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Hello friends,
I’m back in the office after a short trip back to Ottawa for Megaphono — it was real nice getting to catch up with the CHUO & Ottawa Explosion crews and meet some rad new folks. Saw Un Blonde, Lido Pimienta, She-Devils, H de Heutz, Best Fern (above), and more great acts that I am forgetting… I also caught Priests back home in Montreal last night, and it was well worth the frigid trek down to the Casa — would definitely recommend seeing them live if they roll through your town.

Local sound aficionado Owen G. is taking over If You Got Ears for the month of February, and he promises to dig deep into the hidden corners of the internet to unearth the rarest of outsider sounds. In his own words:

hi friends. my name is owen and i am hosting this radio program. i will play the best music youtube vids with sub 2k views recordings of people yelling stuff not made by humans the remains of the old internet empire songs made specifically to wreck computers and all your favourite hits.

Intrigued? You should be. Dive into the rabbit hole every Wednesday in February,12-2pm EST or download the archives at ckut.ca.

ckut top 30 – february 7, 2017

1. sam shalabi & alan bishop – mother of all sinners: puppet on a string – unrock CC *
2. cop car bonfire – deep forest – self-released CC *
3. austra – future politics – domino CC
4. tasseomancy – do easy – hand drawn dracula CC
5. her harbour – winter’s ghost – e-tron records CC Continue reading

Album Review: MonkeyJunk – Time To Roll

monkeyjunk album art

Time To Roll is the fifth studio album from the Ottawa blues band MonkeyJunk. The band is proud to announce that this album features an electric bass prominently, which was not the case in any of the band’s previous four album. The album is not only, electric but also eclectic. While every song is united under the umbrella of blues and blues rock, each song has a unique essence and emotion. In the first three tracks the listener experiences the emotion of a Jonny Lang ballad, the milieu of a Tinsley Ellis song, and the rockin’ vibe of something straight from the depths Jimmie Vaughan and The Fabulous Thunderbirds.

Vocalist Steve Marriner bowls over the listener with the sheer power and potency of his voice, such as in the first track “Best Kept Secret,” yet, at the same time caresses the listener with sonorous care, for example, in the soulful “Blue Lights Go Down.” As well, most every song also features Marriner’s powerful harmonica in addition to his strong vocals. The band covers many styles on the album, from the gospel tinged, funky “Fuzzy Poodle” to the strong, throbbing love song “Can’t Call You Baby.” Perhaps most interesting to a traditional blues lover, “Undertaker Blues” is what could only be described as MonkeyJunk’s take on the country blues John Lee Hooker’s songwriting. The song is the perfect coalescence between Marriner’s sharp harp and vocals, Tony D’s twangy guitar, and drummer Matt Sobb’s driving percussion. Monkey Junk entertains with the comical “Gone” and another southern rock-influenced tune, “Time To Roll.” Listeners will swear they hear Derek Trucks on the soulful “Pray For Rain.” “See The Sign” features a Southern/Indie Rock feel accompanied by Sobb’s drumming in tandem with that ever-present harmonica that anyone will come to know well after listening to this album. Time To Roll leaves the listener with a heart full of MonkeyJunk’s sonorous and impassioned blues and great contentment.
– review by E.C. Wenzel



Hi friends,
I was in Ottawa over the weekend and made it back to Montreal just in time to catch a really nice double tape release from local stars Alcrete and Welter & Associates. Both are excellent and come highly recommended by these CKUT music department ears. How about you? What are you listening to these days?


Every Wednesday during the month of February, Ryan Alexander Diduck will be taking over as guest-host and curator of CKUT’s If You Got Ears. Diduck is a Montréal-based writer, producer and doctor of philosophy who’s got four solid weeks of exciting radio up his sleeve, with each show focusing on a different theme. On the February 10th episode, our host dedicates the episode to the music, memory and legacy of David Bowie. One month after the Starman’s passing, Diduck will go beyond the hits to discover some of his more obscure tracks as well as music that influenced him and that he in turn influenced. Plus, don’t miss an exclusive interview with British music writer and co-founder of The Quietus, Luke Turner.  Stream this very special David Bowie edition of If You Got Ears on February 10th from 12-2pm EST at ckut.ca.

ckut top 30 – february 9, 2016
1. moss lime – zoo du québec – telephone explosion CC *
2. linsey wellman – manifesto – self-released CC
3. v/a – fixture records 4 – fixture records CC *
4. no negative – the good never comes – psychic handshake CC *
5. tamara filyavich & nick kuepfer – sonic carvings with self healing clay/return fire – howl! arts collective CC * Continue reading

Silkken Laumann // Underground Sounds

silkken laumann

As per usual, Underground Sounds is hitting CKUT’s frequency tonight from 8-10pm. Tune in for a dose of fresh local Montreal jams, with a special focus on upcoming concerts this month.

To ring in the new year with style, our over-the-phone interview is with Ottawa’s upbeat electronic outfit Silkken Laumann. They have a new album out, which can be streamed here from Exclaim!, and we’ll be digging into the details to find out what into the making of this highly anticipated album.

Stay tuned at 90.3 FM or online at CKUT.ca

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