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Last of If You Got Ears with Kohlenstoff



Montreal-based art collective and label Kohlenstoff ended its residency at CKUT this week.
The label, which has already released 20 records, seeks to increase the visibility of local composers who produce, but don’t limit themselves to electro, noise, ambient and musique actuelle.
Every Wednesday for the past month, If you Got Ears saw a variety of hosts play music from Kohlenstoff’s catalogue, and welcome live performances from the collective’s artists, such as Dominc Thibault, Political Ritual, Hazzy Montage Mystique, and JF Bleu Ensemble..

Next month, If you got Ears welcomes interdisciplinary composer Kara-lis Coverdale. Coverdale performed at MUTEK this past May, where her immersive and digital installation garnered the public’s attention. When she is not exploring post-sacred sounds and musique concrete, she is an organist and music director at St. John’s Church, in Montreal.


If You Got Ears with Kohlenstoff: July 22nd 2015

Hazy-Montagne-Mystique-Bleu-quand-je-ferme-les-yeux_zpsxhqporffThis month at CKUT we are lucky enough to have Kohlenstoff, a talented collective who happen to be pros in experimental electronic/electroacoustic music, hosting If You Got Ears. Today’s episode featured Kohlenstoff representative, Dominic Thibault, as our host and a wicked live performance and interview with Hazy Montagne Mystique. If you missed today’s session, you can always grab the audio file from out archives and take a listen!

If you like what you hear (and you will), tune yourself in next week for the last episode of Kohlenstoff’s residency for this month! Don’t miss it ~~


If You Got Ears with Kohlenstoff: July 8th 2015


If you were fortunate enough to be listening in to If You Got Ears today with Kohlenstoff, you were in for a treat. Todays session was hosted by Félix-Antoine, and featured a myriad of musique actuelle and experimental electronic music selections. In addition to Félix-Antoine’s prime song choices, we had live electronic performances and an interview from Guillaume Cliche. To learn more about the Kohlenstoff collective, click right here. And if you missed out on today’s session, you can check out our archives as well as tune in to next week’s session on Wednesday @ 12-2pm.


Kicking Off July With If You Got Ears: Kohlenstoff Edition


It’s July, and you know what that means: Kohlenstoff are kicking off their residency here at CKUT with If You Got Ears. Don’t miss the first episode today from 12-2pm, with host Line Katcho, for some sweet tunes and a live performance from the duo Political Ritual.

Political Ritual are a local musical duo who specialize in experimental, drone, and noise genres. Read up all about them on the previous link and hear their music fresh on the airwaves on today’s show!

~~ H a p p y     J u l y ! ~~