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Whew, what a week — not only did we get resounding support in our existence referendum (85% yes vote, y’all) but we’re also wrapping up a kickass funding drive. Lots of CKUT love & good vibes floating around the station right now despite our collective exhaustion.

In non-CKUT news, some pals and I were lucky enough to catch the North American debut of Islam Chipsy + EEK (above) over the weekend and to call it mind-blowing is an understatement. Wow. Dunno when that crew will be back on this side of the pond but do yourself a favour and see them live if you get the chance.


ckut top 30 – november 1, 2016

1. a tribe called red – we are the halluci nation – radicalized records CC *
2. v/a – no. 2 – oh hi CC *
3. tanya tagaq – retribution – six shooter CC
4. duchess says – sciences nouvelles – bonsound CC *
5. weyes blood – front row seat to earth – mexican summer Continue reading


YES flyer

Hi friends – keeping this real short w/ just a top 30 this week as we are in the midst of our annual funding drive and also running a super big, super important existence referendum. Fun week! If you are a McGill student, please be sure to vote YES to keep CKUT alive – polling ends Wednesday at 5pm and we still need to reach quorum, so the time is now.

For those of you who aren’t McGill students but still <3 CKUT, consider supporting us through our funding drive! We have tons of amazing prizes to make it extra worthwhile for you. Come say hi at one of our events or donate online here. Never forget – CKUT loves you!


ckut top 30 – october 25, 2016

1. tanya tagaq – retribution – six shooter CC
2. ylangylang – life without structure – self-released CC *
3. strange froots – blossom this froot for thought – self-released/CJLO CC *
4. weyes blood – front row seat to earth – mexican summer
5. mars – mars archives volume two: 11,000 volts to tunnel – feeding tube Continue reading

Very Special NEW SHIT!


It’s funding drive o’clock! Tune in today at 3pm to 90.3 CKUT for an extra awesome edition of New Shit: we’ll have LIVE performances by Un Blonde and Clear Spot as well as an interview and guest DJ set from Drainolith.
You know what might even be better than New Shit?
For the first few lucky donors of $25 and up, we have packs featuring a cornucopia of releases from independent Montreal label Fixture Records, cassettes from Egg Paper Factory, and a bunch a vinyl goodies from Constellation Records. Those who call early can take their pick of the packs below.

Fixture Records Pack
Phern – Pause Clope flexi 7″

The Submissives – Do You Really Love Me? cassette
Brave Radar – Lion Head LP
Jef Elise Barbara – Sexe Machin / Sex Machine 7″
Lantern – Black Highways and Green Garden Roads cassette
Fixture Records compilation #4 CD

Egg Paper Pack (all cassette)
Gretchen – Oblique Contours
Whitney K – Pony
Inland Island – Zsa Zsa’s Window Opens Slowly
The Painters – Specks of Dust
Family Band – Family Band ’15
…and super cool Egg Paper stickers and a pin!
Vinyl Pack #1 – CLAIMED
Ought – More Than Any Other Day
Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufield – Never Were The Way She Was
Vinyl Pack #2 – CLAIMED
Automatisme – Momentform Accumulations
Jason Sharp – A Boat Upon Its Blood
Vinyl Pack #3 – CLAIMED
Jerusalem In My Heart – If He Dies, If If If If If If
Off World – 1
Vinyl Pack #4
Ought – Sun Coming Down
Drainolith – Hysteria (+ bonus patch!)

A Huge Warm Thank You

First let it be said that we love you all, our listeners are the realest and we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. Throughout the 2015 funding drive, which was from October 22nd to November 1st, CKUT got some mad support from it’s followers. We had some exciting giveaways like free bike tune-ups and trips to New York or Toronto, accompanied with special programming from our hosts. If you tuned in you’ll know it was a busy and hectic-fun time! So if you donated, spread the word, or just demonstrated your support, thank you.

You can still donate by visiting ckut.ca/donate, or coming in person on weekdays from 11am-6pm and weekends 12pm-5pm. Every dollar counts, and we’re getting closer to our monetary goals as we speak, let’s do this~~


Island Frequencies hosts The Montreal Sessions :: October 28

island freq graphicFor the final instalment of Island Frequencies hosting The Montreal Sessions, your host Paula will be taking your ears on a wild ride. This is a special episode, not only because it’s the last episode, but it’s also CKUT’s Funding Drive!

In addition to playing music from Workdeath and Limbs Wandered Alone, Paula also has a cast of in-studio guests sharing music and poetry alike.

3:30 – performance + interview: Drainolith
4:00 – performance + interview: Pelada
4:30 – performance + interview: Steve Godin

Prizes: Constellation prize pack // 2 Tickets Kevin Drumm & Jason Lescalleet @ La Vitrola, Nov. 8

FUNDING DRIVE // Underground Sounds

underground sounds logo

Tune in to Underground Sounds’ once-a-year Funding Drive episode tonight from 8-10pm for emerging, independent music and wicked prizes. Your host Nick Schofield will be covering why it’s important to support CKUT, how you can help and what’s in store for every pledger. On top of all the prizes CKUT is offering, by donating to Underground Sounds you will go home with hand-printed, screen-printed poster by GRIMES and a mixtape CD of live performances from artists who played lived on the show in the last year, like Mozart’s Sister and Hobo Cubes.


It’s a crucial time to tune in to CKUT’s NEW SHIT cause it’s thee Funding Drive! We’re spending our show, today 3-5pm, reminiscing about all the amazing times from this past year, interviewing artists about the importance of CKUT and giving away must-have musical prizes. We’ll be chatting with Corbin & Gleb from Steve Jr, Sarah Ayton from Rock Camp For Girls and local musician Alex Pelchat starting at 3:30 and we’ll be giving away goodies from these local labels all afternoon, so tune in, donate and help keep CKUT on the airwaves!

  • Constellation Records prize pack (2LPs, to be announced!)
  • Jeunesse Cosmique prize pack
  • Fixture Records prize pack (Freelove Fenner’s “Do Not Affect a Breezy Manner” LP, Chevalier Avant Garde’s “Resurrection Machine” LP, Brave Radar’s “Message Centre” cassette, Moss Lime’s “July First” cassette)
  • 1 copy of Stefan Christoff & Sam Shalabi’s “Rodina” LP
  • 1 pair of tickets to WTCHS/Maica Mia/Wreckage with Stick, Whoop-Szo @ Cabaret Playhouse, October 29th
  • Psychic Handshake prize pack featuring every title currently in print, including: LPs by Babysitter, UBT, and Legato Vipers; 12” EPs by You’ll Never Get to Heaven, Sex Church, and Vomit Squad; an assortment of 7”s and cassettes; and a couple T-Shirts in available sizes.



CKUT’s annual Funding Drive is back and we’re going the extra mile to raise $50, 000 this year by offering sweet prizes and on-air ear candy.

Why pledge? Because CKUT is people-powered, free form radio with no corporate funding, meaning we don’t conform to commercial interests. Also, we’re here for the communities of Montreal, supporting social equality by offering a voice to marginalised groups.

Lastly, progress comes from experimentation. CKUT is a place to learn, test new ideas and let your imagination run wild.

Call to pledge now: 514-907-9424 or donate online at www.CKUT.ca