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Concert Review: Zach Framption + Martin Heslop @Datcha


photo of datcha

On the corner of Avenue Laurier O and Rue Saint-Urbain is where you’ll find Datcha. Its blackout mirrored exterior kept the cold away from the music shared in the hip, Russian, low-lit bar. The intimate gathering of many people from diverse walks of life made for an indulgent night shared with a group of friends. Intoxication triumphed, perhaps from the wine served but namely from the musical performance of Zach Frampton and Martin Heslop.

     The Nova Scotia natives played sets with musical inspirations of jazz, soul and hip-hop. Zach, the pianist, was having fun and his facial expressions were infectious. Martin, the bassist, was at ease as the two blended repertoire and improvisation seamlessly. The two were set in the corner of the smokey, dim-lit room, their black clothing faded into the walls, but their sound flooded and filled the entire room. The electric piano and bass combo was refreshing, the pair was dynamic and innovative. I recognized a personal favourite ‘Summertime’ a standard that was reinvented through the use of a loop and constant trade off of melody from one instrument to the next. The crowd was all ages, styles and from many different walks of life. The music was intended for the diverse group that attended and appreciated the event.

    The jazz was TESS BUCKLEY accompanied by tarot card readings and synchronized light boards. We didn’t have any food, but indulged in a few drinks which where exceptional. The host of the event was Isaac Larose, a character and Quebec City native. Isaac is known as “the Modern Hatter,” he co-owns a millinery label (Larose Paris) and hats heads around the world. He is in high socio-artistic as well as fashionable standing. Isaac’s focus is quality and organic growth rather then finances. Isaac’s ideals and creativity was front-stage in the event he birthed and shared with the Montreal community, thank you Isaac.

   Datcha’s owner Thomas Von Party is known as a “one-man party” who was “raised to rave.” He created the nightclub as a modest space intended for intimate events featuring artists hand-picked based on talent. I truly respect the talent based curating and presentation of many unique artists. It’s not just about the lights and names for Datcha, which is refreshing and sadly rare in today’s industry.

     Emotions are thought to be an instinct as distinguished from reasoning or knowledge. Music is capable of changing a state of mind, by sparking one’s mood, or memories, even subconsciously. It takes a certain type of individual and performer to successfully evoke many different emotions from their audience, Zach and Martin did just that. April 5th was wonderful, I would highly recommend this event to a friend and hope to return one day.

  Datcha was not just a night of ‘Jazz and Tarot’ it was an experience. The smokey room, and collective created by the eclectic listeners was electric and led to a memorable night

— Review By Tess Buckley