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New Tracks on the Free Music Archive

Have you perused CKUT’s page on the Free Music Archive lately? We’ve got a couple of new recordings up and we’re really excited to share them with your ears — check out this long-form sonic tapestry from Echo Beach and these beautiful electronic pieces from Jeunesse Cosmique favourite Hazy Montagne Mystique. Plus, we’ve got plenty more recordings in the works so keep an eye on the FMA page for new goodies to arrive very soon…


Le Fruit Vert live broadcast on Free Music Archive


“It’s not just free music; it’s good music”

click HERE for Le fruit vert live from Casa del Popolo on the Free Music Archive

Local duo Le fruit vert have become masters at building intricate sonic worlds. Layers of vocals, effects, and an array of acoustic and electronic instruments weave together, a web of finely-tuned sonic detail stretched out to envelope listeners in sound. We caught them live at Casa del Popolo on June 17th as part of the Suoni Per Il Popolo festival, broadcasting their set over the airwaves for all to hear. Here’s the audio for those who missed it — and those who want to re-live the magic all over again.

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Nick Kuepfer live on CKUT's the Montreal Sessions

Nick Kuepfer live on the Free Music Archive!

Remember how our lovely pals over at Constellation Records stopped in a few times over the month of March to host the Montréal Sessions on CKUT? For their final broadcast, the brought local sound-smith Nick Kuepfer along to finish off their residency in the utmost style!

Nick Kuepfer live on CKUT's the Montreal Sessions

The performance was something truly special, and now we’ve got it preserved in the digital amber of the Free Music Archive for all eternity – or at least until the oncoming digital dark age.

Listen right here!

In the decade that he has called Montreal home, Nick Kuepfer has ventured through a wide range of sonic territory: from playing with infamous noise rockers AIDS Wolf to layering minimal guitar compositions with ambient drones, his contributions to the city’s musical community are stunning in both their quality and diversity of sound. Continue reading

jerusalem in my heart

Jerusalem in my Heart LIVE on the Free Music Archive

jerusalem in my heart

Hey! Remember that Jerusalem in my Heart in-studio we were telling you guys about about? It’s brilliant and it’s now available on the Free Music Archive!

Combining traditional and contemporary Arabic sounds with electronics, drones, and some improvised live tape echo, Radwan and Jérémie brought forth some truly captivating sounds during their performance. Dual vocals, buzuk, synths, and an array of gadgets ebbed and flowed in the reinterpretations of two tracks from their forthcoming record Mo7it Al-Mo7it.

If you need some good music in your life right now, this is the place to go:

And catch them tonight at Le National playing in celebration of the release of their debut album, Mo7it Al-Mo7it.



DOWNLOAD Babi Audi’s Performance from New Shit


Remember the UK bass screwing, ethnomusical, live vocal spiked DJ set that Institutional Prostitution’s Melissa Gagne threw down on Monday’s New Shit as Babi Audi? We sure do.

But for those a little fuzzy on the details, or if you didn’t catch it, it’s now up on the FREE MUSIC ARCHIVE for your listening and downloading pleasure.


Still from the Video for Horsebladder's Pioneer

Horsebladder on the Free Music Archives

Still from the Video for Horsebladder’s Pioneer

Just uploaded Horsebladder‘s live set she did back in October to the Free Music Archives. Take a Listen to it and all of the other live sets and tracks that we’ve been adding to this treasure trove of creative commons licensed music archive that is hosted by our sister organization WFMU in Jersey City.


Montreal based trio Aim Low came together as a self described happy accident and make some pretty dense wall of sound droning music  with effected guitars, bass, vocals and other objects. They’ve been making themselves nauseous by hanging around in the brown zone of frequency spectrum since boredom brought them together in late 2010.  they have self released an a few ep’s and at the time there was talk about cassette releases on they live we sleep, and  walnut locust in the near future.

While chatting in the studio after their set  that literally gave my lungs a good vibrational massage due to the intensity of the sound pressure levels emitted through their modest amplifiers, they talked about the process of improvisation in their approach  to creating and performing music. I can’t remember if it was d.a or l.f that said it,  but what he did say was that it’s like  “You know how to get home from one place, but we each take different routes to get there. There are established starting and ending points and structural conventions in place, but ultimately it’s like – hey guys i’ll meet you down the street in 12 minutes, some times you’re early, sometimes you’re late some times you just hang around there till you all meet up.” I dunno – i really enjoyed this analogy to structured improvisation.

Listen to their live set on New Shit in  on the Free Music Archives


New on the Free Music Archive: FLESHTONE AURA

Fleshtone Aura serves his spicy dinner with a tangle of source cassettes and electronics that deploy the deeply arousing aromas of both a series of poignant and extraordinairily well timed belches and farts (or the equivalent thereof) AND the grandest gestures of the sternest-most-serious-never-leaving-the-lab shut in tape music connoiseurs of days of yore…but, ah, those toots never act merely as a humorous apology, never slapping a stick just for slapstick, nor are those high brows ever talking down to us, they’re just gifts, we’re supposed to use them as catapults into the ??!!??!!…..a series of dynamics and moments (karate chop, massage, flower sniffing, paper airplane glides, broken table leg,  spoiled milk, et c) that sometimes explode atop or beside each other in matter of seconds, or sometimes linger on a sweet spot for us to suckle sugary nectars……. these juxtapositions described cease being juxtapositions when heard, all moments contribute to a fabulous, pink-pulsing-writhing whole, the superflousness is left in the waste basket, even the meanderers meander with great purpose, leaving nothing but a strobing (perhaps beaked) body builder (who never bathes or waxes: why lie?) flexing themselves into a vast meadow of previously unseen flowers in some public park somewhere.”

Check out three Fleshtone Aura albums on the CKUT Free Music Archive page, y’all. Yay-uh.