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Echo Beach // Underground Sounds

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It’s a Monday night and it’s been generally grey all day, so let’s simmer into the dark night with some Montreal-based ambient, down-tempo and super chill tracks. Tune in live 8-10pm or listen to the archive. Our guest tonight is Echo Beach, aka Julie Matson, and your host (me) Nick Schofield will be chatting with her about the new album Fortune and airing a live performance right at 9pm. If you like what you hear, check out the Underground Sounds blog.

Doldrums // Underground Sounds

underground sounds logoBe excited, even ecstatic, ’cause tonight on the show is the much acclaimed local whizz kid Airick Woodhead, aka Doldrums. Your host Nick Schofield will be chatting at 9pm sharp about his album The Airconditioned Nightmare, launching tomorrow on Sub Pop.

Tune in every Monday 8-10pm for two hours of Canadian independent music, with a local focus on Montreal. And, check out past interviews, archives and in-studio sessions on thee blog.


Klondike // Underground Sounds

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Monday’s episode on March 23 was one for the books! Two smooth hours of Canadian independent music with a local focus, brought to you by host Nick Schofield. Have a listen to an  electrified performance by Klondike, or take in the whole episode, featuring new and exciting tunes by Petra Glynt, Adam Basanta, Kara-Lis Coverdale and Tamara Filyavich.

CKUT + Green Room Radio

Check it out! You may have heard about Montreal’s new resto/bar Maison Sociale and the associated Green Room Radio channel that broadcasts for patrons and online-streamers alike. CKUT is pleased to host a weekly slot every Thursday from 7-8pm, directly after our good buds Cult MTL wrap up their 5-7 slot. The first transmission is today, so tune in to catch Nick Schofield, host of Underground Sounds, kick it off with an hour of local music selections. Stream it live right HERE.

Kara-Lis Coverdale + International Women’s Day // Underground Sounds

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To celebrate International Women’s Day, tonight’s show will feature some shining examples of ladies-leading-the-way in Montreal’s music community. To help highlight what Montreal  is doing well, and what we can improve on, we’ll hear from guests Démi Begin of Push & Shove, Peggy Hogan of Hua Li and Rachel Weldon of Debaser/Weird Canada.

To start off the program, Kara-Lis Coverdale is our in-studio guest! We’ll be digging into an interview, live performance and a preview of new material from a forthcoming album on Sacred Phrases.

On  air from 20h-22h ~

Klondike – live! // Underground Sounds

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Hey, happy friggin’ March my friends! Is it just me or has winter’s brutal grip loosened a tiny bit?!

Tonight, on the show, your host (me) Nick Schofield will be airing, but of course, two hours of Canadian independent music with a local focus on what’s currently coming out of Montreal. This week my guest is Klondike, a kind and gentle-hearted friend of the electronic music scene here in the city. His beautiful (and out of stock!) new cassette was released by Jeunesse Spatiale and features refined artwork by VML to match the tasteful minimal sounds on Africa To MIDI.

All this magic, and more, from 8-10pm, or on the archives here. If you dig, check out the blog, replete with past interviews and performances from local sound smiths.

Shash’U + Matthew Daher // Underground Sounds

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Tonight on Underground Sounds, guest host Gabriel Guiterrez is behind the mic dishing out two hours of locally focused tunes, from 8-10pm.

Later in the show, at 9pm, we’ll be reaching percussionist/composer Matthew Daher by phone to ask about his first release since leaving Montreal for Detroit, and how his prog-jazz outfit Ismism influenced his new work. Listen to a sample of his material here.

But first, Shash’U is heating up the studio with an all vinyl DJ set. We’ll be chatting with him about his two new EP’s on Fool’s Gold records and how he keeps electronic music funky.

Listen to past interview and performances here.

Adam Basanta + Siskiyou // Underground Sounds

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Welcome to another episode of Underground Sounds with your host Nick Schofield – airing new Canadian independent music with a local focus on the Montreal scene.

Tonight, Nick has invited Adam Basanta, a much-loved local sound artist, to perform and share his new compositions in anticipation of an exhibition opening and and album release. Lots to talk about here! The exhibition is called “The Sound of Empty Space” and opens at Galerie B-312 on Thursday February 19th.

Stick around, ‘casue later in the show Siskiyou is in to talk about their latest release, Nervous, out on our brethren label Constellation records. Want more? Check out the show blog for past interviews and performances.

CHEAP WIG // Underground Sounds

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Whoa, no time to talk, just listen up! Cheap Wig is our in-studio guest tonight and they’re gonna be ripping into a live set at 9pm sharp. They have a new tape that’s about to launch, catch the release show, and tune in tonight for Montreal music galore, 8-10pm bbs. Also, who wants tickets to see Last Ex, Thus Owls and Special Noise — ’cause we gott’em! Tune in to win win win.