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Greetings friends,
Last week I was lucky enough to catch a sold-out Leonard Cohen tribute where a whole crew of Montreal artists played renditions of their fave Cohen tracks. It was a pretty special experience, perhaps even more so given that the whole night was a fundraiser to buy a piano for local youth centre Dans La Rue. Many of our programmers, including Li’l Andy (above) and Katie Moore, participated in the event; what a great reminder of the talent we are lucky to have in the city – not to mention right here at CKUT.

During the month April Jean Cousin, aka Joni Void, will be hosting The Montréal Sessions on CKUT every Tuesday from 3-5pm, leading up to the release of his forthcoming album Selfless on Constellation Records. For this special residency, Jean is presenting a series entitled Scapes: a “series of conceptual musical selection experiences.” We’ve been promised immersive mixes that aim to transcend genres and traditional radioplay, instead sounding more like a lucid dream broadcast. Intrigued? You should be.

ckut top 30 – april 4, 2017

1. tonstartssbandht – sorcerer – mexican summer
2. saltland – a common truth – constellation CC *
3. high plains – cinderland – kranky CC
4. philippe lauzier – a pond in my living room – sofa CC *
5. arto lindsay – cuidado madame – northern spy Continue reading

lil andy while the engine burns

Li’l Andy + YouYourself&i // Underground Sounds

lil andy while the engine burnsWhat’s going on Montreal? Good music abounds, listen in for my local picks tonight on Underground Sounds 8-10pm.

Tune in for an in-depth convo with the towering Li’l Andy, who will be chatting up the new album (launches Jan 30 at Sala Rossa) and treating us to a special in-studio acoustic performance.

Also very noteworthy info, YouYourself&i are releasing a monthly EP series. The endeavour launches tomorrow (Jan 28) at Cafe Resonance. Dan from the band will be dropping by the station to tell us more and treat us to live tunes.

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((Total Eclipse)) Country Classics Showcase: A Night to Folkin’ Remember

Last night we kicked off our Total Eclipse music series with an intimate showcase of country and folk acts at The Plant. Big thanks to Li’l Andy of CKUT’s Country Classics hour for curating an amazing line-up, including Max Kelly and Jared Rosenbaum, Mike O’Brien and Michelle Tompkins, Sarah Jane Scouten and her Brilliant Stringband, and ol’ Li’l Andy himself. Convenient that the space happened to be located near some train tracks, partly because the train is a staple image of country and folk song, but mostly because the talent of these musicians was off the f-ing rails.