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Hi friends,

I was lucky enough to catch fantastic Montreal expats Steve Jr (above) last week — they don’t make it up here very often and they totally killed it, as per usual. The night afterwards I also got to see Vancouver punks Cloaca rip it up with locals Rivalled Envy and Total Bliss… trying to get my fix of live music before I head out west to hang in the country with family for a bit. And that bring us to, yep, you guess it, VACATION ALERT: I will not be in the office from July 20th – 31st inclusive. Email if you like, but I will have limited internet access out on Anarchist Mountain. Charts and tracking will resume when I’m back in town. Thanks in advance for your cooperation in helping me and my inbox get a bit of chill time this summer.


ckut top 30 – july 18, 2017

1. united waters – the narrows – drawing room records
2. fiver – audible songs from rockwood – idee fixe CC
3. le fruit vert – paon perdu – three:four CC *
4. guerilla toss – gt ultra – dfa
5. aim low – scratched out – amplitude ambitions CC * Continue reading




Hello radio,
What a weekend – longtime CKUT bffs Steve Jr. rolled into town all the way from New York to play a very special BBQ we organized on Saturday alongside locals Terrified Michael F. (pictured above) and J. Deady. There was amazing food, great sounds, and the cops didn’t fine us over noise in the end. Everybody wins!

An important note for the next few weeks – I will be on vacation for most of August and only checking emails sporadically, so please reach out to our wonderful librarianBejal for any music department stuff or contact admin@ckut.ca for general station inquires. There won’t be any charts or tracking while I’m gone, but our trusty team of music volunteers will be holding it down and making sure new music gets into circulation.

Hope you all enjoy this last month of summer and looking forward to catching up in September.

In a last-minute schedule switcheroo, local man about town Alex Pelchat (*Shining Wizard*Gens Chrétiensdrøm før du dør) is hopping into the studio to host the August edition of the Montreal Sessions. In classic Pelchat style, he whipped together a killer series of live performances to treat yr ears every Tuesday from 3-5pm. Tune in today to catch Providence, RI heavyweights Mother Tongue rip it up live in the studio, and get a taste of what else is in store this month on the CKUT website. Miss it live? Not to worry – grab the archived audio right here and save that baby forever.

ckut top 30 – august 2, 2016

1. vivien goldman – resolutionary – staubgold
2. un blonde – good will come to you – egg paper factory CC *
3. v/a – start your own fucking show space: live at death by audio – famous class
4. kaytranada – 99.9% – xl CC *
5. mitski – puberty 2 – dead oceans  Continue reading




Greetings friends,
Not too much to report today: I saw Mitski over the weekend and got sucked into watching the entirety of Stranger Things. Keeping it pretty quiet these days to save my energy for a very busy August –  but more about that in next week’s chart email.

Summer calls for outdoor celebrations, and with that in mind we’re thrilled welcome Montreal expats Steve Jr. back into town for a very special parking lot gig/BBQ on Saturday. For those not in the know, this duo left a deep impression on the Mtl scene with their heavy & impossibly catchy riffs before skipping town last year. Now they’re back for a single gig in the parking lot of 110 Van Horne along with Terrified Michael FDJ Frog, and J Deady on the decks — a truly all-star crew if we ever saw one, curated by the fine ears of CKUT’s late-night sound guru Spencer Gilley. The forecast is perfect, there’ll be food on the BBQ, and it’s a fundraiser for CKUT. What’s not to love?

ckut top 30 – july 26, 2016

1. deerhoof – the magic – polyvinyl
2. un blonde – good will come to you – egg paper factory CC *
3. braids – companion – flemish eye CC *
4. horse lords – interventions – northern spy
5. tyshawn sorey – the inner spectrum of variables – pi Continue reading


Album Review: Steve Jr. – Gudge


Steve Jr. is the duo of Corbin Ordel and Gleb Wilson, and through a sonic alchemical reaction they have spawned the truly monstrous Gudge EP. Their new musical beast is more sprawling than their self-titled debut, veering from the anthemic punch of their early material to explore heavier territory. It wanders, pacing through a thick swamp of pure sludge till the grooves are worn deep. The guitar and drum dirges bleed into heavy psych, but they still maintain the hooks that have made many a head bob at live shows. Pummelling drums and Ordel’s buzzsaw guitar will be familiar to longtime fans, but their aesthetic reaches new levels of ferocity on the punk-influenced “Intro” and heavy jammer “Mutt”.

The dense, distortion-steeped background contrasts well with sparse vocals that veer between emphatic shouts and complete lyrical disaffection. On “Oh Well,” a tight groove layered with echoed, melodic vocals kicks off into a chaotic breakdown midway through the song and they duo lets everything fall apart in the best way possible: the voice rips into incomprehensible yells before Wilson repeats, over and over again, “Oh well….” over a loose and sludgy riff. The lyrics may convey apathy, but the steady propulsion of noise in the background keeps things afloat: you can’t give up with that kind of momentum chugging along. Recalling the ’90s heyday of Royal Trux with its walloping distortion and loose, meandering songwriting style, Gudge is another solid output from one of Montreal’s heaviest duos.

– Joni Sadler


Corbin Ordel

Corbin Ordel hosts ‘If You Got Ears’ all June!

Corbin OrdelFor all of June, If You Got Ears is curated by local sweetheart, Corbin Ordel. Tune in Wednesdays 12-2 for Corbin’s experimental sessions. Here’s how he puts its…

I am Corbin Ordel (one 1/2 of Steve Jr.) and I will be playing music coming from 
all corners and sections of the rainbow. Everything that has planted a flag in my brain will be presented on the show. I will be playing tracks from my extensive 
catalogue of 74-minute minidisk mixes (tracks can range from early millennium nu 
metal <my preferred music for walking around the mall in Bellingham, Washington> 
to my all time favourite bands from Washington, D.C. <perfect for summer cruising>) and other life-affirming albums (a lot of these are made by my friends). DJ 
Spencer Gilley will be performing live in studio on June 11th and in anticipation of the Suoni Per Il Popolo show on June 7th (feat Tonstartssbandht, Cousins of Reggae, and Steve Jr.) I will be playing selected tracks from each band.