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Hey friends,
Whew, we just wrapped our annual funding drive and despite some computer/database bugs (*shakes fist at technology*), it was pretty stellar. The pledges keep rolling in and we are inching our way up to our $50,000 goal. It was also totally inspiring to hear so much amazing, innovative programming happen over the span of the drive — our hosts really stepped up their game and did some amazingly creative things, and I couldn’t be prouder of how we’re sounding these days.

And hey, Halloween happened too I guess. Did you dress up? I was lazy and ended up staying in and marathoning through a bunch of horror movies. But in honour of the spooky holiday, I’ll include a Halloween pic of the CKUT crew from a couple years back dressed as Funding Drive Witches. Casting donation spells on your listeners works, try it!


Every Tuesday from 3-5pm, hear local trumpet player and experimental musician Craig Pedersen perform live on-air, play recordings and chat music with some of his favourite artists as he hosts our Montreal Sessions residency for November. Craig Pedersen is trumpet player and improvisor based out of Montréal. An active freelance musician specializing in jazz and free music, he actively leads his own band, the Craig Pedersen Quartet/Quintet, is a member of Nicolas Caloia’s Ratchet Orchestra and Quartet, and has recorded and performed with Ensemble Supermusique. His amplified trumpet and clarinet duo The Sound of the Mountain with clarinettist Elizabeth Millar, has played concerts in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore, and he recently has returned from a 10-day eastern Canadian tour with Brooklyn-based upright bassist, Shayna Dulberger. Want more details on the programming he has in store? Check out his website for the full scoop.

ckut top 30 – november 3, 2015
1. majical cloudz – are you alone? – arts & crafts CC *
2. esmerine – lost voices – constellation CC *
3. u.s. girls – half free – 4AD CC
4. l’appel du vide – mergin’ spaces – self-released CC *
5. ought – sun coming down – constellation CC * Continue reading




Hey folks,

It’s our funding drive! Things are crazy busy around here, so I’m gonna keep this short today — gotta run and take a shift in the phone room pretty shortly…

Wanna show CKUT some love? Donate online here, and be sure to check out some of the events we’ve got happening this week. Go team go!


ckut top 30 – october 27, 2015
1. ought – sun coming down – constellation CC *
2. drainolith – hysteria – nna tapes CC *
3. darius jones 4tet – le bébé de bridgite – aum fidelity
4. jerusalem in my heart – if he dies, if if if if if if – constellation CC *
5. u.s. girls – half free – 4AD CC Continue reading



a4052255328_10CKUT’s annual funding drive is under way! This year, we present to you Radio Unleashed: from October 22nd to November 1st, our airwaves will be filled with special programming from all your favourite shows and hosts. To kick it all off, tonight at 8pm we are hosting a party at Bar Le Ritz PDB, featuring a variety of Montreal artists, from music to dance and even spoken word!

Music will be provided by local bands Cheap Wig, a highly energetic feminist punk-rock group, Show of Bedlam, a dark experimental death rock group and Smileswithteeth, a feel-good electronic pop group. DJ Jef Barbara will also be spinning throughout the night so be ready to dance!

Beyond music, Ill Groove Garden Hip Hop Dance Crew will perform, as well as spoken word artist Kym Dominique-Ferguson. We’ve got something for everyone’s tastes! 

Please bring a small donation ($10 suggested) to help keep our station running to its full ability!

If all those reasons weren’t enough to get you out tonight, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Jndopa39j8

We hope you’ll join us in supporting our station!

-Céleste Pagniello




Hey folks,
Sorry these are coming in a day late! I got the cold that’s currently sweeping Montreal, and it knocked me out of commission yesterday. Cough and sniffles aside, I had a wicked time at CMJ last week — it was so great hanging with all you lovely radio peeps. Saw lots of familiar faces and met some amazing new people too. Y’all rule!

Lastly, our annual funding drive starts tomorrow (!) so I won’t be in the office much next week for tracking. I’m also not making any promises about charts — we have a ton of events going down next week, so if they don’t get compiled then just sit tight and wait for a big ol’ mega chart the following week.


Funding Drive is upon us! We’ve got tons of rad programming lined up to hustle some dollars while giving ears the royal treatment they’re used to from the ol’ CKUT. Perennial favourite Venus Radioke is back in full force, we’ve got a killer kickoff party going down Friday night, and we’ll be broadcasting live from a whole bunch of different spaces over the next week and a half. See the full list here, and take our personal inside tip to swing by Casa del Popolo for a free gig on Monday afternoon featuring Old Haunt, YlangYlang, and more — we’ll be hosting the music department’s show, New Shit, live on location from 3-5pm and it would be swell to see your pretty face there. Come hang out and share some good fundraising vibes with us!

ckut top 30 – october 20, 2015
1. jerusalem in my heart – if he dies, if if if if if if – constellation CC *
2. souljazz orchestra – resistance – do right! music CC
3. u.s. girls – half free – 4AD CC
4. l’appel du vide – mergin’ spaces – self-released CC *
5. ought – sun coming down – constellation CC * Continue reading




Hey friends,

I’m gonna keep this short today since we have a zillion things going on, including an upcoming AGM, funding drive, and student fee levy referendum. Fall is the busy season! Time for more coffee…


CKUT is thrilled to be teaming up with the Student Society of McGill University to present a live federal election debate tomorrow at 5pm. It’s happening on campus and is open to the public, and we’ll be broadcasting remotely from the event from 5-6pm. We highly encourage people to tune in, or better yet — join us there in person and have your voice be a part of the discussion. Check out the full details here: http://ckut.ca/en/node/1624

ckut top 30 – september 29, 2015
1.  u.s. girls – half free – 4AD
2. ought – sun coming down – constellation CC *
3. babysitter – s/t – psychic handshake CC *
4. katie moore – fooled by the fun – club roll CC *
5. empress of – me – terrible records  Continue reading

underground sounds logo

FUNDING DRIVE // Underground Sounds

underground sounds logo

Tune in to Underground Sounds’ once-a-year Funding Drive episode tonight from 8-10pm for emerging, independent music and wicked prizes. Your host Nick Schofield will be covering why it’s important to support CKUT, how you can help and what’s in store for every pledger. On top of all the prizes CKUT is offering, by donating to Underground Sounds you will go home with hand-printed, screen-printed poster by GRIMES and a mixtape CD of live performances from artists who played lived on the show in the last year, like Mozart’s Sister and Hobo Cubes.

funding drive 2013

Funding Drive 2013 // Underground Sounds

underground sounds posterIt’s time to show how much you love Underground Sounds and CKUT by donating to our annual funding drive. Help keep community radio alive and kicking!

For the special occasion we’ll be talking with previous show-hosts Agata de Santis and Natalia Yanchak (The Dears) about the importance of Underground Sounds and campus-community radio. Listen for interviews with Murray A Lightburn about his project MASS:LIGHT and catch a chat with Fragile Feet about their upcoming show. Last but not least, in-studio musical guest SwampWolf will be serenading us all night long.

There are tonnes of prizes for donators like sweet t-shirts, free beer for a year (!!!) and a really special Underground Sounds poster designed and hand-numbered by GRIMES.

Help us raise $60,000 to keep Montreal’s people-powered-radio alive, call 514-907-9424 or online at CKUT.ca now.

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smile stealers

Delta Will + Smile Stealers // Underground Sounds

smile stealers

Let’s give thanks to CKUT, right? Our FUNDING DRIVE is at the end of the month, officially October 24 to November 3. Tune in to Underground Sounds on October 28 for special in-studio performances, guests and awesome giveaways for generous pledgers like yourself 😉

As for tonight! Tyr and Jasa from the Smile Stealers movie crew are going tell us about the making of this art-house flick and share some deets on the big premiere. Also, Delta Will returns to Earth and our radio-waves with an acoustic performance and interview.

You know what to do, tune in 8-10pm at CKUT.ca or 90.3 FM – pshhh, over.

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CKUT’s Annual Funding Drive has just started! Stay tuned in and start pledging. We’ll be going strong until November 4th, 2012!

That’s right! We’ve been a community supported and run radio station for 25 years and now’s the perfect time for you to show your support. There’s a whole bunch of information about that here.

You can pledge a donation here.

And we have some very exciting GRAND PRIZE DRAWS that you can enter when you pledge. It includes:

  • 1 pair of passes to POP Montreal 2013!
  • 2 passes to Suoni Per Il Popolo Music Festival!
  • A Year of Beer from McAuslan Brewery!
  • 25 tickets to Blue Skies Turn Black concerts throughout the year! conditions apply
  • 25 pairs to tickets to EVENKO concerts throughout the year! conditions apply
  • Word lovers prize pack! (Gift certificates from The Word Bookstore, Paragraphe Bookstore, two subscriptions to Maisonneuve Magazine and more!) Stay tuned for more deets.
  • Music lovers prize pack! (Gift certificates from Phonopolis, Sonorama, Cheap Thrills and more!)


Please, please take the time to make a pledge so we can keep bringing you the best radio station in Montreal for another year!






3647 University (Metro McGill) Monday to Friday from 11am-6pm.

Vince Tinguely by Sherwin Tjia (originally for Ascent magazine)

Today on The Kitchen Bang Bang Law…gifts!

Vince Tinguely by Sherwin Tjia (originally for Ascent magazine)

Tune in today to The Kitchen Bang Bang Law (Tuesdays from 12-2pm, hosted by Vince Tinguely) for a special CKUT Funding Drive show. Vince’s show, in his own words, is about “is about cutting-edge culture. It’s about dreaming beyond the barriers of cynical ‘common sense’ through radical sonic art forms, be they the working blues of the 20s or the avante garde drone of today.”

The show has featured a slew of amazing guest over the past year including theatre artists Émilie Monnet, Alison Darcy and Cat Kidd, activists / artists / curators Stefan Christoff, John W. Stuart and Kevin Yuen-Kit Lo, video artist and activist John Greyson, performance artists Victoria Stanton, Amalie Atkins, Janine Eisenaecher and Laura Margita,musicians Elwood Epps, Malcolm Goldstein, Christian Richer, Kathy Kennedy, Jahsun of Kalmunity Vibe Collective, Jean Smith and David Lester of Mecca Normal, Brahja Waldman and Kyra Shaughnessy, and poets and writers like Ian Ferrier, Moe Clark, Gail Scott, Carolyn Marie Souaid, Endre Farkas, Moheb Soliman, Jane Gabriels and Kaie Kellough.

Along with the amazing gifts available for all CKUT donors, Vince has the following gifts available to Kitchen Bang Bang Law supporters: aselection of vinyl LPs, CDs (and even a VHS tape!) from this year’s crate-digging:

  • Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – Live /`1975-1985 (5xLP box set) for a $30.00 pledge
  • Buzzcocks – A Different Kind Of Tension (LP) for a $15.00 pledge
  • Joan Jett – Bad Reputation (LP) for a $15.00 pledge
  • Elton John – Madman Across The Water (original textured LP gatefold sleeve with booklet) for a $25.00 pledge
  • Elton John – Tumbleweed Connection (original textured LP gatefold sleeve with booklet) for a $25.00 pledge
  • Jean Michel Jarre – Equinox (LP) for a $10.00 pledge
  • Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygene (LP) for a $10.00 pledge
  • Laurie Anderson – Big Science (LP) for a $20.00 pledge
  • Vangelis – China (LP) for a $10.00 pledge
  • Style Council – The Cost of Living (2xEP gatefold) for a $20.00 pledge
  • The Teardrop Explodes – Wilder (LP) for a $10.00 pledge
  • Paul Horn – Inside The Great Pyramid (2xLP gatefold with insert) for a $25.00 pledge
  • Eurhythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (LP, Mexican pressing) for a $15.00 pledge
  • Joni Mitchell – Hejira (LP gatefold) for a $20.00 pledge
  • Judy Collins – Who Knows Where The Time Goes (LP gatefold) for a $10.00 pledge
  • Carole King – Tapestry (LP gatefold) for a $10.00 pledge10cc – The Original Soundtrack (LP gatefold) for a $10.00 pledge
  • Stanley Turrentine – The Man With The Sad Face (LP) for a $10.00 pledge
  • Gene Krupa – Big Noise From Winnetka (Japanese CD re-issue with replica LP sleeve) for a $20.00 pledge
  • Bauhaus – Shadows and Light music video (VHS) for a $10.00 pledge

Phone in (Call 514.907.9424) or donate on-line!