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Hi radio buddies,
Hope you are doing well & staying cool — if your town is anything like Montreal, it’s about a million degrees outside. I’ve been drinking a ridiculous amount of cold brew and eating too much ice cream as coping mechanisms, but I feel pretty great about it. Whatever gets you through, y’know?

We’re super psyched to be bringing new local label Egg Paper Factory into the CKUT master studio to host & curate The Montreal Sessions for the month of August. Founded in 2014 by Josh Boguski, Alex Bourque, Raff McMahan and Alex Lavoie, the label aims to showcase a finely curated collection of Canadian experimental music in a variety of styles. Since its foundation, Egg Paper has released 13 albums on cassette in limited run, including critically acclaimed records by Un Blonde, Telstar Drugs, and Whitney K. The label has also hosted a series of concerts, and will be hosting a showcase during POP Montreal in September. Their residency, which they’ve ceremoniously dubbed Egg Radio, will feature on-air interviews with Canadian bands, artist profiles, as well as premieres of new music from the label. The show will also feature comedic skits from the hosts, and regular segments featuring the hosts’ favourite music from the Canadian and international music community respectively. Catch it every Tuesday in August from 3-5pm EST.

ckut top 30 – july 28, 2015
1. narcy – world war free now – the medium CC *
2. fist city – everything is a mess – transgressive records CC
3. human music – sup – dub ditch picnic CC
4. sediment club – psychosymplastic – wharf cat records
5. tess parks & anton newcombe – i declare nothing – a records Continue reading

Exit Roots Rock Rebel, Enter The Rebel Beat

For those of you who dig ska, you’re probably familiar with longstanding CKUT show Roots Rock Rebel. For nearly a decade it’s been the go-to for Montreal’s ska movers and shakers, but there are changes afoot. To give you the news from the horse’s mouth, we’re turning things over to Aaron Maiden himself — read on for the full scoop:

To all the rude boys, rude girls, punks, mods, and rockers,

I have some bittersweet news. After broadcasting for 9 years, Roots Rock Rebel will be no more after January 2015. It has been an incredible passion and honour for me to serve the local and international ska, punk, and reggae scenes with this show, interviewing bands from around the world, and giving space to promote underground artists.

I am going to carry on doing a radio show and podcast every Wednesday from 10pm-12am on CKUT, but the show is getting a total overhaul. So I’m very excited to introduce to all of you – The Rebel Beat.

The Rebel Beat will launch with its first edition on February 4, 2015.

 Roots Rock Rebel has always been about ska, reggae, punk, and class war on the dance floor. With The Rebel Beat, my plan is to put the emphasis on the latter, and showcase revolutionary political music across different genres, and across different continents. 

We live in serious times. Militarized police states. Ecological devastation taking such a toll on our planet. Racism so crude that you’d think it was 1950, not 2015. But serious times call for serious action, and a serious soundtrack. That is where I hope The Rebel Beat will come in –  a show to connect musicians and artists with global movements for revolutionary change. Indeed, class war on the dance floor.

What will you hear when you tune in? Less ska and reggae, more hip-hop against police brutality, riot folk, anarcho-punk, union picket line hymns, slam poetry, plus interviews with artists, agitators, revolutionaries, community organizers, and more.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has listened to the show over the years and supported us. People who have really come through and who should be named include:  Val Desnoyers, Cath Marchand, Reggie McClean and the Fundamentals, Victor Rice (who composed our theme song!), Danny Rebel and the KGB, Kman and the 45s, Lorraine Muller, Matt, Mike, Lora, Alex, and everyone at Stomp Records, Rebel Time Records, Jay Nugent, Dave Hillyard, and the Slackers, The Hangers, and of course the whole Montreal Ska Festival crew.

Below you’ll find some more info on The Rebel Beat. I hope you keep tuning in every Wednesday night on CKUT, or keep downloading the podcast, because this new show promises to be amazing.

Link us up!
Email: rebel@ckut.ca

Until next week, stay rude, and stay rebel,
Aaron Maiden


About the Rebel Beat
The Rebel Beat is a show of radical political music across different genres, and across different continents. It is the mixtape to a riot against police brutality. It is your nightly newscast set to bass and beats. It is a rallying cry against apathy. It is protest anthems from Hong Kong to Istanbul to Ferguson to Montreal.

Tune in every Wednesday from 10pm-12am EST on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal, or stream or download the podcast at http://www.ckut.ca. Curated and hosted by Aaron Maiden (formerly Roots Rock Rebel), and featuring regular collaborators and guest DJs.


Hey friends,

Hope all of you in the northeast are enjoying your snow day. Here in Montreal, we feel your winter woes — but I’m writing this from a cozy, well-heated office so it certainly could be worse. January is also the Month of Birthdays at CKUT (we aquarius folks are creative types, y’know?), mine included, and last week my heart was warmed by a gang of friends who braved the cold to shower me with chocolate, whiskey, and other treats. The collective hangover was a little easier to bear this year and while I’d like to credit it to us being a wiser and more mature crew, I feel like that is perhaps wishful thinking.

You guys all know how amazing the Free Music Archive is, right? How about CKUT’s page on the FMA? It’s pretty chock-full of live studio sessions in more genres than we care to list, and we’ve just added a couple recent gems from Echo Beach and Hazy Montagne Mystique to the collection. Give ‘em a listen and don’t forget to check past entries too — we’ve been running this page since 2011, and there’s plenty of good stuff for your ears to discover.

ckut top 30 – january 27, 2015
1. viet cong – s/t – flemish eye CC
2. stefan christoff & nick schofield – reves sonores a montreal – howl! arts CC *
3. charlemagne palestine & rhys chatham – youuuu + mee = weee – subrosa
4. siskiyou – nervous – constellation CC
5. notta comet – success with houseplants – self-released CC * Continue reading

New Tracks on the Free Music Archive

Have you perused CKUT’s page on the Free Music Archive lately? We’ve got a couple of new recordings up and we’re really excited to share them with your ears — check out this long-form sonic tapestry from Echo Beach and these beautiful electronic pieces from Jeunesse Cosmique favourite Hazy Montagne Mystique. Plus, we’ve got plenty more recordings in the works so keep an eye on the FMA page for new goodies to arrive very soon…