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Return Fire

Album Review: Nick Kuepfer and Tamara Filyavich – Sonic Carvings with Self Healing Clay/Return Fire Co-Release

Return FireArtistic collaboration is an important way of increasing an individual’s impact by exposing the contrast in each artist’s point of view. The right blend of surroundings is vital to an individual sound’s significance and the juxtaposition of sounds that stretch into opposite directions shines more light on the qualities that make each one beautiful.  By featuring two entirely different sound artists on the same tape, The Howl Arts Collective has accomplished both a respect for artistic individuality and a display of thought-provoking contrast on their Sonic Carvings with Self Healing Clay/Return Fire Co-Release from Nick Kuepfer and Tamara Filyavich. Kuepfer’s montage of texturally satisfying samples is met by Filyavich’s taste for sound development and elongation. The idea of displaying each of these approaches in a no-correct-answer setting allows for a captivating conversation between the two. Continue reading


The Magic Sound Box!

Dec. 15 + 16th evening – The Magic Sound Box: This live radio transmission art show (or tell…) takes the audience inside Radioland – inside the magic sound box – highlighting the many talents of CKUT, exploring the limits of aural imagination and indulging in the intimacy of sound. The plan: create an enclosed area with large swaths of multi-coloured fabric, turn off the lights…and make radio. The audience is inside the box, the performers are on the outside. Two performances: 7:45pm and 9:45pm, sharp! For more information, e-mail Courtney.

Whatta poster, huh?

This is how we do.


This is how we do.

Repairing old LPs from our music library, like this beaut’, a fave record by the wonderful Exuma. Along with selections from our vault, many of the CKUT music programmers broadcast hard-to-find music including live sessions, new music by local and touring artists as well sound art created and broadcast live on air.