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Tomorrow: a special edition of Aack!

Tomorrow’s Aack! will be¬†substitute-hosted by Amber who will be sitting in for the fabulous, longtime host Lorrie. Along with the usual awesome free form-ness of the show, selections will be made from the mixes up on Campus Mixtapes as well as CKUT trax up on the Free Music Archive. Tune in tomorrow from 3-5pm and check it all out.

CKUT carves out a niche on the Free Music Archives

Yes, it’s music.

After many months of plotting and planning, CKUT has landed on the Free Music Archive. Don’t know what the FMA is? Get your head out of your ass and check them out already, it’s years of creative music enjoyment, the brain Child of the mother of all free-form radio stations,¬†WFMU, that operates out of Jersey City. The FMA is a massive archive of legal audio downloads that grows bolder and broader every day with curators from all over the world contributing content, and now CKUT curates audio submissions for them too.

Our FMA collection is currently small but will grow with every live performance we have on the station. To start things off, we uploaded exclusive live tracks by Dreamcatcher, k.a.n.t.n.a.g.a.n.o., Sundrips, Element Kuuda, Rebecca Foon, Bernardino Femminielli, Chantale Laplante and Martine Crispo, Lantern, Zachary Fairbrother, and Nick Kuepfer.


Busy Hands Trimble

LP repair for records that have received alot of heavy petting/handling!

The music office is a busy place this summer: we have four rad and music-lovin’ interns (Andrew, Lili, Karen & Norma) alongside AJ and myself and the usual slew of volunteer music programmers. This week we’re working on the usual (processing all the music we receive) along with repairing LPs in our music library.

(click image for source)

WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK: we’re listening to our copies of Bobb Trimble‘s first two LPs Iron Curtain Innocence (1980) and Harvest of Dreams (1982) cuz of this article on FreeMusicArchive.org about his lost album that’s recently been found. Bobb Trimble is an underground psych-folk cult figure who produced work mainly in the 80s. He’s taken to the stage again, so do read the article, listen to the lost sounds and visit his website.

TUNE IN: Today is the last show of the July edition of the Montreal Sessions. Tune into the radio program today between 3-5pm for some sound art, y’all. Missed the wonderful Magic Sound Mountain performances this past Saturday? We’ll be broadcasting some of those pieces on the Monday afternoon Radio is Dead program among other shows so do keep an ear open for that in the next coupla weeks.

GET INVOLVED: CKUT is hiring a Homelessness Marathon Outreach and Production Coordinator. For more details, do visit ckut.ca.

Happy Tuesday,


A detail of the awesome Magic Sound Mountain installation.