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Suoni edition of The Montreal Sessions with Steve Guimond


Montreal’s experimental music festival is in full swing now and today their Artistic Director, Steve Guimond, hosts The Montreal Sessions alongside CKUT Music Director, Joni Sadler.

Long-time listeners may recall Steve Guimond also previously served as CKUT’s Music Director – don’t miss the past/present combo today 3-5pm to “liberate your ears”.


**Catch this hot potato at 90.3 FM and/or CKUT.ca**

Steve Guimond

Jazz Amuck interviews Steve Guimond of Suoni Per Il Popolo

Steve Guimond

For an auditory programme guide to the Suoni Per Il Popolo festival – tune in to Jazz Amuck Friday June 6, 9am -11am.

Your host JB will be talking with Steve Guimond (the festival’s Artistic Director) about the history of Suoni and the schedule this year. These are two people who really know their shit offering a very comprehensive breakdown of Montreal experimental music festival.

Notably! Both Steve Guimond and JB have previously served as Music Directors with CKUT — mega shout out to these influential alumni who have helped liberate so many Montreal ears.


Suoni per il Popolo preview (+TICKETS) on Jazz Amuck 5/31

Tune into Jazz Amuck 9am Monday to WIN tickets to see ‘David S. Ware: A World of Sound’ at Suoni per il Popolo June 13.

Turn on your radios tomorrow morning from 9-11am and tune into Jazz Amuck on CKUT to find out how you can win a pair of tickets to some of the shows of the 2013 Suoni per il Pololo festival! CKUT legend Steve Guimond will also be in the studio to tell you alllllll about the artists and events for this year’s festival. Make sure to tune in– we’re giving away oodles of tickets and we really want you to win them!

Steve Guimond is a living legend here at CKUT. Once the music coordinator at the station, Guimond has gone on to be the creative director of Suoni per il Popolo and super active in the Montreal music scene. And he’ll be coming into this here station, just for you, to tell you all about cool music coming up in Montreal!


The Festival

Suoni per il Popolo is an annual festival featuring an eclectic variety of jazz, experimental, and avant-garde music and experimental film each June in Montreal. The festival gathers local emerging artists alongside established international acts to create two weeks of weird, cool art.

You can WIN tickets to artists like Peter Brötzmann and Joe McPhee, Pacha and Joshua Abrams, The Ratchet Orchestra, and the French-American Peace Ensemble and the film David S. Ware: A World of Sound. Seriously! We’re giving away so many tickets! Make sure to tune into CKUT 90.3 FM Friday at 9am to find out how. If Friday morning you’re stranded without a radio, don’t worry– we’re giving some tickets away via email, so you can listen through the archives and still be part of the fun.

Check out Joshua Abrams playing the guimbri on a Chicago rooftop:


Suoni Per Il Popolo preview on Jazz Amuck!

William Parker of the William Parker Orchestra

Tune into Jazz Amuck tomorrow morning between 9-11am for a preview of this year’s Suoni Per Il Popolo festival! Host John B will be in conversation with the festival’s creative director Steve Guimond to discuss festival highlights and will be giving away tickets to some of the shows. Tune in on-line or by dialing into 90.3FM in Montreal.