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Hello friends,
I had a great weekend celebrating the fifth birthday of beloved local loftspace La Plante with a big ol party featuring lots of rad performances (including Grace Brooks & the Bad Dog, above), great food, dance party vibes, and a really cute dog. It felt kinda like I died and went to Montreal heaven.

A new month is upon us and that means that we’re proud to introduce a new curator for CKUT’s experimental radio residency If You Got Ears. This time around, we’re excited to welcome sound artist Jeremy Young to host the show every Wednesday from 12-2pm. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store, straight from the horse’s mouth: “The purpose of this residency is to reimagine my role as a radio jockey as an active creative participant in the flow of music throughout the set. I will be “performing” my material alongside other artists’ music, integrating my own arsenal of reel-to-reel tape loops live to both intervene with as well as smoothly usher along the narrative of the set. We’re going to explore the dreamstate together, lots of repetition and lots of loops, and each set will wonderfully dictate its own sense of time and time space. What fun!” Not by a computer to stream it live? Don’t fret – we’ve got you covered.

ckut top 30 – may 3, 2016

1. tim hecker – love streams – paper bag CC
2. lantern – black highways and green garden roads – fixture records CC
3. v/a – fixture records 4 – fixture records CC *
4. konono no. 1 – konono no. 1 meets batida – crammed discs
5. nap eyes – thought rock fish scale – you’ve changed CC Continue reading


Concert Review – Linsey Wellman


The Ultimate musical challenge.  A man equipped with a saxophone and complete tonal, metric, and dynamic freedom faces off against an audience eager for entertainment.  In these situations, only the devices of music in their most basic terms are of use as any attempt at complex tonal forms or chordal progressions would be futile.  With only the notions of contrasting sound and motivic development in mind, Linsey Wellman accomplished an intrigue throughout his two 40 minute sets indicative of his immense musical prowess.  Wellman seamlessly ventured from grabbing intimacy through droning rhythm and on to violent intensity never failing to surprise the crowd at every turn.

The night began slowly.  In the quietest moments, the power of intimate simplicity drew the audience forward leaving them unaware of what noise would be next to break the silence.  With Wellman’s vast array of extended techniques in full force, every spaced-out, quite moment would only be contained in the realm of unpredictability.  There were special moments where Wellman breathed into his saxophone and the whole process of the technical setup, pressing of the key, and beginning of the vibration could be heard truly encompassing the audience in the whole musical experience.  He even used the audibility of his keys to his advantage sometimes creating some sort of meter with the clicking sounds.  Authenticity is an overused word in music in this day and age, however, there is some validity to the point that a setting that provides for complete artistic control and an emphasis on in-the-moment collective experience results in a more advanced artistic endeavor.

As the music progressed along, the emphasis on intimacy was swapped out for high intensity musical shapes.  Wellman’s use of an oscillating ostinato evoked a circular melodic shape, which was made more interesting by the variations brought forward by the ever-present extended techniques.  The linear musical pattern was accomplished through the use of fast dissension and ascension through the entire range of the instrument.  Sometimes Wellman would employ an extremely angular melody encompassing somewhat random pitches of highly varying frequency resulting in a scattered sound schematic.  By focusing on individual shapes, Wellman was able to develop his motives to their full potential in a very logical way.  After each idea had been fully explored, the transition provided much needed contrast through the shock of untouched territory.  Wellman’s mastery of musical architecture complimented his intimate quite moments quite well making it impossible for the audience to lose interest for the entirety of the experience.

With the start of the second set, Yves Charuest added his own personality into the musical pallet providing for a more communicative melodic texture.  The use of both a solo and duet set-up made the night even more impressive as Wellman proved not only his ability to entertain a room alone, but he also left enough room in his musical space for another voice.  This part of the show began quietly as most conversations do.  The spacey nature of the beginning resembles an introduction to a stranger.  There are hellos and an even spread of listening and talking as the two people obtain a sense of comfortability with each other.  Eventually the conversation reaches new territories and each person is given more space to express themselves.  With their respectful sense of rapport, Yves Charuest and Linsey Wellman were able to work together to achieve many different types of conversation ranging from a quick, idea-bouncing brainstorm to a more complete expression of feeling from both sides.

Music can come in many different forms but the basic ideas are always the same.  An artist needs multiple, contrasting ideas and each of these ideas must be developed as much as possible.  With the sheer power of his individuality, Linsey Wellman fully accomplished both of these tasks despite the absence of any pre-writing and he also managed to hold an advanced musical conversation with Yves Charuest. The result was a truly fantastic night at la Plante.


-Review by Donovan Burtan

Femme Maggots


Femme Maggots

Hey friends,

Still shaking off the last bit of sleepiness after an early morning remote broadcast from a cafe/laundromat featuring a live performance from local CKUT pals the Femme Maggots (above) — no time for sleep, too much going on around Montreal these days. Over the weekend I caught two nights of good noise at the Cool Fest, celebrated the birthday of beloved local performance space the Plant at a big fete its residents put together, hung out in the sun, jammed a whole bunch, plotted new collaborative projects∑ precursors of a good summer to come.

For those of you in Montreal, we hope to see you at our 25th anniversary celebration going down this Saturday at Sala: live performances, DJ sets from the CKUT crew, cake, and more rad stuff that can only be experienced in person. Full details here: http://ckut.ca/c/en/node/349

till next week

ckut top 30 – may 7, 2013
colin stetson – new history warfare volume 3: to see more light – constellation CC
iva bittova – iva bittova – ecm
saltland – i thought it was us but it was all of us – constellation CC
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Nick Kuepfer

Hey friends,

It was a jammer weekend here in Montreal as the CKUT music department let loose with our annual Total Eclipse concert series: three nights in a row we invaded some of our favourite lofts and dive bars to bring weird & wild sounds to the ears of the city. It made for some pretty memorable times, including Nick Kuepfer’s spellbinding set at the Plant (pictured above) among countless other highlights. Thanks to everyone who helped out, played, and partied with us. CKUT loves you forever.


ckut top 30 – april16, 2013
colin stetson – new history warfare volume 3: to see more light – constellation CC
bombino – nomad – nonesuch
julia kent – character – leaf
slight – melodion EP – self-released CC
mouthbreathers – stone soup – killer haze CC
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Total Eclipse Music Series This Weekend 4/11

Do you like local music and cool people and concerts curated by your very own CKUT programmers? If you do, you’re in luck–  CKUT’s totally awesome TOTAL ECLIPSE MUSIC SERIES kicks off tonight at Barfly! We have three nights of rad tunes in store for you:

TONIGHT (Thursday, Aprill 11) CKUT’s Free Kick has curated night #1 of radically awesome music. Ylang Ylang starts the show off at Barfly (4062 St. Laurent), followed by Artsy Chix and Pyongyang closing off the night. Doors open at 9pm. Tickets are $7.

The party continues tomorrow night (Friday, April 12) at The Plant with a show curated by Passovah, The Plant, and the lovely programmers of New Shit! Nick Kuepfer and Sea Oleena are slated for the night, as well as some mystery guests that will be sure to please your ears. Night #2 is super special because in addition to these great bands, SLIGHT (formerly known as Vostok-1) will be launching their EP! Be sure to check it out. Doors at 8:30pm. Tickets are $7.

Total Eclipse Music Series 2013 will go out with a bang on Saturday, April 13 at La Brique (6545 Durocher) with a collection of bands curated by CKUT lady-rockers of the night Beyond the Horizon and Rock N’ Roll Time Machine. Big Chocolate Flavour will be making some wild visual projections alongside EXPWY, Porn Persons AND Grupo Skip Jensen. Make sure to come out to this show! Check out interviews from Porn Person’s band manager and EXPWY on the April 8 edition of New Shit. Doors open at 9pm, tickets are $7.

Come to one or come to ’em all– SUPER TICKETS for all three nights are available for only $15! You can pick them up at CKUT headquarters between 11-6 tomorrow.



Total Eclipse 2013 final poster

CKUT’s music department is proud to present its third annual Total Eclipse
Concert Series! Each night April 11-13, one of our esteemed radio shows
will curate an evening of local music for your listening pleasure. Mark
your calendars and get tickets while you still can. Here’s the lowdown:

Thursday April 11 – Free Kick bends your mind like Beckham with a night of
contemporary experimentalism and head-spinning psychedelia.
~~~Ylang Ylang, Artsychix, Pyongyang @ Barfly~~~

Friday April 12 – Passovah, The Plant, and New Shit co-present a
much-anticipated EP release from Slight (formerly Vostok 1). Kaleidoscopic
sounds abound, expect the unexpected.
~~~Slight, Sea Oleena, Nick Kuepfer, DJ Noah Bick @ The Plant~~~

Saturday April 13 – Wrapping up the series, Beyond the Horizon & Rock N’
Roll Time Machine co-present an evening of raucous RNR to tickle your ear
~~~Grupo Skip Jensen, Porn Persons, EXPWY, Big Chocolate Flavour @ La Brique~~~

7$ at the door, 15$ for all three nights! Passes available at CKUT.

Check out the Facebook Event!

For more info, check out http://music.ckut.ca/ or contact the CKUT music department:
music@ckut.ca or 514-448-4041 x 0842.


((Total Eclipse)) Country Classics Showcase: A Night to Folkin’ Remember

Last night we kicked off our Total Eclipse music series with an intimate showcase of country and folk acts at The Plant. Big thanks to Li’l Andy of CKUT’s Country Classics hour for curating an amazing line-up, including Max Kelly and Jared Rosenbaum, Mike O’Brien and Michelle Tompkins, Sarah Jane Scouten and her Brilliant Stringband, and ol’ Li’l Andy himself. Convenient that the space happened to be located near some train tracks, partly because the train is a staple image of country and folk song, but mostly because the talent of these musicians was off the f-ing rails.