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school's out

School’s Out for GOOD

school's out

Venus – Girl Divided
City Taster – Un Peu de Wat?
Simeon Wiley – Bright Lights
Adrian Hu – Switchblade
Fleece – On My Mind
Glenny – [Bracket]
Jaymes – Good Morning
Brother Joe – Le Sony’r Ra
Alexia Avina – Plans Fall Through
Carla Sagan – Make Believer

Thanks to everyone who has been following this project throughout the spring, and a special thank you to CKUT, Joni, and all the musicians who helped make this such a fun and fulfilling experience.

– Nora Duffy

underground sounds logo

Brave Radar (Fixture Records) // Underground Sounds

underground sounds logo

It’s been a great week for CKUT and Underground Sounds, all to thanks to Cult Montreal readers. The station has once again been voted #1 in the city. Underground Sounds ranked as #1 Radio Show, Venus as #2 and myself, Nick Schofield as #1 Radio Host. What an honour!

To celebrate, tonight from 8-10pm we’ll be airing music by bands performing at the upcoming CKUT Total Eclipse concert series (so many rad bands!!) and interviewing local stalwarts Brave Radar about their new tunes and DIY label Fixture Records. Tune in at 90.3 FM or online at CKUT.ca – that’s a wrap!

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TONIGHT on Venus Radio, A K U A


Tune in today to CKUT from 12-2pm for Venus to hear an interview with Ghanan/Canadian synth-soul songstress A K U A !

Born to an immigrant father from Ghana and a Canadian mother, Akua Carson was raised in a relatively uneventful suburb of London, Ontario. As a biracial child in a culturally homogenous community, Akua’s childhood would bear a certain uneasiness surrounding identity and categorization; a theme that has persisted its way into her music and undoubtedly influenced the diversity and ambiguity one hears in her sound today.

She’ll be playing a show presented by the Howl Arts Collective tonight at La Sala Rossa alongside Detroit MC Invincible. Definitely don’t miss it if you’re into good vibes, soul or hip hop.




tUnE-yArDs on Venus!

From the extremely rad Venus Radio blog:

“The year was 2007. MySpace was the coolest, an ancient melon had been discovered in Japan, Avril Lavigne had just released her third album, and Facebook was worth less than $15 billion. And a young performer named Merrill Garbus was beginning to get a name for herself as tUnE-yArDs, playing around Montreal and her native Vermont.

We on Venus had noticed her iconoclastic and theatrical performances, her fierce songwriting, and her DIY ethos. We invited her to our show when tUnE-yArDs was only a few months old. Listen below for an interview, a live performance (including three unreleased songs!) and a guest DJ set from Merrill. We think it’s really cool to see where she was at back then, when she was just starting to put together the project that would eventually take her to the top of the indie charts and critics’ lists (and it’s fun to hear our embarrassing 2007 baby voices). We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we loved having her as a guest.”

  • Check out the Venus Radio blog to have a listen!
  • Tune in to Venus Radio every Thursday from 12-2pm to listen to all the best music by all the best ladies!
Azealia Banks

WomEn in HIp hOP

Azealia Banks

Check out the archives from Venus Radio‘s latest show (all the best music by all the best women for all the best listeners), cuz guest DJ Rachie Hall came in and helped spin and hour’s worth of lady MCs. Listen to it here and check out the track listing below:

  • Queen Latifa Feat. Monie Love-Ladies first
  • Bahamadia and Rah Digga-Be ok
  • Psalm One-Rapper Girls
  • Angel Haze-6’7
  • Cstraps feat. Tospino-Swagalicious
  • Muthoni the Drummer Queen-Mikono Kwenye hewa
  • Tiyiselani Vomaseve-NaXaniseka
  • Unique -War Talk
  • Azealia Banks-L8R
  • Lioness feat. Lady Lashure and Amplify Dot
  • Rainbow Noise-Imma
  • Sima Lee-Trust Nobody
  • Hurricane G.-No More Prisons
  • Keny Arkana-La rage
  • Shadia Mansour feat. M1-El Kofeyye Arabeyye
  • Anita Tijoux feat Invincible-Sube
  • Yoon Mi Rae- ?
  • Isis- Ask a woman

Tune into Venus every week from 12-2pm every Thursday on CKUT 90.3FM or ckut.ca.


RADIOKE: Venus Radio’s annual funding drive karaoke party!

Patsy Cline

It’s Venus Radio‘s annual funding drive edition, and that means RADIOKE! Tune in to hear your friends, colleagues, co-workers, radio hosts, and members of local bands sing their hearts out live on air for your pledges!

This year’s special guests include:

  • Will Straw and Darin Barney of McGill’s AHCS department singing “Downtown” by Petula Clark
  • CKUT board members Niko Block and Carol Fraser singing a heartrending duet
  • Amber Goodwyn of Cobra & Vulture
  • Natasha Pickowicz aka DJ Pickles
  • Gambletron
  • Brendie “Fleetwood Sack” Brendo
  • Kim “Stevie” Dicks
  • Cee “Giant” Bush
  • Niz the Biz
  • Anna da Sliver
  • etc etc etc

Tune in Oct. 27th between noon and 2 to hear these dear, brave, shameless people sing it for ya. Make a pledge to keep female radio around for another year online or by calling 514-907-9424.

Every pledge of $25 gets a thank-you gift! Pledges of $60 or more get, in addition to the regular thank-you gifts, a limited edition Venus tank top, designed by NOMN RYN of the Venus collective and silkscreened by us with love!


These shows totally eclipsed our hearts: photos!

The first edition of the Total Eclipse music series has come and gone and it was a nutty and lovely way to kick off the CKUT Annual Funding Drive! Just in case you hadn’t heard about this happening, the concert series involved three consecutive nights of music at three different Montreal venues which were curated by three different CKUT radio shows and featured righteous local arteests…and this is what it looked like! Thanks to all the volunteers, CKUT staff, venue staff and local media who helped make this first crack at the series a successful fundraising venture for the station!! (All photos by Amber,  Karen R. and a bunch of different music department volunteers! More photos to come!)

DAY 1 /// Thursday Oct. 20th /// Hosted by Underground Sounds at Casa del Popolo! Keywords: Gorgeous introspection + shimmering wall of effects/voice/rhythms + hilarious and disconcertingly intense stage relations complete with hip gyrations + epic-ly husky-vocal-ed rock music complete with harmonized guitar and honeyed bass lines + good buds everywhere.

Stranger a.k.a. Jordan Robson Cramer

Sean "Nicholas" Savage

Wind-Up People

DAY 2 /// Friday Oct. 21st /// Hosted by the Venus Collective at Divan Orange! Keywords: Black-masked post punk with big pre-recorded drums + lovely, primal poncho-draped dance party times + dark punk lighting the room with heraldic melodies.

ManyMental Mistakes



***Word to the wise: get in contact with the funding dept. at CKUT to find out about nabbing a limited edition, silkscreened Venus radio tank top!

DAY 3 /// Saturday Oct. 22nd /// Hosted by DUCK TRUCK at Thee Olde Hotel2Tango! Keywords: traditionally debaucherous Montreal overnight loft party complete with wicked DJs and noisy performances + lots of bodies + lots of hotness + queer/political/punk/Mile End hipsters all mixing together like a not-quite-congealed high-alcool-content jello shot: strong and just right for an eight hour (or so) dance partay.

Me (Amber) resting before the third and final (over)night(er)

Jeremy + Amanda- thanks to all of our volunteers!


DUCK TRUCK! Aaron models some headgear.

DJ Fiberglasspants

DJ Julie D!

Pyscho-strong jello shot

DJ Aaron Maiden

DJ otherpeoplesmusic

DJ Backdoor

DJ Backdoor

After this amazing-ness, Zimo played an amazing set…those photos are not yet available, but will be soon!

People! Dancing!

Behold: UN

((( TOTAL ECLIPSE ))) Q&A with un

Behold: UN

  • Total Eclipse (Oct. 20th-22nd) is coming, three shows in a row to herald CKUT’s annual funding drive. Hurrah! The brightness will be blacked out from our days and memories will be forged from stage light and shadow. Did you know that passes for the series are now available? They’re $20 for all three nights versus paying $8 at the door per show. You can pick up your pass at CKUT (3647 University St.), Phonopolis (207 Bernard Ouest) or Cheap Thrills (2044 Metcalfe st. 2nd floor).
  • In order to welcome this mystical/mythical event into our collective consciousness, we’ve invited Total Eclipse performers to answer a Q&A. Our first interview subjects are none other than power duo un, comprised of Jen Reimer (drums) and Kara Keith (vocals, synths, effects). Without any further ado…
What is your name?
Kara: un
Jen: Jen Reimer
What is the story behind your name?
Kara: Its like; we’re “un” this and we’re “un” that and as a band we are un all the things containing too much fluffshit such as irony or politics or over worked razzle dazzle. Just rockin out…you know, unlame like.
Jen: jennifer was the most popular lady name in 1983…  There were 8 other jen’s in my grade 1 class.
Kara: Calgary, Alberta
Jen: somewhere, alberta
Home base:
Kara: Montreal
Jen: Montreal
Latest recording/release:
Jen: I am currently working on two recording projects…un–> to be released + jen Reimer + max Stein–> to be released
Describe the vibe/feel of this album in five words:
Kara: Something For Heavy Make-outs
What have you been listening to lately?
Kara: The Vanishing
Jen: john cage, the ex, the make up, bauhaus, can, clues, carla bozulich, father murphy, depeche mode, gambletron, pauline oliveros, throbbing gristle, steve reich, the vanishing, matana roberts, joy division and anything from another place–
What is your craziest/most memorable/favourite tour story?
Kara: I guess when we got detained at the Can/US boarder in north Minnesota by two psychotic boarder cops because they found a roach in the car ash tray. But they only searched the vehicle after Jen admitted to smoking pot “once with her friend Kara”. After I had answered “no. never done drugs” in the adjacent interrogation room. They didn’t throw us in jail, like they were threatening to do for 6 hours. But they never let us pee either, which was in some ways worse.
What’s your pre-show routine?
Kara: It varies. But what ever it is; please don’t talk to me…I cant string full sentences together and everything feels very intense.
Jen: eat, pack, pick out fit, write set list on arm… hardly any talking
…And post-show?
Kara: You know, work the room, network, network….try to talk to Beaver, spill drink on Dan Seligman….meet the next big thing and try to steal all of his ideas…pee in a pint glass and leave it on the bar.
Jen: lots of talking
Who would you love to share a bill with?
Kara: Mozart’s Sister
Who are your dream collaborators (living or dead)?
Kara: Kurt Cobain. I would like to just giver and jam and collaborate on making a baby
Jen: anyone from the above list of music as well as noam chomsky and louis CK and anyone i haven’t learned about yet that might blow my mind.
If you could see your music, what would it look like?
Kara: I actually can see my music. Its called synesthesia.
Jen: like you didn’t realize you had blurred vision till you got glasses and
everything got clear….
Most crucial equipment for your music making:
Kara: My Roland Juno 60. If it breaks…un breaks up….seriously, it’s the bass, the guitar…everything.
Jen: drums and sticks horns and analog
What did you do last Wednesday?
Kara: Don’t know
Jen: bed sick probably
Who do you cherish most in your life?
Kara: Don’t know. I cant measure my love.
What movie makes you laugh after a long day?
Jen: uncle cousin, the cat
What’s your back up plan?
Kara: Firefighter
Jen: this concept doesn’t exist for me. life. now now now
Have you found love?
Kara: Everyday
Jen: yes
When and where are your upcoming shows/performances?
Kara + Jen: Art Matters Sala Rosa Oct. 20, Venus Radio Divan Orange Oct.21
Whose songs will be playing on the oldies station 50 years from now?
Kara: R Kelly? ummmm, the theme song to hit tv show Friends?
Jen: nickleback… probably… sadly