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Album review: Andy Stott – Too Many Voices



A master of sound design and manipulation, Manchester-based Andy Stott graced the world with a new creation this year. Too Many Voices is as deceivingly minimal as it is complex – the all-familiar default claps and snares of 90s sound banks re-imagined in a manner of a contemporary artwork. You can definitely feel the impact of more modern underground electronic music styles like vaporwave and juke in this. It is at times strange, at times so soulful and soothing, dreamy yet gritty, melding glitchy Brit-pop and garage-influenced rhythms that captivate and pull you in, making you want to live through it again and again. Continue reading

Oonga hosts If You Got Ears June 2016

If you haven’t heard already, Montreal DJ/producer Oonga (aka Eli Levinson) is hosting the June edition of If You Got Ears! A creator of house/techno dubstep and tropical-influenced music, he has been transporting CKUT’s listeners far beyond their musical expectations and around the world.

Since If You Got Ears is CKUT’s exploration of sonic delights, Oonga has been experimenting with the music he is playing during his residency. He taps into unique sounds of the world to “get out of the [world music] narrative” and challenges listeners’ expectations by blending international music with electronic ideas. On his most recent show (June 15th), he played a phenomenal selection of tropical bass and featured fellow artists including global bass producer Munchi and trans-national bass music (Borneo bass!) producer Jet Airess.

Tuning into Oonga’s show is a trip far beyond Montreal’s city limits to destinations such as Haiti (think voodoo drums), Turtle Island (pow wow music), and Indonesia (minimalistic gamelan), as well as a chance to explore electronic from its roots (i.e. Brazilian funk, Angolan kuduro, South African Gqom, etc.)

Join Oonga on his journeys every Wednesday in June (12-14h EST), or listen to past episodes in the CKUT archives! & Also check out  his mixcloud (which has mixes uploaded from his shows) and his soundcloud!


Jeremy Young Hosts If You Got Ears for May 2016

Amsterdam fox moose_400

For the month of May, Jeremy Young will be bringing us his work for If You Got Ears. Jeremy is a sonic artist, improviser and creative strategist based right here in Montreal. With a focus on the intersectionality between text and sound, he has explored the worlds of audio-literature through books and podcasts, as well as undertaken numerous artistic projects which you can read about on his site.

This month, he will be delivering each episode with a separate theme generated by the work of Gavin Bryars, Martha Reeves, Jason Molina and The Necks. His sounds will feature many loops and repetitions, taking the listeners on a dreamy and enlightening journey. It’s going to be a wild ride, so don’t miss it every Wednesday from 12-2pm~~

Album Review: Animal Collective – Painting With


If you’ve been keeping up with Animal Collective and their creative envelop pushing sound since the beginning of Panda Bear (Noah Lennox) and Avey Tare (David Portner) debut Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanish, then you were like me and many other AnCo fans alike, not entirely sure what to expect from their next project as a whole. The experimental psychedelic pop collective from Baltimore have recently released their tenth studio album Painting With which is the follow-up to their 2012 release Centipede Hz. After the release of Centipede Hz many fans and critics alike started to worry about the direction that AnCo would head. Luckily, there is no need to worry since they’ve completely ditched the cluttered instrumentation from their prior release and have heavily focused on more of a proper structure for their individual tracks. With this notable emphasis of structure on the new LP, Painting With has to be one of Animal Collective’s most accessible releases to date. With that said, however, it also pans out to be one of their more underwhelming ones as well.

  Continue reading

Ryan Alexander Diduck Hosts February’s IF YOU GOT EARS

Throughout the month of February, Ryan Alexander Diduck will be taking over as guest-host and curator of CKUT’s If You Got Ears. Diduck is a Montréal-based writer, producer and doctor of philosophy. And he has programmed four solid weeks of exciting radio for us, each show centered on a different theme. There will be exclusive in-studio performances, fascinating interviews, and some very special world premieres. Catch Diduck’s residency every Wednesday from noon-2 on CKUT 90.3, and online at CKUT.ca.

For the first episode of his If You Got Ears residency, Diduck dedicates the show to some of Montreal’s most interesting, important and beloved artists. Tune in to hear hot new music from Le Révélateur, and an exclusive in-studio performance by composer Kara-Lis Coverdale. Diduck will also air some classics that define the city’s soundscape, and unearth a few surprises that delve beneath the surface of Montreal’s musical scenes. Don’t miss this special Montreal edition of If You Got Ears, Wednesday February 3rd from 12-2pm on CKUT 90.3 and online at CKUT.ca.

Small Scale Music Wraps Up If You Got Ears


Throughout November Small Scale Music has graciously hosted If You Got Ears, and they’ve delivered quite the experience. Small Scale Music is based right here in Montreal and focuses mostly on improvisational and experimental music. It was this kind of sound that Raphael Foisy, the host of this month’s show, brought to the table. Raphael plays bass in the bands Brick Quartet, Bord à Bord, Ninja Simone and in different improvised music settings. He combined elements from all these unique musical experiences in each of his shows, each of which which you can catch on our archives.

Tune in to Sam Shalabi and Alex Moskos in our studios this December for the next instalment of If You Got Ears (which is going to be bananas). Every Wednesday from 12-2, listen in~~

November: If You Got Ears with Small Scale Music


For the month of November, we’ve got Small Scale Music repping If You Got Ears here at CKUT. Small Scale Music is the exciting record label that packs a big sound. Based right here in Montreal, their releases lie in the realm experimental music such as free jazz, free improvisation, and noise. Their extensive range of sounds combined with their policy of openness to new musicians and styles is what makes them such a valuable part of the MTL music scene, so we’re stoked to have them on board!

Tune in today and every Wednesday from 12-2pm to hear your host Raphael Foisy on the mic, and enjoy the show~~

If You Got Ears with Jen Reimer and Max Stein: October 14th 2015


Last Wednesday, Jen Reimer and Max Stein returned to If You Got Ears for a show focussing on the links between sound and architecture.

Last week’s guest, Dr. Gascia Ouzounian, a professor of musicology at Queen’s University Belfast and a graduate of violin performance and music technology at McGill University, first discussed an interesting genre of contemporary music called sleep music. Compositions that fall under this category are meant to be listened to as you are falling asleep, all the way until you wake up. When this music is performed, audiences are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing, bring blankets and pillows, etc. The music itself is generated by the brainwaves of “performers” who are attached to sensors as they sleep. The changes in their brainwaves create a drone that is continuously evolving, depending on their states of consciousness, and it is then projected as an 8 channel electroacoustic composition coupled with a visual projection similar to EEG signals. Listeners are essentially submersed into the “performer’s” dreams.

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If You Got Ears with Benoit and Myriam: September 30th 2015

myriam_benoit_ears (1)

If you listened in today from 12-2pm, you would have heard the soothing sounds of Benoit Chaput (with the behind the scenes help from Myriam Gendron) streaming from our studios. The pair delivered a myriad of folk and underground music, perfect for a cloudy and calm afternoon. Unfortunately, it was their last day hosting If You Got Ears here at CKUT, but you can always catch the previous episodes from this month on our archives.

Next month’s residency is with Jen Reimer and Max Stein, who will be dedicating their residency to incorporating many different musical textures with the sounds of the city~~

If You Got Ears with Benoit Chaput & Myriam Gendron: 23rd September 2015

myriam_benoit_ears (1)

Today was a good day here at CKUT, beautiful weather and great programming combined to create an awesome vibe. Benoit Chaput hosted If You Got Ears (which airs every Wednesday from 12-2pm) and presented us with some quality folk tunes and other selections. Benoit is hosting If You Got Ears this month with Myriam Gendron, a talented musician, who although unfortunately can’t make it into the studio live is a driving force in the show. September is coming to a close though, so don’t miss their last episode next Wednesday or you’ll be full of regret~~