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If You Got Ears with Jen Reimer and Max Stein: October 14th 2015


Last Wednesday, Jen Reimer and Max Stein returned to If You Got Ears for a show focussing on the links between sound and architecture.

Last week’s guest, Dr. Gascia Ouzounian, a professor of musicology at Queen’s University Belfast and a graduate of violin performance and music technology at McGill University, first discussed an interesting genre of contemporary music called sleep music. Compositions that fall under this category are meant to be listened to as you are falling asleep, all the way until you wake up. When this music is performed, audiences are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing, bring blankets and pillows, etc. The music itself is generated by the brainwaves of “performers” who are attached to sensors as they sleep. The changes in their brainwaves create a drone that is continuously evolving, depending on their states of consciousness, and it is then projected as an 8 channel electroacoustic composition coupled with a visual projection similar to EEG signals. Listeners are essentially submersed into the “performer’s” dreams.

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If You Got Ears With Jen Reimer & Max Stein: October 7th 2015


Jen Reimer and Max Stein were in the house yesterday for If You Got Ears playing some soothing and experimental sounds. These guys are experts in field noise, and are dedicating their residency here to experimenting with urban recordings fused with different types of music. Not only is their idea incredibly interesting and unique, they’ve also created a web page in which you can follow the locations of the recordings being played, just check out http://montrealsoundmap.com/soundtrack/ to see for yourself. Join in next Wednesday to explore more of Montreal’s beautiful soundscapes~~



Total Eclipse of the Charts

The heatwave is on in Montreal and it’s really doing a number on my brainpower at the moment. I could talk about the weekend – picnics in the park, seeing Tyvek, an amazing garden party solstice potluck, etc etc – but I’m gonna surrender to the mental fog and skip straight to the charts. Locals Jen Reimer & Max Stein take the top spot again this week with their recordings of impromptu guerrilla performances around Montreal – it’s good stuff.

Stay cool out there.

ckut top 30 – june 25, 2013
jen reimer & max stein – st. urbain underpass/square victoria metro – noisy kitchen CC
a tribe called red – nation II nation – pirates blend CC
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Quebec City


Quebec City

Hi friends,

You’re getting these charts a day early since I won’t be in the office tomorrow – I’ve been taking some time off to hang with my parents, who made a stop in Montreal in the middle of an enviously long roadtrip they embarked on a while back. We spent the weekend camping near Quebec City, exploring the old town and the rural farmland of the St. Lawrence. Pretty dreamy.

Back on the local front, Suoni Per Il Popolo is in full swing so there’s even more great music than usual seeping into the ears of Montrealers; I was lucky enough to catch Lee Ranaldo & Steve Shelley a few days ago and Peter Brotzmann plays here ce soir. Later this week, we will be broadcasting live from the Ratchet Orchestra show (Wednesday 20-22h EST) and the French-American Peace Ensemble (Thursday 21-23h) so tune in if you want to experience some of the audio magic live via the CKUT airwaves.

Loud chart returns next week.


ckut top 30 – june 10, 2013
v/a – live from festival au desert 2012 – clermont music
jen reimer & max stein – st. urbain underpass/square victoria metro – noisy kitchen CC
aidan baker – already drowning – gizeh CC
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