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Very Special NEW SHIT!


It’s funding drive o’clock! Tune in today at 3pm to 90.3 CKUT for an extra awesome edition of New Shit: we’ll have LIVE performances by Un Blonde and Clear Spot as well as an interview and guest DJ set from Drainolith.
You know what might even be better than New Shit?
For the first few lucky donors of $25 and up, we have packs featuring a cornucopia of releases from independent Montreal label Fixture Records, cassettes from Egg Paper Factory, and a bunch a vinyl goodies from Constellation Records. Those who call early can take their pick of the packs below.

Fixture Records Pack
Phern – Pause Clope flexi 7″

The Submissives – Do You Really Love Me? cassette
Brave Radar – Lion Head LP
Jef Elise Barbara – Sexe Machin / Sex Machine 7″
Lantern – Black Highways and Green Garden Roads cassette
Fixture Records compilation #4 CD

Egg Paper Pack (all cassette)
Gretchen – Oblique Contours
Whitney K – Pony
Inland Island – Zsa Zsa’s Window Opens Slowly
The Painters – Specks of Dust
Family Band – Family Band ’15
…and super cool Egg Paper stickers and a pin!
Vinyl Pack #1 – CLAIMED
Ought – More Than Any Other Day
Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufield – Never Were The Way She Was
Vinyl Pack #2 – CLAIMED
Automatisme – Momentform Accumulations
Jason Sharp – A Boat Upon Its Blood
Vinyl Pack #3 – CLAIMED
Jerusalem In My Heart – If He Dies, If If If If If If
Off World – 1
Vinyl Pack #4
Ought – Sun Coming Down
Drainolith – Hysteria (+ bonus patch!)
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Live Bands! // Underground Sounds

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Part of what makes radio wicked is the studio sessions, when artists visit the station and perform their music live on air. In a two-hour program, this means loading and prepping all the gear: the drum-set, guitars and amps, microphones and cables; then, wiring everything up, setting the levels, correcting issues, and before you know it, the band is ready to play!

Since these musical moments are fleeting on-air, here are some recent live in-studio jams from Underground Sounds, extracted for long-term listening pleasure. You can find more performances and interviews on the show blog, or just tune in each week, Mondays 8-10pm. 

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Moss Lime + Lido Pimienta // Underground Sounds

US logoWhoa, hot show tonight, folks. Gotta’ make this quick ’cause we’re kicking things off so soon~

Co-hosting the show tonight is your usual guy Nick Schofield, plus the wicked wiles of Rachel Weldon, CKUT’s Arts & Culture Assistant/founder of Debaser. Together we’ll be tackling an interview with Lido Pimienta in anticipation of her #mtl show this Satuday (Jan. 31) with Gambletron and Mas Aya. And, it only gets better, Moss Lime (Fixture records) is stoppin’ by the studio with their geetars for a live performance. This local trio has been making our charts sweat all winter, so now’s your chance to hear them like never before, live on the radio.

moss lime

Album Review: Moss Lime – July First

moss lime

By: Michelle Shi

Moss Lime is a local Montreal band composed of Charlotte Bonamour on guitar, Helene Barbier on bass, and Caitlin Pinder-Doede on drums. The three-piece band sings through one shared microphone when they record, contributing to their overall natural and minimalistic vocal sound.  The band was very recently formed on July 1st 2014; hence their first album name entitled “July First.”  Although none of them have ever been in a band before, they were able to write their first 4 songs and record a cover for their first album. “July First” was released on November 4th, 2014 by Fixture Records. The album features four original songs (July First, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Fish n Chips and Sac-a-Douche), and a cover of the popular hit “Calabria.”

The album features quirky lyrics interwoven with the distinct textures of bass, guitar, and drums.  The simple combination of instruments with minimalistic vocals creates a sense of naturalness and simplicity.  Track number 4, “Fish n Chips” is the only song on the album that omits vocals. It provides an experimental and refreshing instrumental interlude to the album.  The track demonstrates the use of dissonance to create heightened emotions and an interesting overall sound.  “Calabria 2014,” their cover song, is exactly what its name implies. It provides a unique new take on an overplayed club song.  Moss Lime uses their grungy post-punk vibes to spruce up an intrinsically club-pop/house song.  If you enjoy girl punk music from the 70s and 80s, you will definitely enjoy Moss Lime’s new album “July First.”  You will appreciate the band’s simplicity and originality that is evident through each of their tracks.  Overall, the album is a 7.5/10.  “July First” was a great first album for Moss Lime and we are all excited to hear what comes next!


Album Review: Brave Radar ‘Message Centre’


By: Rory Warnock

Brave Radar have returned, releasing their first album in 5 years. The eight song Message Centre EP will definitely not disappoint, drawing from classic 1960’s pop music elements while producing a sound that is distinct. The EP, which was recorded at home over a two-month period, takes a refreshing minimalist approach to pop music structures while incorporating other unique traits. Steady and compelling instrumentation accompany beautiful vocal harmonies that sing about a variety of topics including cars, nightmares and office life. Each track blends together in particular ways to offer something different while maintaining a light energy that is consistent through the entire album.

Message Centre is an EP that would be a welcome addition to anyones summer listening list because it captures the distinguishable essence of the season.

Released on Fixture Records, Brave Radar’s Message Centre can be streamed and purchased at braveradar.bandcamp.com


Brave Radar on NEW SHIT


Tune in today from 3-5pm for another edition of NEW SHIT, your weekly source for new music.

PLUS, we’ll be talking with Tessa Smith of Brave Radar (co-founder of Fixture Records) about their first album in five years, Message Centre.

Don’t miss out! 90.3 FM / CKUT.CA / ARCHIVES

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Brave Radar (Fixture Records) // Underground Sounds

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It’s been a great week for CKUT and Underground Sounds, all to thanks to Cult Montreal readers. The station has once again been voted #1 in the city. Underground Sounds ranked as #1 Radio Show, Venus as #2 and myself, Nick Schofield as #1 Radio Host. What an honour!

To celebrate, tonight from 8-10pm we’ll be airing music by bands performing at the upcoming CKUT Total Eclipse concert series (so many rad bands!!) and interviewing local stalwarts Brave Radar about their new tunes and DIY label Fixture Records. Tune in at 90.3 FM or online at CKUT.ca – that’s a wrap!

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Bernardino Femminielli


What is your name?
My name is Bernardino Femminielli
What is the story behind your name?
Don’t really remember, I think that Femminielli was rather to evoke several sensibilities of my work…
Hometown: Montréal
Home base: Montréal
Latest recording/release: Just released the Sprezzatura cassette on Robert & Leopold
Describe the vibe/feel of this album in five words:
Hedonistic, unchaste, debauched, mystical, sexual…
What have you been listening to lately?
These days I listened to a lot of contemporary music from the 60s and 70’s. With every listening, I say to myself that I should make my own compositions leaving only fragments of ideas with a small pulses, creating a kind of abstract/addictive pop music which will leave space for the imagination. But right now my purpose is to only compose music which will make your brain dance by avoiding an overload of intellectual information.
What is your craziest/most memorable/favourite tour story?
Driving all the way from Seattle to Chicago in 2 days is the worst/craziest thing to do.
What’s your pre-show routine?
Drinking beer and talking with people…
…And post-show?
Drinking beer and talking with people…
Who would you love to share a bill with?
To tell you the truth, I really don’t know, probably anybody who’s rich and famous…
Who are your dream collaborators (living or dead)?
My dream collaborator would be someone who would know how to play with the subtleties of life, how to measure things from one extreme to the other. Right now, I can say that I am very very well surrounded and I wouldn’t exchange these people for anyone else. If we speak about persons who were a big influence on my work and with whom I shall like collaborating, I would include Franco Battiato, Robert Ashley or Alejandro Jodorowsky… But a dream has to remain a dream… You know, I am afraid of being disappointed or to disappoint them, haha!
If you could see your music, what would it look like?
Maybe like this? That’s was made by my friend Sabrina Ratté who also made other video artworks for me in the past. She’s a dream collaborator!
Most crucial equipment for your music making:
An open mind and some 80’s Roland Sequencers…
What did you do last Wednesday?
Nothing really exciting, I was probably working or buying records…
When and where are your upcoming shows/performances?
Well, I got no plans of doing others shows for the rest of the year I’m just trying to focus on the recording of my full lenght album and performing others shows with my side-project, Labios.
  • Bernardino Femminielli is Fixture Records‘ last guest for their Montreal Sessions residency. Be sure to tune in between 3-5pm on Tuesday December 27th to listen to the band perform, chat and hang out with Tessa!
  • Interview by Amanda and Amber.

The Montreal Sessions: FREELOVE FENNER

Caitlin Loney is one third of the band Freelove Fenner and here she is in their recording studio, The Bottle Garden. Freelove Fenner will be Fixture Records‘ fourth band this month as part of their Montreal Sessions residency. Be sure to tune in tomorrow between 3-5pm to listen to the band perform, chat and hang out with Tessa.

Photos and interview by Amanda and Amber.

Sheer Agony practices at Silver Door

The Montreal Sessions: SHEER AGONY

Sheer Agony practices at Silver Door

Jackson MacIntosh of Sheer Agony showed us around

Jackson tends to the guitar garden, does some weeding.

Jackson MacIntosh is the man behind Sheer Agony and is a mean guitar player. He’ll be Fixture Records‘ second guest this month as part of their Montreal Sessions residency. Be sure to tune in tomorrow between 3-5pm to listen to the performance, interview and whatever else they get up to!

Photos and interview by Amanda and Amber.