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carla sagan

School’s Out: An Interview with Carla Sagan

carla sagan

A few weeks back, I sent an email to Carla Sagan, a local band partially responsible for “Supermoon Lunar Eclipse,” the recent Egg Paper Label release that has been sitting at the top of CKUT’s weekly chart as of late. I had listened to the EP and loved what I heard, so I decided to follow up on a rumour about the members of Carla Sagan being students themselves. Lo and behold, this proved to be true. Last Sunday, I got the chance to interview the group across from their practice space in Mile-Ex. The four members of Carla Sagan and I chatted about the intersection of academia and musicianship, the success of “Supermoon,” and what the band has planned for the upcoming summer. Continue reading


Feature: Supermoon Lunar Eclipse – The Painters + Carla Sagan


Egg Paper Factory, darlings of Montreal’s independent record label scene, have released a new spring gem this week: a split-tape featuring The Painters and Carla Sagan, both local bands. Supermoon Lunar Eclipse spans just 7 tracks, so each will be detailed below for your listening pleasure. NB: Tracks by The Painters will be labeled (TP), and those by Carla Sagan will be labeled (CS). Bonne écoute!

The Painters embody a gentle folk band infused with a heavy dose of psychedelia; acoustic guitars ground the swirls of synth and lend a nice contrast to lead singer Alex Bourque’s vocals, which scratch along the tracks delivering raw, honest lyrics. Carla Sagan (yes, they seem to embody the female soul of renowned astroscientist Carl Sagan) is the ultimate funky rock-pop group who consistently produce an experimental and authentic sound.

1. Supermoon Lunar Eclipse (TP): jangling chords introduce the instrumental title track, and continue to mingle with the snarling electric guitars that rip along until the track fades out without much fanfare. The track is a good introduction to a unique split-tape that highlights a lot of what local Montreal bands have to offer.

2. Growing Pains (TP): In a personification of the title, this track features a drum line that is hesitant and faltering when keeping time with the acoustic guitars; however, the integration of electric guitar provides a warmer, more rounded coloring by the second stanza. The instrumental imagery evokes the defiant growth of a crocus in early spring.

3. Finish Line (TP): Bourque’s voice calls from a distance here before synth fades in, washing the track in a celestial glow; the effect provides a counterbalance for the low, grounded guitar work. The simple repeating vocal melody tethers the shifting instrumentals, pulling the track together as the different elements create an intricate three-part harmony.

4. When The Fog Lifts (TP): This track is easily The Painters’ tour de force, featuring simple, melodic vocals and beautifully abundant instrumentals. Bourque’s lyrics shine through here, and small, expertly-timed crescendos and decrescendos evoke the rolling ocean. A liquid electric guitar provides an overarching harmony to the vocals, and the two intertwine in an intricate duet over the constant thrumming background of guitars, synth, and drums.

5. Permanent (CS):  A duet of singing and spoken-word provides an air of candidness to this short track, while blunt, staccato drums and what sounds like a harpsichord add a playful aspect. The electric guitar solo in the last minute of the track is not to be underestimated.

6. Make Believer (CS): The track opens with a low, simmering burn accompanied by a recitation from Ellen Belshaw before drums and guitar kick in. “Hello’s” and little keyboard ditties play sporadically in the background before the track rights itself. Concrete melodies from the keyboard, guitar, and vocals begin to form before the track collapses again, with noise experimentation acting as punctuation.

7. White Noise (CS): Supermoon Lunar Eclipse ends with a brilliant track from Carla Sagan that highlights the push-pull relationship between instruments. A sharp beat is provided from a drum kit, acting as a foil for the flowing guitar and and synth. The track is a paradise of sound; soft duets intermingle with different musical effects, creating an air of experimentation and unbounded musical energy. Various phone recordings accompany a wild guitar and synth combination; the vocals slowly become more desperate as the track disintegrates into a wall of noise. The track never quite reaches a conclusion, but the build-up itself is intense and highly affirming.

Album released: March 21, 2017

review by Juliana Van Amsterdam 



Very Special NEW SHIT!


It’s funding drive o’clock! Tune in today at 3pm to 90.3 CKUT for an extra awesome edition of New Shit: we’ll have LIVE performances by Un Blonde and Clear Spot as well as an interview and guest DJ set from Drainolith.
You know what might even be better than New Shit?
For the first few lucky donors of $25 and up, we have packs featuring a cornucopia of releases from independent Montreal label Fixture Records, cassettes from Egg Paper Factory, and a bunch a vinyl goodies from Constellation Records. Those who call early can take their pick of the packs below.

Fixture Records Pack
Phern – Pause Clope flexi 7″

The Submissives – Do You Really Love Me? cassette
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Jef Elise Barbara – Sexe Machin / Sex Machine 7″
Lantern – Black Highways and Green Garden Roads cassette
Fixture Records compilation #4 CD

Egg Paper Pack (all cassette)
Gretchen – Oblique Contours
Whitney K – Pony
Inland Island – Zsa Zsa’s Window Opens Slowly
The Painters – Specks of Dust
Family Band – Family Band ’15
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Vinyl Pack #1 – CLAIMED
Ought – More Than Any Other Day
Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufield – Never Were The Way She Was
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Jason Sharp – A Boat Upon Its Blood
Vinyl Pack #3 – CLAIMED
Jerusalem In My Heart – If He Dies, If If If If If If
Off World – 1
Vinyl Pack #4
Ought – Sun Coming Down
Drainolith – Hysteria (+ bonus patch!)



Hi friends,
It’s been a whirlwind couple weeks – I was in Toronto for this year’s Polaris Prize (props to our hometown boy Kaytranada for his big win) then got back home just in time for Pop Montreal. There was too much awesome to recount here but a few personal highlights were catching Jef Elise Barbara as David Bowie, seeing an utterly captivating Annette Peacock performance, opening for legit heroes Psychic TV, the swoon-worthy Submissives (above) at the Egg Paper Factory showcase, and watching Toronto hip hop duo Bizzarh tear it up at beloved dive bar Brasserie Beaubien. I can already feel the post-pop sore throat kicking in so please send me yr favourite soup and/or immunity-boosting concoction recipes.

Got IT skills? We’re hiring! Apply here and join the best crew in town.

ckut top 30 – september 27, 2016

1. angel olsen – my woman – jagjaguwar
2. v/a – no. 2 – oh hi CC *
3. automatisme – momentform accumulations – constellation CC
4. tanya tagaq – retribution – six shooter CC
5. helen money – become zero – thrill jockey Continue reading


Last Installment of the Montreal Sessions with Egg Paper Factory


Sadly, today is the day that Egg Paper Factory finished their residency here at CKUT. Playing everything from folk to jazz to world to Mariah Carey, they managed to include something for every musical humanoid out there. Not to mention they had some neat voice distortions going on throughout the sessions…

These guys did one hell of a job hosting one of our most successful shows, The Montreal Sessions, the archives of which are definitely worth perusing. Don’t forget to tune in next Tuesday from 3-5pm for Pop Montreal to take the reigns~~


Egg Paper Factory hosts The Montreal Sessions: August 18th 2015


It still remains impossible to describe exactly what Egg Paper Factory play on The Montreal Sessions, because their musical choices span so very much. From relatively unknown experimental artists to Mariah Carey, these guys will always deliver something incredibly fun to listen to. Today we started off with some laid back country, which slowly evolved to some wicked alternative and electronic releases. Truly a quality episode. The only way to fully get the experience is to listen for yourself, which you can do by looking at our archives, or tune in on Tuesdays 3-5pm.

Keep it locked to CKUT, folks~~

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 1.51.35 PM

Kicking off August’s Montreal Sessions With Egg Paper Factory

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 1.51.35 PM

Egg Paper Factory are a record label founded by Josh Boguski, Alex Bourque, Raff McMahan and Alex Lavoie in 2014, and are well worth listening to. Today they begin their residency here on The Montreal Sessions, airing every Tuesday at 3-5pm. Get ready for wicked experimental music from a myriad of different styles and more from Egg Paper Factor. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a comedic skit or two..

You can also read more about what these guys have in store for us on our website~~

stack your roster

Stack Your Roster hosts The Montreal Sessions

stack your roster

Now in their second week of a month long radio-residency, local label Stack Your Roster is taking over CKUT’s airwaves today 3-5pm. Your host Alex Williams is spinning contemporary Montreal jams, drawing largely on cuts from the Plastic Factory and Egg Paper Factory compilations.

Check out last week’s episode here and get knee’s deep in all things to do with Stack Your Roster over at their bandcamp.