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Tammy Forsythe hosts March Montreal Sessions


This March, Tammy Forsythe will be hosting CKUT’s Montreal Sessions. Originally hailing from Nova Scotia, Forsythe arrived in Montreal in the late 80’s to study dance at Concordia University. She stayed, exploring multimedia including radio (by hanging around CKUT!), music, books, and choreography. Forsythe founded her own dance company Tusketdance in 1996 and has won awards for her expressive and thought-provoking dances including The Backtrack (2003) and Golpe (2010). Along with her work with dance and physical theatre, Forsythe has been actively creating music with her band Black Popes and uploading clips of songs, rehearsals, and outdoor explorations to her Vimeo page (https://vimeo.com/tusketdance/videos).

Tune in every Tuesday from 3-5 pm this month to hear live weekly sessions hosted by Tammy Forsythe!


Montreal Sessions Hand Over to Don’t Fall Collective


Huge thank you to MagicPerm for a month’s worth of alt/synth pop/dream sounds, some awesome live performances, and many a monologue about the prophecy of a pigeon. (Did u know Mike Tyson is an enthusiastic pigeon keeper??).

The Montreal Sessions, our monthly artist-in-residency program, are back this February with Montreal based Don’t Fall Collective!!! The show will delve into compilation culture, zooming out on musical communities to highlight greater movements outside the scope of the individual artist. It will also be an open call for contributions to Don’t Fall Volume 3. Don’t forget to tune in Tuesdays from 3-5pm to check it all out!


Shenanigans at Popolo for the Montreal Sessions

This week a few of us at CKUT had the pleasure of attending a very special remote broadcast of The Montreal Sessions at Casa Del Popolo. Our hosts, Paula and Pablo, did a fabulous job on the behalf of Suoni Per Il Popolo (which is an ongoing festival definitely worth hitting up this summer). There were some amazing guests such as Gambletron, Myriam Gendron, Dead Moon, LWA, and Blankets!


Our hosts also got the chance to interview Peter Burton, one of the big names behind the Suoni Per Il Popolo festival.


Check out the archive of the session here, and stay tuned for more events from CKUT!


“Church of the Air” Montreal Sessions

This week: Year of Glad’s Alexandre Bergeron will be joined once again by Sam R. (of Slight).  Self-proclaimed lo-fi/ambient/dark new wavers She Divides (above) come by for a stripped-down in-studio performance, and Bergeron himself may lay down a few acoustic Year of Glad tracks.  3-5pm on your dial or streaming live.