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This Week’s Shows (December 7 – 14)

String lights! Bad music! Festive drinks! The holiday season approaches, and with it comes a whole host of fond memories.

In a similar fashion, we’re bringing back fond memories from last week-that is to say, an all image show listing. And because this is time #2, all images feature doubling. So make your best guesses and click on whatever looks intriguing!


This Week’s Concerts (November 22 – 29)

Here’s this week’s menu!


Noise and polyrhythms:

Metz, Absolutely Free, Young Lungs

@ Il Motore


Living legend:

Neil Young and Crazy Horse

@ Bell Centre


Feel good guitar music via MTL and Halifax:

Dance Movie, The Tibaldos

@ Casa Del Popolo



Real, emotional trash (warm guitar/cold reverb):

YouYourself&I, James Irwin, Year of Glad

@ Casa Del Popolo



Kalmunity Live Organic Improv Tuesdays

@ Bobards


Montreal, Mexico, Jazz:

Géraldine EguiluzPierre Yves Martel/Isaiah Ceccarelli

@ Casa Del Popolo



This Week’s Shows (November 15 – 22)

M For Montreal has a heckuva lineup this year, so try to catch a few of their shows!


The monthly campus bar takeover that is Thursdays {a}Live is happening RIGHT NOW, is well worth your time and is FREE.

CKUT bud Ollie North is also doing a set at Caigibi.

And PS I Love You and Mac De Marco are playing a packed show at Sala Rossa.



SUUNS, Memoryhouse, Sun Airway and D’Eon at Sala Rossa sounds good to me.


Loud: Yamantaka//Sonic Titan + A Place To Bury Strangers at Sala Rossa.

Crazy, fun hip hop: Death Grips + Mykki Blanco at Corona Theatre

Montreal homies: Mozart’s Sister + Cadence Weapon at Il Motore.


The feminine folk of Evenings Hymns at Il Motore or Casa’s spoken word night. YOU decide!


Everyone’s favorite dive bar, Brasserie Beaubien, will be making a quiet ruckus with performances from Olenka and the Autumn Lovers, Ollie North and Year of Glad.


Catch country folk songstress, Jenn Grant, do her thing at Petit Campus!

Leverage Models

Leverage Models play live TODAY on the Kitchen Bang Bang Law!

Tune in for an extra-special live studio session and interview with Brooklyn’s Leverage Models during today’s episode of the Kitchen Bang Bang Law, 12:00-2:00pm. Fans can also catch them later tonight when they play at Casa with Yellow Ostrich and Strand of Oaks. Get your ears to the dial and your feet to the venue, this is gonna be a good one.


This Week’s Shows (November 8 – 15)

It’s Thursday night–where them shows at?

Apologies for missing last week, life swept me up in a busy kind of way, but I’m returning dutifully this week with the show listings y’all should check out.

PS: This new Four Tet remix is fire:


Swing over to the Casa/Sala part of town for The Darcy’s take on Steely Dan’s immaculately engineered album Aja or cross the street for a Howl Arts presentation of Kalmunity Vibe Collective.

Plus, Sinkane and Yeasayer perform sublime electronic music chez Cabaret Mile End.


Your mission is to support loud locals at a dive bar. Brasserie Beaubien is hosting some CKUT favs and fam for what promises to be a sweaty, shout-filled eve.


Dan Deacon

Too many good things:

1) The always exuberant Dan Deacon at SAT

2) Pop techno posterboy Matthew Dear playing Il Motore.

3) The joyous guitar music of Delicate Steve at Club Lambi

4) An extensive night of improvisational music at a historic chapel


Theme Room Nightclub at Casa? Sure, why not.


Hoax @ Death Church

DEATH CHURCH!!! (has a punk show with Hoax, Slobs, Pregnancy Scares, Hounds of Hate [great name] and Vanishing Point)


Mardi Spaghetti at Caigibi with:

Robin Servant (accordéon) / Hughes Olivier-Blouin (contrebasse) + Pierre-Yves Martel (objets) / Petr Cancura (saxophone) / Guido del Fabbro (violon) / Aaron Lumley (contrebasse)


M For Montreal begins and with it comes Odd Future offspring Mellowhype to Cabaret Mile End or the impossible-not-to-love Mozart’s Sister to Il Motore or the unbeatable noise rock of Yamantaka//Sonic Titan to Sala Rossa.


Go see everything!

Live Broadcast from the Ratchet Orchestra show TONIGHT!

Attention lovers of jazz & live music! We’ve got a very special episode of Jazz Euphorium in the works tonight featuring a live broadcast from the Ratchet Orchestra show at the Sala. Tune in from 8-10pm to catch the band play live through the magic of CKUT’s airwaves. And don’t forget that we’re still deep in Funding Drive mode, so be sure to call in or donate online if you dig what you’re hearing. Or better yet, if you’re at the show then stop by our table and donate in person. It’s an early gig so there’s still plenty of time for your Halloween shenanigans later in the night. Don’t sleep on this one, Montreal.

Halloween party at Sala Rossa on Saturday with DJs The Goods

This Week’s Shows (October 25-31)

Halloween party at Sala Rossa on Saturday with DJs The Goods

Between our funding drive and last minute costume ideas, things are pretty busy at the station as of late… Here are some shows!!


Michigan beatsmith Shigeto will be infusing Club Lambi with his soulful rhythms later tonight.


After trying your luck at the sold out Swans show at La Tulipe, get your power pop happening with The Bawdy Electric at Casa Del Popolo.


…could get Thelonius at Resonance Cafe with Hat & Beard playing choice tunes from the Monk’s songbook, or enjoy the electroacoustic work of Monty Adkins at Usine C.


Joel Kerr Quintet at Casa Del Popolo promises to enliven your eardrums with their rollicking jazz rhythms.


Get fantastic, freaky and psyched for Sam Shalabi’s Land of Kush project as they take over the hearts and minds of those attending Sala Rossa this Monday — and be sure to stop by the CKUT table while you’re there.


Whether it’s folk with Canadian songwriter Jerry Ledger at Divan Orange or improvisation with L’envers cofounder Philippe Battikha at Caigibi, All Hallow’s Eve Eve will be the perfect precursor to your numerous rounds of trick or treating on Wednesday.


The Ratchet Orchestra

A rambunctious, thirty piece orchestra will be causing a racket at Sala Rossa on Halloween. CKUT will be there in full force with a live broadcast of their set, so be sure to come say hi if you make it out to the show.


Enjoy and Happy Halloween!


This Week’s Shows (October 19 – 25)

Whoa, were you guys at Thursdays Alive last night? How cool were those bands!? And there’s still more ahead!

Definitely keep your eyes on the Phénoma festival happening all this week, which promises avant garde, challenging and fascinating performances from a wide array of artists both local and global.

And, as always, check out CKUT’s main listings page for more shows!



Hit up La Brique and bring Elaine Kahn’s literary drone pop project Horsebladder into your life.


Phénomena has a lot happening, so how about checking out some of the shows happening Saturday at Popolo and Sala Rossa?


Silent Land Time Machine

Austin, Texas’ superbly named freaks of folk and ambience Silent Land Time Machine will be doing their thing at Il Motore. Prepare for a serotonin rich head trip.



Punk legends OFF! are at Foufones Electriques!


Pantha Du Prince

Master of the pastoral electric, Pantha Du Prince will lay down a set of highly organic dance music at S.A.T.


How about the cold weather informed soundscapes of Montreal multi-instrumentalist Alex Hackett performing as Pang Attack? He’ll be doing his thing at Quai Des Brumes.

It’s a great week for shows, so get out there and have fun!

Cheap Girls play Casa Del Popolo this Wednesday

This Week’s Shows (October 11-18)

Cheap Girls play Casa Del Popolo this Wednesday

A beautiful and brisk day it was in Montreal. The night brings a host of shows, some of which you might like to attend. Read on!


Howl! Arts Collective is doing a “theater, song and dub poetry” show at Sala Rossa as part of the feminist festival of media arts + digital culture being put on right now by Studio XX. Check the event page for more deets.

Free-jazz-pop-cover trio Bean will be playing right across the street as part of L’Off Festival should that strike your fancy.


While Flying Lotus DJs at SAT, you get to choose between the garage pop of Kurvi Tasch (at Casa Del Popolo) or the polkabilly grindcore of Bad Uncle (at Divan Orange).


King Tuff

Consider going alone and stoned (or, you know, with friends) to hear Vermont guitar hero King Tuff lift your spirits with top-notch garage pop at Il Motore.


You need some folk in your life. Fill that quota at Upstairs with Del Barber‘s stripped down storytelling, or hone in on those stories and bring your ears to Popolo’s spoken word night.


Staff Benda Bilili

Start your week off the only right way: with the music of paraplegic Congolese street musicians Staff Benda Bilili. Even if you can’t make it to the Rialto, reading their Wikipedia will leave you radiating positive vibes.


Recently downsized, but still one of the best rock bands working, Menomena will play Sala Rossa. Meanwhile, things get improvisatory at Mile End hang Le Caigibi  for the weekly Mardi Spaghetti.


A night of rawk with Jon Spencer Blues Explosion playing Theatre Corona and Michigan punks Cheap Girls doing their thing at Casa Del Popolo.

Have fun!