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suoni 2017


suoni 2017

Hi folks,

We’re in the midst of Suoni Per Il Popolo right now and there’s soooo much live music to take in — over the past few days I’ve managed to catch Nailbiter, Group A, Un Blonde, Dorothea Paas, Kara-Lis Coverdale, Steve Hauschildt, and more that I am currently forgetting. Tonight I’m gearing up for the sonic onslaught of Peter Brotzmann & Heather Leigh; check in with me tomorrow and see if my eardrums are still intact.


Tune into the Montreal Sessions today from 3-5pm EST for a recap of Suoni highlights thus far and a look ahead at what’s in store for the coming week. Special guest hosts Tristan & Alex Giardini give the inside scoop, tipping you lucky listeners off to the true gems of this excellent festival. Our Suoni extravaganza continuestomorrow as stunning local duo Sound Of The Mountain host our residency program If You Got Ears, honing in on the free jazz and experimental highlights of Suoni’s programming. Stream that one live from 12-2pm on Wednesday, or download the full archives of both shows via ckut.ca.

ckut top 30 – june 6, 2017

1. fiver – audible songs from rockwood – idée fixe CC
2. couleur dessin – s/t – fixture records CC *
3. katie moore & andrew horton – six more miles – self
released CC *
4. arto lindsay – cuidado madame – northern spy
5. hooded fang – dynasty house – daps records CC Continue reading


The Montreal Sessions with Craig Pedersen: November 3, 2015


Tuesday marked the premiere of Craig Pedersen as the host of November’s The Montreal Sessions, and he brought with him a new approach to jazz, both classic and experimental. A man of many talents, Montreal’s own Pedersen is a trumpet player, composer, and educator, and is the frontman of the Craig Pedersen Quartet. No newcomer to the improv jazz scene, Pedersen has released a total of eight albums since 2011, and published a book on exploratory trumpet techniques in 2014. Clearly, we couldn’t have a better man for the job!

In the first hour, Pedersen played music that he has enjoyed, from artists he admires and uses as inspiration for his own work. The set was a combination of recorded and live tracks, and flowed from freeform jazz to musiques actuelles, and returned occasionally to classic jazz, with vocals and without.

In the second hour, Pedersen had guest performer Elizabeth Millar on the show for an interview and live performance. Pedersen and Millar have collaborated together on the album The Sound of the Mountain, and their conversation was effortless and flowing, with the pair alternating questions for each other about their different techniques and approaches to music. Millar is a free-improvisation clarinet player who believes in expressing a “sound language,” making modifications to her clarinet to create different, non-traditional sounds. The two musicians talked about memory and spatial awareness in improv music, and how it helped create a special form for the genre.

In the last half hour, the pair performed some of their collaborations from The Sound of the Mountain, using their instruments to improvise a very complex blend of sounds and rhythms.

We’re definitely interested to hear what Craig Pedersen has in store for next week! Tune in Tuesdays from 3-5 pm for the month of November for some new sounds coming out of the jazz world. The full-length show is available for listening in the archives here.