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CKUT x MUTEK: An interview with Beatrice Dillon

As part of our ongoing MUTEK coverage, CKUT’s own Cyan (of Modular Systems) chatted with the London-based artist, producer, and NTS resident Beatrice Dillon. Read the full transcript below and get to know this prolific, boundary-pushing sound wiz.

C: Does your work as a DJ / radio host influence your own music production?

BD: It’s usually the other way round, I approach DJing as a musician so I search for music that connects with my own in some way – through production, attitude etc. Being on NTS gives me the chance to showcase all sorts of music and hopefully highlight some of the more unknown weirder stuff.

C: Are there any common musical themes/connections/processes that you draw on?

BD: I try to look beyond the 4/4 as that is covered really well by other DJs across NTS. I’m more interested in reduced ideas, unfamiliar time structures etc, I also like to balance newer and older music but to be honest it’s up to the listener..  I actually just play things I like!

C: What do you personally find interesting in a dj set as a listener?

BD: I’m always excited by twists and turns in DJ sets, moments where it could go wrong. I love watching DJs that enjoy the full capacity of a sound system – highs/lows etc..so the set becomes quite sculptural.


C: One of the aims of Mutek is to showcase digital creativity. I was wondering how you would see your work in that context, or not?

BD: Well I use a computer and digital instruments all the time so it’s a huge part of what I do. Like a lot of people, I slightly obsess over technology and what might be possible for me but there’s always an interest in combining approaches. I’ve just produced a commission for a German artist, Jorinde Voigt, who makes beautiful large-format drawings which connect ideas across pattern language, diagramatic expression, algorithmic impulses, colour theory etc and I invited classically-trained cellist, Lucy Railton and Japanese percussionist, Kenichi Iwasa to perform with me as a contrast to the digital.

C: I wanted to know what motivates your collaborations – are you looking for particular types of collaborators, projects or ideas or does this just happen through personal friendships for example? How do your collaborative experiences influence your individual working practice?

BD: Usually through friendships. There’s always something to be gained from listening to someone else.

C: What are some of your upcoming artistic projects post-Mutek?

BD: I have a 12” on Hessle Audio which is a more club focused collaboration with Call Super and a remix for Ploy on the great Bristol label, Timedance. Then I’m focusing on a commission for a sound piece installed in a large cave in the north of England this autumn. Finishing a new solo record, a remix and continuing with some some new solo visual work. Plus, there are live and DJ sets booked too, so it’s a busy few months ahead, looking forward to it!

To learn more about Modular Systems and Traktion, check out Cyan’s website



CKUT’s Top Electronic Releases of 2012

More in the way of year-end lists courtesy of Modular SystemsDJ Cyan:

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seekersinternational – the call from below – digitalis
legowelt – the paranormal soul – clone jack for daze
terrence dixon – from the far future pt. 2 – tresor
deadbeat – eight – blkrtz
d’eon – lp – hippos in tanks
robert hood – motor: nighttime world 3 – music man
four tet – pink – text records
darling farah – body – civil music
delta funktionen – traces – delsin
tazz – adventures of tazz – tsuba
skinnybones – ping pong ep – ski tracks
various – iron logic – ancient robot
atheus – das ende – eclipsemusic
keith fullerton whitman – generators – editions mego
various – parages 001 – 003 – parages
gunshae – the lost cascadian suite – panospria
various – akdleko – pertin-nce 041


MUTEK Sessions, part deux: an on-air hang out with Marie Davidson of DKMD!

Tune into the MUTEK Sessions from 3-5pm today to listen to Dan Melon spin some rad electronic music and hang with Marie Davidson (DKMD). Huzzah!

Missed last week’s show with Patti Schmidt? No worries, you can check out the playlist and archive right here.



The 11th Annual Mutek Festival Kicks off on the 03 of june

Check out the Schedule to see what Mutek has is store for this year.

Tune in to your favorite radio station for mutek previews, interviews and special

live performances.

On the May 30th edition of Modular Systems,  DJ Cyan gave an over view of the festival

and played some select picks and spins by artists playing the festival : listen to the show

New Shit had a very special guests in studio from Syndey Australia, Pimmon

accompanied by a silent visual artist/filmaker  Dappler Effect , came in for an interview

with Erin and Aj, and played a live set on Monday May 31st edition on New Shit.

Pimmon with Dappler effect will be performing together at the Friday  A/Visions 3

event at the Monument National. listen

A Silent Action Film, Tueday mornings 1-2am will feature a festival preview with an

experimenta/ambient edge. The programme will featuring music and information on

some of this year’s performers.