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Kara-Lis Coverdale on If You Got Ears: August 19th 2015

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Today on If You Got Ears, experimental composer/musician/producer, Kara-Lis Coverdale talked to prolific Montreal electronic musician, d’Eon, about digital technology, performance, reality, and being human. If you missed it, you can check out our archives to catch todays session. Tune in next Wedneday from 12-2pm to get brought into new musical worlds by Kara-Lis on the last episode of her residency on If You Got Ears.


Album Review: Doldrums – The Air Conditioned Nightmare


Doldrums has had a presence in the music community for a while and it seems that he has once again struck gold with the release of “The Air Conditioned Nightmare.” With fun jams like “We Awake” and “Loops” and interesting experiments such as “My Friend Simjen,” the album is an especially diverse addition to the CKUT library.

The word that constantly comes to mind when listening to this album is balance.  Doldrums displays a mastery of many different musical devices throughout the album, but he never overdoes anything, resulting in an exciting album from start to finish. His infatuating melodies are balanced out by his harsh industrial aesthetic, the droning dance beats are counteracted by experimental sampling, and the eerie electronic sounds are balanced out by the focused acoustic drum kit.  It is this ability to create balance that gives Doldrums the ability to have a unique, genre-bending sound without ever becoming overbearing.

Another part of what makes “The Air Conditioned Nightmare” so brilliant is its combination of accessibility and complexity. At first glance, the album is fun and prone to being used as dance music but, with every new listen comes a more focused look at the deeper aspects of the album. The production, for example, is pure genius. Doldrums combines many different electronic sounds into a modern ensemble sound that maintains a sense of humanity.  Despite the heavy use of synthesizers, Doldrums never sounds dry or robotic and each part is approached with the same level of intensity, which gives the music a sense of depth and maturity.

All in all, Doldrums is a great piece of music that won’t scare your parents. It’s usually one of the first suggestions I give to anyone just getting into the underground scene and it has captured my attention many times since my first time hearing it.

-Review by Donovan Burtan


Album Review: Interchill Records – “Subtextures”

Something’s been bubbling on the west coast, and it has been for some time. In a musical climate that seems to have only partially embraced 4×4 dance music, dub and breaks-based genres are combined with psychedelic sounds to produce a unique, western character. Deep rolling sub bass lines and syncopated percussion feel more familiar here than the consistent “thump thump thump” of an 808 kick drum.

And just as Montréal has built a strong connection to Berlin, Vancouver and the surrounding area seem to have been drawn to the UK. West coast collectives regularly pull from Bristol and London talent, both in Vancouver and at festivals like Bass Coast and Shambhala. In the latest compilation by Salt Spring Island’s Interchill Records, some of Canada’s best dubstep talent is featured alongside their UK contemporaries.

Compiled by veteran DJ and regular festival performer, Naasko, Subtextures is a release of deep rolling rhythms and melodic lines. Canadian producers Daega Sound, HxdB, Jafu and IMRSV demonstrate a mature connection to the sound as they appear alongside established dubstep names like Biome, Geode and Occult. The release comes as a natural follow up to Interchill’s 2013 release Depth Charge, an earlier compilation that showcased seminal dubstep artists like the Kryptic Minds and Ruckspin.

UK bass lovers will appreciate the balanced, yet consistent selections featured in the record. It manages to communicate a specific taste, while showcasing modern developments. Fans of labels like Dubstep for Deep Heads, Tectonic Recordings and Smokin Sessions will without a doubt find a few gems in there and will benefit from spending some time with each track on the release.

Interchill Records’ Subtextures represents a commitment to UK bass music on the west coast of Canada. It feels right at home for a record born from western festival and island culture. This release shouldn’t be missed by selectors, nor casual listeners, interested in chill-out or breakbeat genres. Subtextures continues a cross-continental musical relationship and is certain to wind up in the collections of DJs in Canada, the UK, and abroad.

– Reviewed by Wiklow


Listen back to the most recent episode of CKUT’s all-Canadian electronic music show Lo Signal, featuring tracks by IMSRV and Jafu from Interchill Records’ Subtextures release.


Album Review: PHI – Progression


Montreal-based music producer PHI (Patrick Haggart Ippersiel) has crafted an electronic journey with his sophomore album Progression. Underneath the pretty piano in the opening track is a tension that remains until the last note of the record, swelling and receding but never quite going away. It’s this tension, combined with the slick production, that ties the album together as the songs flow effortlessly across the spectrum of electronic music. PHI draws from a diverse catalogue of styles without coming across as indecisive, resulting in an effortless, laid-back sound. The overall feel of the record is more like a contemplative night-time drive than a sweaty dance club, though Searching would not be out of place at 2am on a packed floor. Continue reading


Lo Signal Brings Local Electronics to the Airwaves


CKUT and Lo Signal are proud to present five in-studio performances from some of Montréal’s most sophisticated electronic music selectors and performers.

Starting May 26th, five guests will enter the CKUT studios over the span of six weeks to deliver their own unique performances. We’ll also get a chance to chat with the artists and gain some insight into the local electronic scene.

Turn your dial to 90.3FM or stream via www.ckut.ca every Monday night from midnight until 1:00am for CKUT’s Canadian electronic programme, Lo Signal, and tap into the pulse of Montréal underground electronic community.

May 26  – M4CRO    
June 9  – Alicia Hush
June 16 – Marc Levesque 
June 23 – CMD
June 30 – Flandez

**Lo Signal is an experimental and electronic music programme on CKUT 90.3FM, hosted every Monday at midnight by Wiklow (http://www.wiklowmusic.com). The show focuses on Canadian and Montréal-based artists and collectives.