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Hey radio,
Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. A bunch of pals celebrated birthdays this weekend so there were some nice festivities, plus I got to see the always-wonderful Dorothea Paas grace the stage of our beloved Drones Club – highly recommend catching Doro if she rolls through your town. I was also lucky enough to inherit an accordion from a friend who recently left town, so I’m trying to learn the ropes of it without pissing off the neighbours too much… keep an ear out for some drone-y squeeze box recordings very soon.

Montreal feminist powerhouse crew Slut Island is back for another excellent round of their festival this July, and we couldn’t be happier to have them as our next artist-in-residence for the Montreal Sessions. They’ll be treating your lucky ears to all sorts of fierce, beautiful, and inspiring music every Tuesday from 3-5pm. Get psyched for plenty of interviews, floor-shaking live performances, and a sneak peek into the city’s best feminist/queer/radical scene. We recommend playing it as loud as your speakers will go.

ckut top 30 – july 5, 2016

1. mitski – puberty 2 – dead oceans
2. jef elise barbara – sexe machin/sex machine – fixture records CC *
3. jessy lanza – oh no – hyperdub CC
4. vivien goldman – resolutionary – staubgold
5. aaron lumley – katabasis/anabasis – small scale music CC * Continue reading




Hi friends,
Hope you’re having a good week! We’ve dipped back into sub-zero temperatures here in Montreal, please keep yr fingers crossed for warmth and sunshine here in the 514. All I wanna do is cruise around on my bike and not have to wear five layers of clothing to not freeze. A girl can dream, right?


In celebration of the annual Howl! Arts Festival, we’re psyched to have the Howl crew into our studios to curate the April edition of our beloved Montreal Sessions. Exploring intersections of art and activism, they embody a true DYI spirit and proudly showcase their politics through everything they do. Hear them on the airwaves every Tuesday in April from 3-5pm, and check the full event listings for the Howl! festival here.

ckut top 30 – april 5, 2016

1. sarah neufeld – the ridge – paper bag CC *
2. essaie pas – demain est une autre nuit – dfa CC *
3. lantern – black highways and green garden roads – fixture records CC
4. glenn jones – fleeting – thrill jockey
5. ensemble supermusique – les accords intuitifs – ambiances magnétiques CC Continue reading


MTL Sessions Xtreme Take Over with Jilted X

blueseamonstersTis the season, and you know what that means. It’s time for some disgustingly fabulous face-melting content on The Montreal Sessions, and who better to bring that than Jilted X. Get ready for the Xtreme take over this month, featuring yr hosts/group members Esther Splett and Tiffany Paige. Jilted X are a femmecore performance art duo based right here in MTL, who “use a haunted harp, crackling synth vibrations, punishing drums beats, magical midi wands, textural samples and their own grotesque physicality as arsenal in performing a collection of lovesick songs about murder, misandry, being dumb as resistance, perpetual pubescence as resistance and resistance as resistance.” This month will feature some wicked tunes and manic laughter with guests such as Perverted Justice, Roadcake, WIVES, No Bro, Starchild Stela, Ghost Taco, Malokio, Douce Angoisse, and an interview with Courtney Love (!!!)

Check out their facebook page for some informative slash hilarious descriptions of how they formed/what they’re all about, and tune in today and every Tuesday from 3-5pm for the month of December to join the party~~~~


Montreal Sessions with Craig Pedersen: November 24th 2015

Craig-Pedersen-Quartet--300x198Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 3.46.03 PM

Trumpet extraordinaire Craig Pedersen was in our studios for the last time this week for his November instalment of The Montreal Sessions, which airs every Tuesday from 3-5pm. This month was all about playing recordings from artists who inspired Craig, and inviting special guests for live jams and discussions on interesting musical topics. This week featured recordings from Ryuichi Sakamoto, Joelle Leandre, Bill Dixon, Otomo Yoshihide, Pauline Oliveros and more. On top of that, saxophonist Philippe Lauzier and flautist Cléo Palacio-Quintin featured as guests on the show for some great performances that are well worth a listen.

If you missed any of the episodes this month, fear not! You can find them all on our archives. As for December, tune in this coming Tuesday as Jilted X take over the show with some fantastic experimental/mallgoth sounds~~


The Montreal Sessions with Craig Pedersen: November 3, 2015


Tuesday marked the premiere of Craig Pedersen as the host of November’s The Montreal Sessions, and he brought with him a new approach to jazz, both classic and experimental. A man of many talents, Montreal’s own Pedersen is a trumpet player, composer, and educator, and is the frontman of the Craig Pedersen Quartet. No newcomer to the improv jazz scene, Pedersen has released a total of eight albums since 2011, and published a book on exploratory trumpet techniques in 2014. Clearly, we couldn’t have a better man for the job!

In the first hour, Pedersen played music that he has enjoyed, from artists he admires and uses as inspiration for his own work. The set was a combination of recorded and live tracks, and flowed from freeform jazz to musiques actuelles, and returned occasionally to classic jazz, with vocals and without.

In the second hour, Pedersen had guest performer Elizabeth Millar on the show for an interview and live performance. Pedersen and Millar have collaborated together on the album The Sound of the Mountain, and their conversation was effortless and flowing, with the pair alternating questions for each other about their different techniques and approaches to music. Millar is a free-improvisation clarinet player who believes in expressing a “sound language,” making modifications to her clarinet to create different, non-traditional sounds. The two musicians talked about memory and spatial awareness in improv music, and how it helped create a special form for the genre.

In the last half hour, the pair performed some of their collaborations from The Sound of the Mountain, using their instruments to improvise a very complex blend of sounds and rhythms.

We’re definitely interested to hear what Craig Pedersen has in store for next week! Tune in Tuesdays from 3-5 pm for the month of November for some new sounds coming out of the jazz world. The full-length show is available for listening in the archives here.


Craig Pedersen Hosts The Montreal Sessions For November

Tuesdays, 3-5pm in November on CKUT, hear trumpet player and experimental musician Craig Pedersen play on-air, play recordings and talk about music with some of his favourite musicians!
Craig Pedersen is trumpet player and improvisor based out of Montréal. An active freelance musician specializing in jazz and free music, he actively leads his own band, the Craig Pedersen Quartet/Quintet, is a member of Nicolas Caloia’s Ratchet Orchestra and Quartet, and has recorded and performed with Ensemble Supermusique. His amplified trumpet and clarinet duo The Sound of the Mountain with clarinettist Elizabeth Millar, has played concerts in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore, and he recently has returned from a 10-day eastern Canadian tour with Brooklyn-based upright bassist, Shayna Dulberger.
More details about who will be joining him on air at www.craigpedersen.com
Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.44.50 AM

The Montreal Sessions with Yellow Noise: October 20th 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.44.50 AM

On Tuesday, October 20th, Sam Lu (SierraLima) and Mel Palapuz (DJ Mango Juiiice) from Yellow Noise Magazine hosted the third episode of their Montreal sessions residency. To find out more about Yellow Noise and their mission, you can check out their bio here.

This show included Japanese future funk, experimental tracks (featuring Chinese, Tagalog, Japanese, Korean), and an electronic performance by Yao Guai Cave followed by an acoustic set. Originally Yàocavé, (aka yay-o-kah-vay), Yao Guai Cave (yao-gooey-cave) is a Montréal based electro-experimental artist. For a taste, listen to his sweet February 2015 release Fanta-C Plus. 

After a fresh mix from SierraLima with plenty of dance, electronica, and hip hop tracks, DJ Mango Juiiice played a Japanese vaporwave set before welcoming Yàocavé into the studio.

While Yàocavé was his strictly electronic musician identity, Yao Guai Cave described his current music as a mix of everything– pop, house, techno, as well as music from short film he worked on that was accepted by MIX NYC (a queer film festival).

The set opened with a vast electronic soundscape of twinkling synths and distorted cosmic sounds before dropping into a sugary pop groove with bass, beats, and vocals. The electronic music was poignant; as different vocalists sang their individual stories Yao Guai Cave crafted worlds around them, using 8bit and kalimba-esque ornaments, chimes, bass synths, and percussive grooves. Before moving into his acoustic set, the hosts discussed vaporwave aesthetics and artists with Yao Guai Cave, as well as the effects of the internet on gender and ethnic identity. Finally, the show closed with an original, intimate song performed on acoustic guitar.

Tune into CKUT 90.3 FM next Tuesday from 3-5 pm for the final instalment in The Montreal Sessions hosted by Yellow Noise!

-Cyrenah Smith


The Montreal Sessions with Yellow Noise: October 13th 2015


avatars-000059049936-w3xhan-t500x500Yesterday marked the second appearance of Yellow Noise, hosts of The Montreal Sessions for this month, and they did not disappoint! For two hours, Melanie Palapuz (DJ Mango Juiiice) and Sam Lu (SierraLima) hosted musical artists Show-Tah and Janice Ngiam, mixed their own sets, and talked about concerts and performance art hosted by Yellow Noise that are happening all over Montreal. For those still wondering, Yellow Noise is a Canadian organization aiming to bring Asian artists in the West into the spotlight, focusing on reshaping artistic and political expression and championing diversity among the Asian community.  Continue reading

unnamed (1)

The Montreal Sessions with Yellow Noise: October 6th 2015

unnamed (1)

This week we had Yellow Noise in our studios for The Montreal Sessions delivering some great mixes and new music. Yellow Noise is a Canadian media platform of Asian self-representation focusing on intersectionality and solidarity with other marginalized groups, which you can learn more about from their website. Sam and Mel, who are some of the main faces behind Yellow Noise, are taking the reigns of this months residency. Yesterday they had the one and only KEI-LI in the studio for an exclusive interview , and we’re stoked to hear what else they have in store (because it’s guaranteed to be great). Tune in next Tuesday form 3-5pm to catch the next session~~


The Montreal Sessions with Pop Montreal: September 30th 2015

pop-montreal1unnamed (1)

Yesterday was (sadly) Pop Montreal’s last day of their Montreal Sessions residency here at CKUT, and it was another reminder that they totally killed the game this month. The show started off with some quality indie and electronic music, and at the end of the first hour featured a live performance from Johnny de Courcey. With numerous musical guests featuring Forever, Vesuvio, Year of Glad, Noko, MagicPerm, Heartstreets, Ohara and more, there was an overload of talent in our studios over the past few weeks that was hard to keep up with. All episodes are available on our archives for any unfortunate souls who missed them, and of course anyone that wants to re-listen to the hilarious banter.

Next month we’ve got Yellow Noise, a Canadian media platform of Asian self-representation focusing on intersectionality and solidarity with other marginalized groups, taking the reigns. Tune in on Tuesdays, 3-5pm to catch the show~~