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Hi friends,
Well, we survived last week’s crazy winter storm… most things around Montreal closed down for the day (a rarity in this land of perpetual winter) but it was business as usual here at CKUT, because we are hardcore like that. We did, however, spend a good chunk of the afternoon sliding down the mountain of snow that had accumulated in the station’s backyard…  gotta make the most of those blizzard conditions while they last, right?

Local arts publication Cult MTL is having its annual best-of poll, and CKUT has a long history of sitting pretty at the top of the radio category. Wanna show us some love? Vote here, and don’t forget to nominate your fave CKUT programmers while you’re at it.

ckut top 30 – march 21, 2017

1. the painters/carla sagan – supermoon lunar eclipse – egg paper factory CC *
2. saltland – a common truth – constellation CC *
3. tonstartssbandht – sorcerer – mexican summer
4. xiu xiu – forget – polyvinyl
5. mozart’s sister – field of love – arbutus CC * Continue reading

The Youjsh

The Youjsh // Underground Sounds

The Youjsh



Hazaa! High-fives all around. CKUT has been voted #1 Best Radio Station in Montréal (again) and Underground Sounds is #5 Best Radio Show. Thanks to everyone who voted in Cult MTL’s #BestOfMontreal poll.

Tonight on the show: The Youjsh are in-studio with new tunes that’ll put a skip in your step, plus a few recent releases along the lines of CFCF, Sick Friend, and Foxtrott. Call in for Elfin Saddle tix!

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Cult MTL

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Check out Cult MTL, y’all.

Check out the website that has risen like a phoenix from the ashes of the Anglo paper weekly, the Montreal Mirror: Cult MTL!

From the website:

We all worked at the Montreal Mirror, either in editorial or as freelancers or both. Our aim is to serve Montreal as we used to, but with a fresh format and voice. We will deliver daily coverage of the city, from news to culture to event listings and recommendations for things to do, see and hear. Because there’s never a shortage of stuff to do, just a shortage of savvy voices to steer you to the best of it.

Check out our coverage on the fold of the MTL Mirror right over here!