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Jean Francois visage musique

Visage Musique: Montreal’s underground Synth alchemists

Jean Francois visage musique
Jean Francois displaying the white vinyl pressing of Golden Zebra’s 2014 debut LP

Montreal’s Visage Musique, have been a fixture in the city’s burgeoning synth underground since 2010. Six years on, the label sounds as vital as ever. Thanks to creative incubators such as Visage Musique, Montreal’s former title as the “Synth City” has decisively returned, with the successes and acclaim earned by local underground acts such as Essaie Pas, now too big to be ignored by Canada’s mainstream press. In anticipation of the label’s upcoming Brusque Twins release, the excellent new techno-infused EP “Trashbag” (released Apr. 22nd), I had the opportunity to sit down with Jean Francois Morin aka Dino Secondino: the elusive international playboy and unofficial spokesperson of the label. I spoke to Jean about the beginnings of the label, the importance of balancing aesthetic unity with musical innovation, and the challenges of running an independent label in Quebec.

DB: In hindsight, do you remember a formative moment that you became interested in ‘80s synth music?
“It all started with new wave, I was hit with it when I was 16. It was watching television at 4 in the morning and the video for the The Smiths’ “How soon is now?” came on. I was completely changed from that moment, I had no idea about ‘80s music. From there Siouxsie and the Banshees gave way to Pet Shop Boys, which gave way to more synth heavy music, and disco” Continue reading


The Montreal Sessions: December 2011 edition!

Our good buds over at Fixture Records, which is run by Conor Prendergast and Tessa Smith, are going to be the hosts of the December edition of The Montreal Sessions. Tune in every Tuesday in December between 3-5pm to listen to live performances and “fireside chats” with Fixture bands!

Also, starting next week we’ll be featuring profiles on each of the bands to whet your sonic appetite for ’em, complete with photos of their jam spaces and a Q&A. Check the first profile this Monday!