos in the series in the near-esq future. Next up: CKUT falsetto-favs Year of Glad!

Montréalive :: Femmaggots ++ She Divides!

Montréalive :: Femmaggots ++ She Divides!

Hey Radio Pals,

While the main focus these days around the station is on our annual funding drive, we’ve also recently dusted off our collaboration-shoes and started working with our good friends over at TVM to bring you a brand new series of videos featuring some of the incredible music that graces our streets, venues and airwaves here in Montréal.

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, we’re calling the series Montréalive.

We’ve already posted the first two videos, and many more are on the way!

First up: The notorious Femmaggots with their infectious tune Parrot.

And second, local synthy space cadets She Divides, bringing the haze in a converted garage.

Keep it Locked on the music blog for more videos from the series coming your way soon!

Wanna get involved? Hit us up!


Archery Guild make a Hell of a DIN!

Archery Guild make a Hell of a DIN!

Way back in the heady days of April, 2013, TVM and CKUT teamed up to film groups of people making loud sounds in an intentional manner.

On such ensemble were the Fearsome and Mammoth Archery Guild, an 8 or 9 piece post-indie-rock-orchestra. They crammed their St. Henri rehearsal space full of people and noise, and jammed out the rather epic “Featherweight” for our Cameras and Microphones.

McGill Music – Archery Guild from TVM Student Television on Vimeo.

WATCH: Andy Boay live in the CKUT Studio

WATCH: Andy Boay live in the CKUT Studio

Andy Boay (Andy White from TONSTARTSSBANDHT) joined us in the studio on June 3rd to play “Big Chestined Nights” and “Don’t Desert Me” from his album Evil Masters. Andy conjured a devilish acapella choir from his mysterious boxes, all while roaming the hallway with a wireless mic.

You can download studio versions of the tracks here, and grab the MP3 of the live session from CKUT’s archive here.

WATCH Notta Comet Live at Midnight Kitchen

The latest instalment of the McGill Music Sessions features Notta Comet performing jazzy, angsty blends of math rock among the pots, pans, and paprika of the Midnight Kitchen.  What accompanies healthy, vegan, PWYC meals better than local indie rock presented by CKUT and TVM?! Nothing, that’s what.

Notta Comet makes sounds that are a little bit math, a little bit jazz, and a lot bit awesome. Check it out!

The Wayo in the Kitchen!

Hey Hey,

Another video from our ongoing collaboration with TVM hit the web just a little while back, this time featuring Haligonian Groove-Meisters The Wayo!

We had a great time recording them laying down the tunes in this Griffintown Kitchen, check out the video below!

McGill Music – The WAYO from TVM Student Television on Vimeo.

Click through for a photo from the shoot, and links to more videos from the series!

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