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usa out of vietnam

Album review: USA Out Of Vietnam – Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes

usa out of vietnam

By: Nema Gaye

Take four solid band members to make an unyielding foundation, add 15 others musicians to your flavor for the aesthetic and the statement, let it marinade for a couple of months and you will obtain an emblematic five track record that definitely raises the bar high for a first project.

Montreal’s new alternative group USA out of Vietnam, are yet to catch our attention beyond their original band name. Their ‘’sicker than the average’’ music composition makes you see sounds.

With famous columnist/producer Jonathan ‘’Johnson’’ Cummins part of the group the expectation can be nothing other than high for that quartet. As well, we think that they pretty much nailed the challenge, and made a record that will be a great topic of discussion. Whether you like the sound or not you will talk about it.

It’s nothing like your regular band, nor record. First, they made a really smart overseas collaboration to release their project with a ‘’Pied à Terre’’ in London UK through Aurora Borealis, a specialized boutique record label, that will also distribute the project in Japan, and in the rest of Europe. For the other part of the globe New Damage records takes care of North America and Australia. Great visibility.

The track list features psychedelic title like You Are A Comet You Are On Fire or Leg of Lamb, that brings question marks to your mind and even makes you think of a really dark vibe at first impression. But it will quickly surprise you with high pitched vocals and a heavy drum sound. For a little twist to their non-conventional release, do not expect to hear a less than 8 minutes track on that project.

When interviewed earlier this year by Noisey Canada staff the group mentioned artist like FKA Twigs , Marie Davidson and even Timber Timbre as artists that the enjoy listening to. Their eclectic taste clearly translate into their sound.

We really think that everything mentioned above make the group come across strong in the scene with their own identity. Really sparse vocals leave room for the instruments and the great conversation they have between each other. A special highlight on track 5: Tonight, The Dead Walk – it’s a song that makes you want to see the band live just to be part of that musical orgy.

Album available through Aurora Borealis’ Bandcamp.