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Marie Davidson

Marie Davidson Interview on New Shit!

Marie Davidson

This afternoon on thee New Shit Radio Programme we were joined by the ever evolving Marie Davidson in preparation for the launch of her solo debut self titled cassette this Wednesday at Casa Del Popolo.

Already well known in the Montreal music scene for her work with Les Momies de Palerme, Essaie Pas, DKMD, Land of Kush and more, Marie is now beginning a new musical chapter. She refers to her solo work as Existential Pop: Dark, haunted sounds with some seriously dance inspired inclinations define this new release.

We spoke about the move towards dance music, her past collaborators, new label and more.

And as always: upcoming shows, brand new tunes, and all kinds of good times!

What are you waiting for? Snag it on the Archive!


Concert Listings: August 18-24th

By Karen R.

Thursday Aug. 18
I have scruples. Scruples and taste. That’s why I’m not going to pretend that there are any concerts worth seeing in the city tonight because that might eff up my cred as your weekly and hopefully, with time, trusted purveyor of show recommendations. S’probably for the best anyways, because you’re gonna wanna  get them  Z’s to prep for what’s coming up this weekend.

Montreal from spaaaaace...lookin' for the good shit.

Friday Aug. 19
HOODIE ALLEN at La Tulipe y’all.  That’s where you wanna be Friday night FO SHO.  The New York based rapper will be keepin’ it kosher with his infectious new school flow all night long. See you there? Good. 8pm. $15
Saturday Aug. 20
BAD UNCLE’s  Santosh Lalonde has a growl that could kill and some of the dirtiest accordion skills this side of the hobo bonfire. It’s Tom Waits, Gypsy jazz, polka, rockabilly and bluegrass at a rundown vaudevillian freak show.  So get down like a clown with holey mittens and a jug full of bourbon this Saturday at Le Divan Orange and be sure to show up for openers Crooked Brothers and  Declan O’Donovan too. 10 pm.
*A bit of a secret show not to be missed this Saturday is Spectre Folk (members include Pete Nolan of GHQ, Magik Markers, and Arbitrary Signs and Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth!!! ) with Vermont’s MV+EE and locals Les Momies de Palerme. Ok now, relax, breathe, and RSVP stat via natasha.pickowicz @ gmail.com to get your name on the guestlist.  La Brique / 6545 Durocher #402. 9pm doors / 9:30pm start. Sliding scale $8-10.
Sunday Aug. 21
Spend Sunday night like a true hipster at le Cagibi with Spooktober and Spiked Punch.  If synthetic beats, off-kilter singing, and ironic gangsta rap sampling are your thing, Spooktober’s got you covered. Think Unicorns/ Say Hi To Your Mom revival, but with a little more whine and all of the crunch .  If uke -filled slow jams on a beach at sundown and dreamy acoustic story songs with bongos are more your speed, show up for Spiked Punch.  Another band called Frankie and the Chicago Bulls will also be playing but info on them is scant. You wanna be mysterious? Fine. Be mysterious.  No myspace, no love.
Monday Aug. 22
Switch gears completely on Monday and head over to Casa del Popolo to listen to some live soundscapes courtesy of New Zealand based experimental shoegazer Nigel Wright and the ambient electroacoustics of Montreal’s Freida Abtan. 8:30 pm. $11
Tuesday Aug. 23
It’s an all pop lineup at Casa del Popolo Tuesday night with The War on Drugs, Caveman and Porcelain Raft. Simple as that.

Irreverent James and the Critical Mass Choir

Wednesday Aug. 24
Wednesday is a tossup between the sweet folky stylings of The Weather Station at Casa (8:30 pm) and the Gospel n’ Soul of Irreverent James and the Critical Mass Choir at Le Divan (5@7).  Either will satisfy, so just go wherever the musical wind blows you, friends.


The Venus Collective welcome Les Momies De Palerme
to the studio on thursday October 21st between 12 and 2pm
Les Momies de Palerme are Montreal based duo Marie Davidson and
Xarah Dion.Their self released debut L’Amour Sincere has had our
ears cocked to the restrained layers of synth, vocals and violin both
processed and raw – their sound is ethereal, bordering on medieval folk.
Their upcoming Release Brulez Le Coeur is one of 3 musical outfits
eatured on a 3LP release,the first release for the Music Fragile Label Series,
Xarah and Marie will be interviwed by the venus collective and then
comandeer the and 1s and 2s and spin a selection of music on this edition of venus
Missed this Live – Click here to download the podcast