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Concert Review: Oh Hi Collective

Oh Hi Winter Concert Hi-lights

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On Saturday February 20th, I found myself in a quite literally underground music environment that showcased the wide array of musical talent involved in local music collective Oh Hi.  Montreal heavyweights such as Saxsyndrum and Devon Welsh were paired up with younger musical acts such as Loon and Nanimal in a way that emphasized community and provided for an excellent night of positive vibes and beautiful music. Continue reading


Nanimal + Nomad // Underground Sounds






The torrent of Montreal music is gushing again tonight 8 to 10 in the pm. To continue a 25 year tirade of local jams don’t miss grunge-rockers Nanimal and jazzy jambalayas Nomad live in the CKUT studio. Plus! A playlist to make your ear-hairs go ballistic.

Listen live at CKUT.ca or 90.3 FM

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underground sounds july 29 2013