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New Shit with Chris Corsano and Mette Rasmussen

If you happened to be listening in on Monday’s edition of New Shit, you’ll know that we were lucky enough to have drummer Chris Corsano and alto-saxophonist Mette Rasmussen perform live for us in the studio. With crazy talented improvisations and interesting techniques (including putting seemingly random items in instruments), the result was a myriad of jazzy sounds that were something else entirely.

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In the case that you missed out, don’t worry. You can check out the episode here. If you like what you hear, and we think you will, Chris and Mette have released an album worth hearing called All The Ghosts At Once. Jam out to your hearts content, and tune back to CKUT for more exciting performances and guests!


Shenanigans at Popolo for the Montreal Sessions

This week a few of us at CKUT had the pleasure of attending a very special remote broadcast of The Montreal Sessions at Casa Del Popolo. Our hosts, Paula and Pablo, did a fabulous job on the behalf of Suoni Per Il Popolo (which is an ongoing festival definitely worth hitting up this summer). There were some amazing guests such as Gambletron, Myriam Gendron, Dead Moon, LWA, and Blankets!


Our hosts also got the chance to interview Peter Burton, one of the big names behind the Suoni Per Il Popolo festival.


Check out the archive of the session here, and stay tuned for more events from CKUT!



The Montreal Sessions: June 9th 2015


Well hello music lovers, today we’ve got a treat for you. Listen in to a special episode of Montreal Sessions, part of this month’s episodes by Suoni Per Il Popolo, with your hosts Paula and Pablo at 3-5pm. We’ll be broadcasting live from Casa Del Popolo with performances and interviews from:

Gambletron @ 3:20
Dead Moon @ 3:40
LWA @ 4:00
Peter Burton Interview @ 4:30
Blankets @ 4:45
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Suoni per il Popolo

Hey music lovers,


The fifteenth edition of Suoni per il Popolo officially started yesterday, June 4th and runs until Monday, June 22nd. Want to participate but unsure of what to see? We’ve put together a little digital mixtape of Suoni artists – a sort of amuse bouche for the many great shows coming up In Montreal in the next few weeks.

playlist & ticket info:

1. Ice Cream – Fired Up
2. Un Blonde – The Same For You
w/Crosss & DJ Honest Lake @ Casa del Popolo, June 5th
3. Heathers – Cicada
4. Loosestrife – Popcorn
w/Doilies @ La Vitrola, June 7th
5. Dead Wife – TXT me
6. Cave Girl – Time
w/Ursula & Gashrat @ La Vitrola, June 10th
7. Sheer Mag – Button Up
8. The Jeanies – Believe Me Jenny
w/Hand Cream @ La Vitrola, June 14th
9. Marissa Nadler – Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
w/Sea Oleena @ La Vitrola, June 17th
10. Markus Floats – Midland
w/Total Life & The Past @ Casa del Popolo, June 18th
11. Tashi Dorji – Murmur
w/Last Ex & Hiss Tracts @ La Sala Rossa, June 19th
12. Ylang Ylang – De vent et de futur
w/Babel, Le syndicat du cauchemar jaune, JLK, Cosi e Cosi, Telephone Maison & Klondyke @ Casa del Popolo, June 20th

For more Suoni info, interviews & live performances check out upcoming and recent editions of Underground Sounds, Rebel Beat and The Montreal Sessions in the CKUT archives.


The Montreal Sessions: June 2, 2015



Hey kids! don’t forget to listen today for this weeks Montreal Sessions, hosted by the one and only Suoni Per Il Popolo. If you’re not yet familiar, Suoni is a festival that celebrates and explores the outer limits of rock, jazz, and classical music (and is definitely worth checking out).

Tune in your ears from 3-5pm to hear your host Paula and our live guests: Technical Kidman. In the meanwhile, you can check out some of their sweet, sweet tunes right here.


Le Fruit Vert live broadcast on Free Music Archive


“It’s not just free music; it’s good music”

click HERE for Le fruit vert live from Casa del Popolo on the Free Music Archive

Local duo Le fruit vert have become masters at building intricate sonic worlds. Layers of vocals, effects, and an array of acoustic and electronic instruments weave together, a web of finely-tuned sonic detail stretched out to envelope listeners in sound. We caught them live at Casa del Popolo on June 17th as part of the Suoni Per Il Popolo festival, broadcasting their set over the airwaves for all to hear. Here’s the audio for those who missed it — and those who want to re-live the magic all over again.

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Suoni hosts The Montreal Sessions with JS Truchy


Wrapping up Suoni Per Il Popolo’s month long residency hosting The Montreal Sessions, local artist JS Truchy is offering his retrospect on the experimental music festival.

CKUT’ers will likely recall JS from Constellation trance-pop rock group Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche as well one of the founders of local tape label Los Discos Enfantasmes.

Tune in today Tuesday 3-5pm at 90.3 FM or CKUT.ca

js truchy




Suoni edition of The Montreal Sessions with Steve Guimond


Montreal’s experimental music festival is in full swing now and today their Artistic Director, Steve Guimond, hosts The Montreal Sessions alongside CKUT Music Director, Joni Sadler.

Long-time listeners may recall Steve Guimond also previously served as CKUT’s Music Director – don’t miss the past/present combo today 3-5pm to “liberate your ears”.


**Catch this hot potato at 90.3 FM and/or CKUT.ca**