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Ye gods!

Bon Weekend!

There’s a weekend ahead of us, y’all, and lotsa listening to be had for those who’re looking. What is there, like, almost twenty different music shows to choose from over the next two days? Maybe just leave the radio on. Here are a couple of highlights…

On Sunday we’ve got The Goods on from 2-4pm (check out their video above). The Goods is wrangled by the super hero team of Andy Williams and Scott C who are also les dudes behind the popular monthly DJ night at La Sala Rossa.

Earlier on Sunday from 11-1pm we’ve got Free Kick and they’ll be featuring some bhangra rhythms et plus. Here’s some inspiration:

…And finally, in keeping with our working backwards theme, tune into our metal show Sounds of Steel on Saturday (9-11pm) to check out their mythology themed show. Expect tunes from the likes of Absu, Symphony X, Sabaton, Melechesh, Iron Maiden and Amon Amarth to swell your ears with the might of gods and demons and all the beings in between! Follow the SoS folks on Twitter or call in during the show- they take requests: 514.448.4013.

Ye gods!