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RAMZI hosts If You Got Ears


RAMZI is Phoebé Guillemot, a self-taught producer from Montreal. In 2013, She released the EP Etwal Timoun on vinyl through the label Total Stasis as well as a tape titled DEZOMBI on Los Discos Enfantasmes. Bébites is her first self-released album under Pygmy Animals, Phoebé’s newly founded label. The July 9th episode of IYGE features an interview and live performance from Antoine93, as well as a live mix by DJ Spencer.

If You Got Ears is a weekly, two-hour voyage through various types of sonic experimentation: ranging from noise to electroacoustics, the program digs deep into the goldmine of musique actuelle and all its sprawling tangents. Sometimes loud and aggressive, sometimes minimal and minutely detailed, but always bridging the gap between the challenging and the familiar. Hear it every Wednesday from 12-14h EST, or listen to past episodes on the CKUT archives.

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