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Hi radio,

Not much to report here this week — we’re nearing the end of the semester and many of our student volunteers are deep in final papers and exam prep, so it’s been pretty quiet around the station. This lull in the usual craziness gives us a nice chance to work on some big-picture ideas. It’s CKUT’s 30th birthday in the fall, and we’re cooking up some exciting plans to celebrate. Stay tuned… :)

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to catch a show featuring live debuts from three great acts, including sundogs (above), L’Ordre de l’Infiniment Nada, and dmr. I always find it inspiring to see acts hit the stage for the first time and totally crush it; it’s a good reminder of the creative and gutsy artists we are fortunate to have in abundance here in Montreal.


We’re very excited to welcome Iranian-born, Montreal-based sound artists MP | vH+as our curators for our monthly experimental radio residency, If You Got Ears. Here’s what to expect, in their own words:

We are “MP | vH+”, and we invite you to take a trip with us to the farthest territories of computational sound art. We will point at aspects, approaches, questions and meditations on the different areas of “La music informatique”.

Most important, we will listen to music, some of them are composed and performed by ourselves, and the others are masterworks of contemporary music composed by others, only performed by us, using diverse methods, divergent techniques and different systems.

Welcome to our lab.

MP & vH+

Catch this very special program every Wednesday in April from noon – 2pm, or download the archive via ckut.ca.

ckut top 30 – march 28, 2017

1. saltland – a common truth – constellation CC *
2. xiu xiu – forget – polyvinyl
3. the painters/carla sagan – supermoon lunar eclipse – egg
paper factory CC *
4. tim darcy – saturday night – jagjaguwar CC *
5. anjou – epithymia – kranky  Continue reading