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legato vipers

Album Review: Legato Vipers ‘LV’

legato vipers

By Natalie Abemayor

The Legato Vipers’ debut album, LV, features 12 tracks of instrumental 60s beach rock. Hailing from Guelph, Ontario, Legato Vipers are comprised of Jordan Howard and Mike Brooks on guitar, Jay Anderson on drums, Tyler Belluz on bass, LV also features organ music by Thomas “Penus Fingus” Hammerton. The album is made up of original songs, and was co-released by Physchic Handshake Recordings and Missed Connection Records.

From the first track, “Spy vs. Spy”, Legato Vipers bring you back to summer days spent lounging on the beach. There isn’t a dull moment in this album—every song has something unique to offer, and the harmonies the two guitars are able to achieve, along with the steady and up-tempo drumming ensure that you have no chance of getting bored listening to LV. The stand out tracks are “Mama Fury”, “Chocolate Milk”, “Sweet 16″, and “Bernie (Ernie McInerny)”. They even salute “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult on their track “Don’t Fear the Cab Driver Mister Reaper”. This album is a solid 7/10, and I can’t wait to hear what the Legato Vipers come up with next.

Alex Moskos

Moskos and Anderson do If You Got Ears

Alex Moskos via Scroungey Glamour

Tune in to If You Got Ears today from 12-2pm to catch an hour long set by Alex Moskos (Drainolith, AIDS Wolf), followed by an hour by Shaun Anderson (Ultrathin, Psychic Handshake Recordings). Moskos’ band AIDS Wolf are calling it quits since forming in 2003 and will be playing their last show in Montreal this coming Saturday, May 5th at Casa del Popolo along with Souffle and David Lafrance.

Ed Askew

NEW SHIT: Ed Askew!

Ed Askew

NEW SHIT‘s Special Funding Drive edition – Monday October 24th 3 to 5 pm will bring a live set and interview with psych folk luminary Ed Askew who who will be bringing his carefully crafted songs to the Casa Del Popolo later on Monday Evening as well as the regular loop the loop and shenanigans, for all your listening pleasure. Tune in & donate. Support CKUT!