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Total Eclipse Music Series This Weekend 4/11

Do you like local music and cool people and concerts curated by your very own CKUT programmers? If you do, you’re in luck–  CKUT’s totally awesome TOTAL ECLIPSE MUSIC SERIES kicks off tonight at Barfly! We have three nights of rad tunes in store for you:

TONIGHT (Thursday, Aprill 11) CKUT’s Free Kick has curated night #1 of radically awesome music. Ylang Ylang starts the show off at Barfly (4062 St. Laurent), followed by Artsy Chix and Pyongyang closing off the night. Doors open at 9pm. Tickets are $7.

The party continues tomorrow night (Friday, April 12) at The Plant with a show curated by Passovah, The Plant, and the lovely programmers of New Shit! Nick Kuepfer and Sea Oleena are slated for the night, as well as some mystery guests that will be sure to please your ears. Night #2 is super special because in addition to these great bands, SLIGHT (formerly known as Vostok-1) will be launching their EP! Be sure to check it out. Doors at 8:30pm. Tickets are $7.

Total Eclipse Music Series 2013 will go out with a bang on Saturday, April 13 at La Brique (6545 Durocher) with a collection of bands curated by CKUT lady-rockers of the night Beyond the Horizon and Rock N’ Roll Time Machine. Big Chocolate Flavour will be making some wild visual projections alongside EXPWY, Porn Persons AND Grupo Skip Jensen. Make sure to come out to this show! Check out interviews from Porn Person’s band manager and EXPWY on the April 8 edition of New Shit. Doors open at 9pm, tickets are $7.

Come to one or come to ’em all– SUPER TICKETS for all three nights are available for only $15! You can pick them up at CKUT headquarters between 11-6 tomorrow.



Total Eclipse 2013 final poster

CKUT’s music department is proud to present its third annual Total Eclipse
Concert Series! Each night April 11-13, one of our esteemed radio shows
will curate an evening of local music for your listening pleasure. Mark
your calendars and get tickets while you still can. Here’s the lowdown:

Thursday April 11 – Free Kick bends your mind like Beckham with a night of
contemporary experimentalism and head-spinning psychedelia.
~~~Ylang Ylang, Artsychix, Pyongyang @ Barfly~~~

Friday April 12 – Passovah, The Plant, and New Shit co-present a
much-anticipated EP release from Slight (formerly Vostok 1). Kaleidoscopic
sounds abound, expect the unexpected.
~~~Slight, Sea Oleena, Nick Kuepfer, DJ Noah Bick @ The Plant~~~

Saturday April 13 – Wrapping up the series, Beyond the Horizon & Rock N’
Roll Time Machine co-present an evening of raucous RNR to tickle your ear
~~~Grupo Skip Jensen, Porn Persons, EXPWY, Big Chocolate Flavour @ La Brique~~~

7$ at the door, 15$ for all three nights! Passes available at CKUT.

Check out the Facebook Event!

For more info, check out http://music.ckut.ca/ or contact the CKUT music department:
music@ckut.ca or 514-448-4041 x 0842.

Ellwood Epps


Ellwood Epps

Interview with Ellwood Epps, February 17, 2013

Last Sunday night, CKUT had the pleasure of sitting down in a back room of La Brique with local trumpeter/improvised music promoter Ellwood Epps. The purpose of the chat was to shed some light on the current edition of concerts he is organizing, as well as discussing improvised music, music within the greater cultural sphere of Montreal and the pros and cons of running a loft venue.

Can you give some background on who you are and what you’ve been up to?

I’m a trumpet player, improv player, concert organizer, I’ve been In Montreal for seven and a half years or so and loving it here. 5 years ago I started L’Envers with another trumpet player Philip Battikha, who has since moved to NYC.


What was the story behind that?

L’envers was a loft space on Van Horne in the Mile end area of Montreal. Philip and I had a dream of having a space that was dedicated to improvised music. We were also looking for a place to live at the same time, so everything lined up. The space on Van Horne was the 1st building we walked in to. We visited some more, but we knew that was going to be the place. It was also expensive, we knew to make it workable we would have to build rooms and have room mates. We did that and also did the electricity, built a kitchen and bathtub, all these things to make it livable and suitable for concerts. 3 months later, June 28th 2008, we did our first show. 500 shows later we’re not in the building anymore, due to problems with the law and also with the very high rent. We did eventually move to a smaller space in the same building, but again rents just got too high. Which brings us to now, where we are presenting shows weekly here at La Brique on Sundays. And on Thursday nights we’re presenting concerts at Café L’Artere, also around the corner from here on Parc Avenue.


What’s changed aside from the venue?

We’re doing the same kinds of concerts as we used to, same kind of music. This format has even allowed us to focus more on improvised music

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