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FUNDING DRIVE // Underground Sounds

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Tune in to Underground Sounds’ once-a-year Funding Drive episode¬†tonight from 8-10pm for emerging, independent music and wicked prizes. Your host Nick Schofield will be covering why it’s important to support CKUT, how you can help and what’s in store for every pledger. On top of all the prizes CKUT is offering, by donating to Underground Sounds you will go home with hand-printed, screen-printed poster by GRIMES and a mixtape CD of live performances from artists who played lived on the show in the last year, like Mozart’s Sister and Hobo Cubes.


Francesco De Gallo x IYGE

If you spend any time in Montreal’s avant-subterranean scene you’ll likely come across Francesco De Gallo. Perhaps you’ll meet him in his capacity as head honcho of Hobo Cult Records, a specialty tape label that consistently, ceaselessly gurgles out cassettes from an international roster of weirdo experimentalists. Maybe you’ll see Frank at one of his sideman gigs playing with the likes of Dirty Beaches, Velvet Chrome, the tragically short-lived Shaker Hymns, or whichever outfit has begged his services that week. It’s possible that you might recognize him as the mad genius behind Moduli TV.

If You’ve Got Ears is stoked to have Frank join us for an intimate in-studio performance by his solo synth sorcery project Hobo Cubes. This will of course be preceded or succeeded by some discussion of all things out-there and musical. Tune in!

And if ya missed it, you can always find it in the archives.

Montreal Sessions February: HOBO CUBES


Broadcasting live from the death pit…every Tuesday afternoon
3-5pm in February….CKUT 90.3FM on Your Dial or:
live via www.ckut.ca or archived here

The lone hobo of Montreal-based hobo cult tapes presents distorted
axe shredding mind scorchers & floating womb portal time travellers.
to Tuesday Feb 1st edition Featuring Element Kuuda

to Tuesday Feb 8th edition Featuring Goa Monstre

You’ll get the tail end of Voice of Korea, and then – the sessions kick in
about 5-8 minutes into the file