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POP Past The Poster: What To See This Week

POP Montreal is finally here, folks. Montreal’s most massive music festival (say that five times fast) has descended upon the city, promising a week of stellar shows, panels, films and more. But POP’s best feature is also its most intimidating: there’s just so much good stuff. The festival has literally hundreds of amazing artists worth seeing this week, which is both very exciting and very overwhelming. With so many bands, the smaller shows at POP can sometimes be easily overlooked. That’s why we’ve put together a schedule of the less-publicized POP shows – none of the artists below are featured on the POP poster. So, in between Austra and Weyes Blood, maybe I’ll see you at one of these sweet gems this week:

Wednesday Evening:
Naomi Punk // Phern // Mundy’s Bay @ La Vitrola

Start your POP off right with the experimental art rock of Naomi Punk, whose new album Yellow is a jerky, jolting masterclass in breaking down your expectations of punk. Opening up are locals Mundy’s Bay and Phern, whose gazey post-punk and off-kilter smart pop definitely warrant arriving early.

Thursday Afternoon:
Joni Void // Sea Oleena // Desert Bloom // Best Fern // Ohara @ Phonopolis

This lineup (curated by CKUT’s own Underground Sounds) brings together some of the best ambient and electronic artists in the city for what is sure to be an entirely enveloping afternoon. From the calming ethereal pop of Best Fern to the eerie experimental music of Joni Void, this is a lineup to immerse in and drift away on.

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Hello friends,

As you probably know, we’re in the midst of an epic winter blast with plenty of snow and frigid temperatures in this part of the world… After a brief glimpse of spring, we’re back in the sub-zero zone here in Montreal. I opted to stay in and hibernate for most of the weekend, but I did venture out for a very excellent album launch from our friends (& CJLO superstars) Aim Low and Echo Beach, pictured above. Well worth braving that -30 windchill.

PS – no SXSW for us this year, we’re having too much fun digging ourselves out of this massive snowstorm to enjoy that Texas sunshine. 😉

ckut top 30 – march 14, 2017

1. homeshake – fresh air – sinderlyn CC *
2. tim darcy – saturday night – jagjaguwar CC *
3. saltland – a common truth – constellation CC *
4. novella – change of state – sinderlyn
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Saturn Returns Hosts The Montreal Sessions: July 7th 2015


Today marks the first day of Saturn Returns‘ residency here at CKUT, and they’ve got a great show lined up. Saturn Returns is a queer feminist collective based right here in Montreal, with some powerful messages you can read more about on our website. Tune in today from 3-5pm for The Montreal Sessions, hosted by Claire Lyke and Carol Fernandes, for music from women/feminist/queer artists and v special interviews with Julie Matson (aka Echo Beach) and Anne Golden (from Video des Femmes dans le parc). It’s going to be a great show, so don’t miss it!

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Echo Beach // Underground Sounds

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It’s a Monday night and it’s been generally grey all day, so let’s simmer into the dark night with some Montreal-based ambient, down-tempo and super chill tracks. Tune in live 8-10pm or listen to the archive. Our guest tonight is Echo Beach, aka Julie Matson, and your host (me) Nick Schofield will be chatting with her about the new album Fortune and airing a live performance right at 9pm. If you like what you hear, check out the Underground Sounds blog.

New Tracks on the Free Music Archive

Have you perused CKUT’s page on the Free Music Archive lately? We’ve got a couple of new recordings up and we’re really excited to share them with your ears — check out this long-form sonic tapestry from Echo Beach and these beautiful electronic pieces from Jeunesse Cosmique favourite Hazy Montagne Mystique. Plus, we’ve got plenty more recordings in the works so keep an eye on the FMA page for new goodies to arrive very soon…