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Suuns, Pick a Piper, and Pat Jordache on New Shit 4/1

Peep the video for our upcoming concert series and check out our playlist. We talked about the Suuns, Pick a Piper and Andy Boay shows and had fun playing a really dancy set towards the middle. Take a listen on the archives and tune in next week on Monday from 3-5pm!

This Week’s Shows

Ital w/ Container @ Il Motore 4/3
Suuns w/ Technical Kidman @ Sala Rossa 4/4
Pick A Piper w/Dam Ships @ Quai Des Brumes 4/5

New Shit Playlist 3/25

Black Pus – Marauder – All My Relations
The Snowbringer Cult – Amantsokan – Natural Snow Buildings
Wolf Eyes – Confession of the Informer – No Answer-Lower Floors
Pick a Piper – South to Polynesian – S/T
Pat Jordache – Fields Laying Fallow – Fields Laying Fallow (Single)
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