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DJ Solespin @ POP Record Fair

pop record fairAmid all the hustle and bustle of Pop Montreal this year, don’t forget to stock up on some hot wax at the Record Fair, yo!

CKUT is reppin’ proud on Saturday September 20, 2:30-6pm, with our very own DJ SoleSpin behind the decks spinning a groove-centric set likely to feature classic hip hop and iconic rappers. Fans of Busta Rhymes, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Public Enemy and De La Soul are gonna’ be going BANANAS for this biz.

On the airwaves, you can hear DJ SoleSpin hosting The Suite Delight every Monday at 1am.

The record fair is located at the Ukranian Federation, 5213 Hutchison, open 11am – 6pm.

We'll never forget this moment.

Happy post-Pop Montreal!

We'll never forget this moment.

Bask in the glow/get some sleep/drink orange juice, your body needs to stay healthy post-festival binge, okay?

SO: A big thanks to Carmen for hosting the Montreal Sessions for the month of September. Huzzah! We also all had a great time meeting people at the Record Fair and The Raincoats show, which we had the pleasure to co-present. WE also had a blast at the Pop vs. Jocks basketball game on Saturday which was made cooler by Win Butler singing Xmas tunes. What?

Check back soon as we’ll be broadcasting special festival coverage on the Oct. 10th edition of Underground Sounds. More soon!