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Concert Review: POP Montreal @ the MAC

Donovan 1

Despite booking huge, internationally recognized artists and having the capability to appeal to those unfamiliar with the city, Pop Montreal reads more as the fall version of Suoni Per Il Popolo than anything else, holding the spirit of the city it inhabits above all else. The Plateau and Mile End are filled with a particular energy this week, with daily passes allowing for young folks to bounce around to various venues and enjoy a multitude of events in a very free spirited way. On my first night I was actually drawn downtown to the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal to experience three local projects with an ear for droning soundscapes. The ominous room set the perfect tone for the evening as concertgoers were met with high ceilings and black walls to complement the enveloping sets that took place over the course of the night.

This show really did wonders for me, here are my thoughts on each set:

The throbbing drones that began William Jourdain’s performance never really left his sound pallet, resulting in a sort of industrial lens that encompassed each stylistic change throughout the set. By stretching songs on for periods of seven to ten minutes Jourdain certainly paid respect to the Constellation Records Ideology, but his ability to touch upon dance-able grooves amidst more abrasive material stood as a relatively unique quality. Blissful electronic melodies could occasionally be heard over the dramatic background with textural shifts evolving into moments of dense, wobbling beats. These songs may serve as an indicator of the direction of dance music in the future. Moments to encourage both head bobbing and critical thought filled the experience resulting in a capability to appeal to a wide audience without sacrificing musicality.

                                                                       Jessica Moss
Jessica Moss clearly understands the violin’s natural capability to produce heart-wrenching material, which was indicated by her set’s most climactic points. However, she also avoided riding this wave too heavily, contrasting her anxious moments of instability with gradual resolutions into silence. Playing a quick-hitting, 25-minute piece based on the “journey for all people to find peace,” Moss set an impressively lush tone considering her reliance on a relatively minimal set-up. Simple ideas grew into echoing soundscapes with manipulated violins filling every corner of the room. Raw, distorted melodies from vocals and violin, occasionally breached the surface of the backdrop resulting in moments of stunning transcendence.

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                                                                 Jerusalem in My Heart
Jerusalem in My Heart has a vision. Besides the ability to create massive musical moments with the juxtaposition of shimmering synthesizers and high intensity buzuq playing, the group adds to their aura with projection screens and stage magic. The theme of instability follows the music everywhere, each phrase dancing around resolution as nonspecific visuals float around lead singer Radwan Ghazi Moumneh adding to the hypnotic nature of the whole experience. More intense vocal moments were matched with stunning strobe lights, dancers emerging from the background only at the very end to cap off the constantly growing emotional weight. Perhaps a good summary of the set’s effect on the audience came in a moment of silence. After finishing a song towards the end, Moumneh took an extra minute or two to adjust for the next song. Unsure of what to expect next, every member of the crowd remained completely still, signifying the breath-taking nature of the performance they had just engaged in.

– Review & photos by Donovan Burtan

jerusalem in my heart

Jerusalem in my Heart LIVE on the Free Music Archive

jerusalem in my heart

Hey! Remember that Jerusalem in my Heart in-studio we were telling you guys about about? It’s brilliant and it’s now available on the Free Music Archive!

Combining traditional and contemporary Arabic sounds with electronics, drones, and some improvised live tape echo, Radwan and Jérémie brought forth some truly captivating sounds during their performance. Dual vocals, buzuk, synths, and an array of gadgets ebbed and flowed in the reinterpretations of two tracks from their forthcoming record Mo7it Al-Mo7it.

If you need some good music in your life right now, this is the place to go:

And catch them tonight at Le National playing in celebration of the release of their debut album, Mo7it Al-Mo7it.



ckut charts

Hi friends, I did not take the above photo but it’s pretty indicative of how Montreal looked yesterday — the end of winter is in sight, and spring is rolling in with thick grey fog making me all nostalgic for the west coast. I expect a bunch of you are out in the wilds of Austin right now for all of the SXSW fun — no Texas for me this year, but hoping that everyone there is digging the sun and bands and Lonestar.

We here at CKUT are very excited to have Jerusalem In My Heart joining us for a live in-studio during the Montreal Sessions. Check it out on the archive!

ckut top 30 – march 12, 2013
jerusalem in my heart – mo7it al-mo7it – constellation CC
colin stetson – new history warfare volume 3: to see more light –
constellation CC
suuns – images du futur – secret city CC
un – un – self-released CC
grouper – the man who died in his boat – kranky
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Jerusalem in my Heart

Jerusalem in my Heart TODAY on the Montreal Sessions – CKUT Music

Jerusalem in my Heart


Tonight on CKUT for Constellation Records‘ edition of The Montreal Sessions we have a very special performance by the three/thirty piece art and film and music project known as Jerusalem in my Heart!

Comprised of the Lebanese producer/singer Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, the French musician Jérémie Regnier, and the Chilean visual artist and filmmaker Marlena Szlam Salazar, JIMH incorporate traditional Arabic melisma with contemporary electronic production to produce a uniquely modern Arabic experimental music.

They only play shows once or twice a year and are rarely together on the same continent, so it goes without saying: DO NOT MISS THIS.

Tune in to 90.3fm or ckut.ca or check the archives after The Montreal Sessions airs (Tuesdays 3-5pm!)

things we said on new shit 3/11

We had a great time talking with Graeme and Tara of The Pink Noise and played a bunch of new music from some very excellent local and not so local bands. Check out our playlist and tune in text week to CKUT from 3-5pm!

New Shit Playlist 3/11

Saltland – Unholy – I thought it was us but it was all of us
Suuns – 20/20 – Images du Futur
Blue Hawaii – Daisy – Untogether
Baths – Miasma Sky – Obsidian
Born Gold – Sky Bicycle – Little Sleepwalker
Farthest South – A Lesson Learned Part I – Omens & Talismans
The Pink Noise – Bad Trip – Greedy Heart
The Pink Noise – Shy Guy Beach – Gilded Flowers
The Pink Noise – Ten – Greedy Heart
Soft Cell – Say Hello Wave Goodbye – Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret
Iggy Pop – Nightclubbing – The Idiot
Wake Island – Music as a Weapon – It Takes Time To Be Uncomfortable
The Fall – Psycho Mafia – Live at Witch
Cheveux – Truck – Hex Compilation
Gulfer – Ten Souls – Transcendals
New Apple Taste – Ahhh…. – The Brand
Tame Impala – Music To Walk Home By – Lonerism
Besnard Lakes – People of the Sticks – Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO
Wooden Wand – Souther Colorado Song – Blood Oaths of the New Blues
Nick Everett – Hold On – Else Things
Ghostkeeper – The Indians – Horse Chief! War Thief!

– – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – –


Tame Impala @ Metropolis tonight (3/11)
New Apple Taste w/ Gulfer @ Casa Del Popolo (3/13)

Les Hazelles w/ Ought + The Pink Noise @ Casa Del Popolo (3/15)

Jerusalem in my Heart @ Le National (3/15)




Constellation Records is Celebrating their 15th Anniversary with the Montreal Sessions on CKUT

The music department here at CKUT is pleased to announce the hosts of this month’s Montreal Sessions! Constellation Records will be joining us on air in celebration of their recent 15th anniversary. Tune in 3-5 PM every Tuesday in March for plenty of interviews, live performances, and much more! Don’t miss out!

Visit Constellation Records site for more info!

For the Past 15 years, Constellation Records has been a fixture of the Montreal Music community, spewing revolutionary sounds from their headquarters in the Mile End. They’ve released all kinds of incredible music by local and international artists including Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Colin Stetson, Jerusalem In My Heart, Do Make Say Think, Pat Jordache, Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra and many many others.

Don’t sleep on it!

The first episode is already up online, click here to check it out on the archives!

Tune in every Tuesday in March from 3 – 5 pm!

You can listen online at the official CKUT website or on air in Montreal at 90.3 FM on yr dial!