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Hi friends,

Got to catch a stunning show on Friday featuring Lee Ranaldo, Steve Gunn, and Meg Baird just before succumbing to the winter cold that’s been making its way around Montreal… despite the preliminary throat-tickle that was creeping in, the night really stood out and proved to be one of the most memorable gigs in quite some time.

Hope you’re all staying healthy & warm out there!

This January Anastasia (of The Submissives fame) will be making a weekly pilgrimage down to CKUT to host If You Got Ears. They’ll be playing a mix of gnarly (and saccharine) pop music, leg-bouncing electronic jams, and abject synthpop: exploring the intersections where mainstream meets experimenta. Lucky listeners will experience the sonic equivalent of sitting under a vitamin D lamp. Expect guest appearances and live sets from weird and wonderful friends (and strangers), and the occasional sniffling/sneezing on-air as they attempt to survive flu season.

ckut top 30 – january 17, 2017

1. nadja – the stone is not hit by the sun, nor carved with a knife – gizeh CC
2. tasseomancy – do easy – hand drawn dracula CC
3. beatrice deer – fox – self-released CC
4. sam shalabi & alan bishop – mother of all sinners: puppet on a string – unrock CC *
5. ingrid laubrock – serpentines – intakt Continue reading


New Shit Playlist 08.20.2012


NEW SHIT (music dept show) was large and in charge today, folks. Solo-hosted by moi, though I missed the Stolen Pony. So much local content y’all, have a listen to the show archive! – Noblesse Oblige

Show theme: Kzyiec > Klepana

    • Program (Silver Apples) by Hand Cream from Oh Rats EP
    • Swing by FLIST! from Original Words (Check out his show with Mozart’s Sister + UN + Hand Cream this Friday at La Tour Prisme!)
    • Black Cadillac by The Pink Noise from Gilded Flowers (Pleasance Records) Check out their show at Divan orange this Thursday, August 24th.
    • Blam’s Again by Drainolith from Fighting! (Editions Mego)
    • La Beija by Slim Twig from Sof’ Sike
    • Lindenfels by Ollie North from Lindenfels
    • New Calm Pt.2 by Ought from New Calm EP
    • Singing The Ending by Wymond Miles from Under The Pale Moon (Sacred Bones Records)
    • Old Black Sweats by Slug Guts from Playin’ In Time With the Dead Beat (Sacred Bones Records)
    • Children of the Moon feat. Tame Impala by The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends 

  • Albatross by the Lee Ranaldo Band featuring D. Mascis from A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac
  • 212 by Azealia Banks from 1991
  • Single Status by Mozart’s Sister from the Dear Fear EP
  • Early Adopter by Cobra & Vulture from Vocare
  • Oblivion by Grimes from Visions
  • Lofticries by Purity Ring from Shrines
  • Donuts By The Water Before I Die by Cool World (Providence, RI)check them out at La Brique this Saturday Aug. 25th  
  • Married On a Sunday by Parlovr from Kook Soul
  • Exercise 2 (School) by CFCF from Exercises
  • Better Version of Now by Ira Lee from Growl
  • Cosmic Queries by Willis Earl Beal from Acousmatic Sorcery
  • City Limits by The Great Sabatini from Matterhorn
  • Take My Bones Away by Baroness from Yellow & Green
  • Not Through by The Puffy Areolas from 1982: Dishonorable Discharge