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Show Review: CORPUSSE!

By Andrew the Intern

On Friday July 15th I attended my first Corpusse show. The night started with a documentary film about Corpusse about his development over the years. After the screening, Corpusse took the stage and started his performance.

The show seemed like a dream to me. There was this strange man, like a distorted version of Gene Simmons or Alice Cooper. He spoke like a pro wrestler turned opera singer. His actions and words seemed unrelated to one another, mostly unexplainable. His emotions would spike and subside more frequently than a toddler. This was Corpusse. Standing behind him in the shadows, was another man playing melodic and sometimes discordant synthlines.

Dreams, with what little sense they seem to make, can impart great wisdom. Carl Jung, the famous dream psychologist, believed that a nightmare was your subconscious confronting you about your suppressed thoughts to teach you. The same could be said of Corpusse. There was something confrontational in his performance; some message he was wrestling to convey. Based on how the documentary displayed Corpusse in his “civilian” life, on stage he seemed like his own nightmare form; confronting the world in a distorted dreaming way. In the same way our dreams are as much a part of us as our waking thoughts, Corpusse is as true a part of the artist as his everyday self. This wasn’t just an act.

Superficially, Corpusse’s act seems to be a ploy for attention; a grown man who dresses up and screams on stage. In reality there was something much deeper about his performance. He felt truly genuine; his expressions raw and real. Corpusse managed to separate himself from the ordinary methods of performance art to create a unique, surreal and thought provoking experience.