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The Wooden Sky: show review and Q & A

The Wooden Sky show review (February 28, 2012)

By: Amanda C. Stanhaus

There was a lot to celebrate Monday night at Sala Rossa—a goodbye, an impending record release and a birthday.

Charlotte Cornfield began the night. It was her last show in Montreal before she goes on tour for the next few months. She played heavily from her newest release, Two Horses. There is a reason why I have been randomly breaking into song, singing “Loverman…” much to the annoyance to anyone who overhears me.  Her songs are very catchy. She is one to watch in the upcoming months.

Next up was The Great Bloomers.  Their new album will be released in the coming weeks. They gave an excellent preview of what is to come. And it doesn’t hurt that the lead singer is a dreamboat.

The Wooden Sky was definitely who most of the crowd was there to see. They did not disappoint. There was quite the dancing/singing contingent in the front. It was an energetic show, and you could tell the band was having as much fun as the crowd. Along with the standard rock band set-up, they also used a harmonica and a melodica. The front man played the harmonica and guitar at the same time, impressive multitasking Gavin.

While based in Toronto, they have a special place in their heart for Montreal. Wooden sky records their albums here. And the crowd accepted them as one of their own. When it was announced it was a band-member’s birthday, the crowd broke into an impromptu rousing rendition of Happy Birthday for Edwin.

Gavin, the front man, was nice enough to sit down with me before the show (pictured above). In person, he is calm, friendly, and well-spoken. He is that and more once on stage. He has a commanding stage presence, the kind that is based in the fact that he loves his music. I hope Wooden Sky is around for many, many years to come.

Two thirds of Each Other in studio for Jordan Robson Cramer's last SPECTRAL MIGRATION (MTL Sessions) show

Q&A with EACH OTHER + goodbye, thank you SPECTRAL MIGRATION

Two thirds of Each Other in studio for Jordan Robson Cramer's last SPECTRAL MIGRATION (MTL Sessions) show

Each Other played two short sets on Jordan Robson Cramer’s last show (February 28, 2012) of his Montreal Sessions radio residency, SPECTRAL MIGRATION. Check out the archives to have a listen to their tangled/intricate prog pop tunes and sweetly boyish harmonies. The rest of the SPECTRAL MIGRATION can be found there, including Beaver Sheppard‘s in-studio performance from last week (February 21, 2012). Thanks to Jordan for hosting such a great month of shows!