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Return Fire

Album Review: Nick Kuepfer and Tamara Filyavich – Sonic Carvings with Self Healing Clay/Return Fire Co-Release

Return FireArtistic collaboration is an important way of increasing an individual’s impact by exposing the contrast in each artist’s point of view. The right blend of surroundings is vital to an individual sound’s significance and the juxtaposition of sounds that stretch into opposite directions shines more light on the qualities that make each one beautiful.  By featuring two entirely different sound artists on the same tape, The Howl Arts Collective has accomplished both a respect for artistic individuality and a display of thought-provoking contrast on their Sonic Carvings with Self Healing Clay/Return Fire Co-Release from Nick Kuepfer and Tamara Filyavich. Kuepfer’s montage of texturally satisfying samples is met by Filyavich’s taste for sound development and elongation. The idea of displaying each of these approaches in a no-correct-answer setting allows for a captivating conversation between the two. Continue reading


Island Frequencies hosts The Montreal Sessions :: October 14

This week on The Montreal Sessions, your host Paula invites in some of the weirdest wonders of the city to CKUT’s studio with dreams to illicit insightful conversation from Stefan Christoff and Xarah Dion, both of whom have new albums at the ready, plus, a bucolic performance from Nick Keupfer — Montreal’s premier tape-loop maestro.



Nick Kuepfer

Hey friends,

It was a jammer weekend here in Montreal as the CKUT music department let loose with our annual Total Eclipse concert series: three nights in a row we invaded some of our favourite lofts and dive bars to bring weird & wild sounds to the ears of the city. It made for some pretty memorable times, including Nick Kuepfer’s spellbinding set at the Plant (pictured above) among countless other highlights. Thanks to everyone who helped out, played, and partied with us. CKUT loves you forever.


ckut top 30 – april16, 2013
colin stetson – new history warfare volume 3: to see more light – constellation CC
bombino – nomad – nonesuch
julia kent – character – leaf
slight – melodion EP – self-released CC
mouthbreathers – stone soup – killer haze CC
Continue reading



Total Eclipse 2013 final poster

CKUT’s music department is proud to present its third annual Total Eclipse
Concert Series! Each night April 11-13, one of our esteemed radio shows
will curate an evening of local music for your listening pleasure. Mark
your calendars and get tickets while you still can. Here’s the lowdown:

Thursday April 11 – Free Kick bends your mind like Beckham with a night of
contemporary experimentalism and head-spinning psychedelia.
~~~Ylang Ylang, Artsychix, Pyongyang @ Barfly~~~

Friday April 12 – Passovah, The Plant, and New Shit co-present a
much-anticipated EP release from Slight (formerly Vostok 1). Kaleidoscopic
sounds abound, expect the unexpected.
~~~Slight, Sea Oleena, Nick Kuepfer, DJ Noah Bick @ The Plant~~~

Saturday April 13 – Wrapping up the series, Beyond the Horizon & Rock N’
Roll Time Machine co-present an evening of raucous RNR to tickle your ear
~~~Grupo Skip Jensen, Porn Persons, EXPWY, Big Chocolate Flavour @ La Brique~~~

7$ at the door, 15$ for all three nights! Passes available at CKUT.

Check out the Facebook Event!

For more info, check out http://music.ckut.ca/ or contact the CKUT music department:
music@ckut.ca or 514-448-4041 x 0842.

Nick Kuepfer live on CKUT's the Montreal Sessions

Nick Kuepfer live on the Free Music Archive!

Remember how our lovely pals over at Constellation Records stopped in a few times over the month of March to host the Montréal Sessions on CKUT? For their final broadcast, the brought local sound-smith Nick Kuepfer along to finish off their residency in the utmost style!

Nick Kuepfer live on CKUT's the Montreal Sessions

The performance was something truly special, and now we’ve got it preserved in the digital amber of the Free Music Archive for all eternity – or at least until the oncoming digital dark age.

Listen right here!

In the decade that he has called Montreal home, Nick Kuepfer has ventured through a wide range of sonic territory: from playing with infamous noise rockers AIDS Wolf to layering minimal guitar compositions with ambient drones, his contributions to the city’s musical community are stunning in both their quality and diversity of sound. Continue reading

Nick Kuepfer live: Today on the Montreal Sessions!

Nick Kuepfer

Yep, you read it: Montreal’s very own Nick Kuepfer will be joining us in the studio for today’s Montreal Sessions, armed with a guitar and tape machine to summon his beautiful and otherworldly sounds. This special live performance will mark the end of the Constellation Records-curated month of the Montreal Sessions, and we couldn’t think up a more stunning way to wrap up the series.

From the Constellation website:
Nick Kuepfer is a guitar player who weaves nylon string and electric guitar pieces with live-sampled tape loops, recordings of animals, and drones from various sources. His predominantly wordless music ranges from subtle and static to frantic and abrasive, with a methodical, vigilant sense of experimentation guided by the search for consonance and dissonance with the sounds of “nature”. He began performing solo, under his own name, in 2009 and occasionally invites guest players to join him.

Hear it live today from 3-5pm on yr radio dial, or streaming/from the archives at the CKUT site.

CKUT carves out a niche on the Free Music Archives

Yes, it’s music.

After many months of plotting and planning, CKUT has landed on the Free Music Archive. Don’t know what the FMA is? Get your head out of your ass and check them out already, it’s years of creative music enjoyment, the brain Child of the mother of all free-form radio stations, WFMU, that operates out of Jersey City. The FMA is a massive archive of legal audio downloads that grows bolder and broader every day with curators from all over the world contributing content, and now CKUT curates audio submissions for them too.

Our FMA collection is currently small but will grow with every live performance we have on the station. To start things off, we uploaded exclusive live tracks by Dreamcatcher, k.a.n.t.n.a.g.a.n.o., Sundrips, Element Kuuda, Rebecca Foon, Bernardino Femminielli, Chantale Laplante and Martine Crispo, Lantern, Zachary Fairbrother, and Nick Kuepfer.


June is in full swing and music is taking ver the city – CKUT has linked up with
the Suoni Per il Popolo Festival to bring the concert hall to your radio.

Tuesdays from 3pm – 5pm will feature live recordings from the Suoni Per il Popolo Festival and live in studio guests

June 7: Live In Studio Performance by Nick Kuepfer and Volcano The Bear LISTEN!

June 14: Rebroadcast: Shalabi Effect, Stimmung, LISTEN!

June 28 Rebroadcast: Colin Stetson, Preterite, Keiji Haino, Hanged Up LISTEN!

We’re taking the studio out for a few nights on the town to bring live music in our homes – come out to the show or listen to the radio live or after the fact through ckut’s archives.

Monday June 20st 8pm – 1am: All the way from Sunny Alberta…..Weird Canada‘s Wyrd Fest presents a line up to make your ears hunger no more: Dreamcatcher, Dirty Beaches, Hobo Expanded Cult Band, Shortpants Romance, Lantern, D’eon, Headaches, Ultrathin, Duzheknew, The Friendly Dimensions (Concert starts at 8pm Sharp!!)

Tuesday June 21st 9pm – 11pm: Master improvisers in the jazz scene Gerald Cleaver(drums), Craig Taborn(piano) and William Parker (double bass, double reeds) will be performing as Farmer’s By Nature, who have just released an album on the Aum Fidelity Label entitled Out of This World. LISTEN!!

Wednesday June 22nd 9pm – 12am: CKUT’s JAZZ EUPHORIUM Collective will hosting live from the Sala Rossa for
Peter Brotzman’s FULL BAST TRIO: LISTEN!!
The Thing (Mats Gustagsson, Ingebright H.Flaten & Paal Nilssen-Love) with Joe McPhee start their set at 10:00pm LISTEN!!


British Born Palistinian lyricyst and conscious raiser Shadia Mansour on Venus June 9 LISTEN!

Kick ass Punk-rock literary -activist duo Mecca Normal on Kitchen Bang Bang Law June 14 LISTEN!