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Greetings Radio,
Had another busy week, this time highlighted by a couple truly great shows: our own CKUT expat Tim Darcy and opener Molly Burch killed it on Saturday, and politically-charged noise freaks Monty Cantsin (above) and local sound wizard Emilie Mouchous left my ears similarly reeling on Friday. You seen anything good lately?

This month, the Friendly Frogs Freak Show is hosting the Montreal Sessions everyTuesday from 3-5pm. These five spandex-disguised funk musicians will bring their live jams straight to the airwaves as well as sharing their creative inspiration, interviewing local artists, and throwing in a couple surprises for good measure. Tune into their freak show for this and plenty more.

ckut top 30 – march 7, 2017

1. tim darcy – saturday night – jagjaguwar CC *
2. the luyas – human voicing – paper bag CC *
3. austra – future politics – domino CC
4. pc worship – buried wish – northern spy
5. xiu xiu – forget – polyvinyl Continue reading


If You Got Ears: Small Scale Music 11/18/15


Yesterday’s If You Got Ears was again hosted by the wonderful Raphael Foisy for Small Scale Music, and this time he was joined by French native Émilie Mouchous, a sound artist based in Montreal who creates her own instruments. She has hosted special programs here at CKUT since 2008, collaborating with Andrea-Jane Cornell on multiple occasions. During this show she co-hosted If You Got Ears to bring Montreal some pretty cool sounds and rhythms.

Émilie Mouchous explores sound through radiophonics, homemade electronic instruments, and improvisation. She incorporates vocals, web art, formal sound, and movement into shared sound spaces. Her work is highly praised and has been featured at festivals around the world, such as BENT Festival NY, Kunstradio in Vienna, Radio LX festival de arte radio in Lisbon, and Suoni per il popolo, AKOUSMA, and Mutek here in Montreal.

Tune into If You Got Ears on Wednesdays from 12-2 pm for more!



VERGIL SHARKYA. Photo by Lucio Menegon.

From Liverpool to Montréal: An introduction to the main strands of Vergil’s work, starting with the last few years he  resided and/or worked in Liverpool, and arriving at his new home, Montréal. A musical  journey morphing into soundcollage and words, morphing into live improvised music  and poetry, spanning a sonic arch between the two cities.

Over the coming month, Vergil will be introducing facets of the Montréal scene he works  and lives in. Improvised music, acoustic and electronic compositions, bands, ensembles,  composers, poetry. Some constellations Vergil plays in, others he will present, through
live performances in the CKUT studio, interviews, and recorded material.

October 4th:
EMILIE MOUCHOUS – synthesizer
MARTIMOTS et invitées – poésie
VERGIL SHARKYA– synthesizer, digital instruments



No, there is not a problem with our studio

Tuesdays 2-5pm in July Emilie Mouchous and Andrea-Jane Cornell are taking ckut’s studio outside for untempered backyard improvisations with objects gathered from here and there radios transmitting to the radio, handmade instruments, vocalizations, ballon symphonies etc.

July 5 – What’s happening out back? AJ and Emilie take some microphones out to the backyard parking lot and stir up a lot of sound and pique the curiosity of many on one of the hottest days of the summer. Using whatever they could find lying around the station for the 45 minute set that used  bicycle bells, kicking metal balls, switches, a drum, glass beads, a salad spinner, dollar store melodica….before coming back inot the cool studios for a vocal improv using ckut’s internet stream as a processor/looper

July  12 – aj and Chantale Laplante started off the show with a live improv, and Emilie joined aj for some vocalizations becme the theme and approach to Remained of the sessions

July 19 – aj all by herself re-mixing the previous sessions and working on some percussive sounds and field recording improvs  for a composition commissioned by Vague Terrrain Magazine

July 26 – Emilie all by herself building intricate and expansive soundscapes with her vocalizations live in studio

emilie and james hands

ART's Birthday Live Performance Jan 17 2:30-5pm

2:30-3:30 Jon Claude of the unearthly Night Train is taking apart a radio and unleashing the sounds that are inside 2:30-3:30 while refecting on the process of unscrewing, circuitry, plastic casing
Download the hour here
or through the program grid

Sons et Chants d’ Orcinus Orca – Recorded by Paul Strong – total recording company
mixed with the live stream


Emilie Mouchous & James Schidlowski will be playing their handmade electronics, shorting circuits and making sounds like krtchbbbbt, trittttlibbble, fttt fttt dreatchkmmmmmmf
Download the hour here
or here

Dashpi – 7″ – woob woob (Feeding Tube recs)
Dashpi – 7″ – skot doesn’t wanna (Feeding Tube recs)
Jana Winderen – The Noisiest Guys on the Planet – side A –
4:30-5 pm

Chimurenga Electroacoustic Ensemble (Cabral Jacobs, Leon Lo, Nicolas Dion,
Anne-Francoise Jacques, John Brennan,
Nimalan Yoganathan)
Download the hour here
or here