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Male Bonding

Concert Listings: September 1-7

Male Bonding

Thursday September 1 Male Bonding ‘s medley of  tropical surf and grunge  provides just the right balance of machismo and tenderness.  Sounds like the perfect bromance, am I right boys? Takin’ that bro love to the next level with Love Links and Royal Baths at Il Motore.  8:30 pm. $13

Colin Stetson

Friday September 2 Gonna have to send you back to Il Motore tonight.  Don’t complain, there’s really good cheap Indian food nearby, and Colin Stetson is playing. Nothing  goes with nu-jazz like vindaloo. Nothing. 8:30 pm $12

Freelove Fenner

Saturday September 3 My pick for Saturday is Citizenship + Freelove Fenner at Casa del Popolo. Why? Because their music goes down easy. They’re like the Alka-Seltzers of indie rock.  And you’re gonna need something nice and digestible after all that Stetson spice. And by spice I mean jazz. And by jazz I mean confusion. 8:30 pm.

DJ Jonathan Toubin

Sunday September 4 Soulclap & Danceoff with DJ Jonathan Toubin.  Holy shit, I’m goin’ dancin’. So I give you this, courtesy of Midnight Poutine, because a) I could not provide a more rousing endorsement and b) I need to go practice my pop and lock.
The Soul Clap and Dance-Off is not only New York Night Train’s biggest and most famous party, but one of the NYC underground’s more popular monthly nightlife institutions.

The concept for DJ Mr. Jonathan Toubin’s first all-soul night is elegant – all night dancing to wild, amazing 45s, and a dance contest too. The party now sells out every month and draws nearly 500 paid patrons while remaining true to its DIY aesthetics. These events garner acclaim in practically every NYC publication, featuring judges from Wire to Quintron and Ms. Pussycat to Monotonix to MGMT to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Now, as Mr. Toubin becomes an international name, the demand has grown far beyond local markets and into the global arena.

For the first Montreal edition, none other than Mikey B from M pour Montréal, Frannie from Random Recipe and Luc Brien from Les Breastfeeders will be judging your dance moves! Be sure not to miss this crazy night with the amazing Jonathan Toubin! Price: 10$ – tickets at the door! The winner will get 100$!

Peter, Bjorn and John

Monday September 5 Listen here, young folks. Monday is all about Peter Bjorn and John at La Tulipe. Remember the whistle? You remember the whistle. They’ll be playing with openers Memoryhouse, whose frontwoman sings with a cadence and conviction reminiscent of Morrisey; heavy on the reverb and gloom, it’ll pair nicely with PB and J’s sugary sweet Scandinavian pop. 8:30 pm. $20


Tuesday September 6 Montreal’s L’OURS was a happy discovery this week. So I’m a sucker for melodramatic song, and piano driven ballads sung by a silk throated Frenchman. So what? It sometimes twinkles in the upper registers, uplifting and light, and at other times is invigorating and dense with a kind of urgency that you can hear and feel. And did I mention sexy French gang vocals? Oh oui. Sala Rossa. 8:00 pm.

Emma Baxter

Wednesday September 7 End this week in music on a quieter note with Emma Baxter’s  folksy guitar picking and quivering vocals.  Simple, but gripping enough to give even the most ardent of city slickers pastoral nostalgia.  Divan Orange. 10 pm.