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My to-do list of things to get/do before I leave Montreal!

My long weekend was spent packing: lots of weighing of what I can/can’t live with/without for the next long while, while wrestling dust bunnies, mealtimes and sleep to the ground with only scattered showers of tears. Muscles are sore but things got done!

Bring on the fall fashions and cool weather, says I,



This week on 21st Century Schizophone (MTL Sessions)…

This week the 21st Century Schizophone charts intersections between the arts of film sound design and soundscape composition to explore the similar working methods, aesthetic concerns and political goals of these areas of creative practice.  The show features an in-depth listen to the work of sound designer Leslie Shatz and composers Hildegard Westerkamp and Frances White in and around the films of Gus Van Sant.  We continue the show’s schizophonic mandate by considering what happens when soundscape composition is imported into the audiovisual realm of the cinema, and how film sound can become a sound art in its own right through the magic of radio.


March’s Montreal Sessions: SERIE (a.k.a. BRAIDIO)

Tune into the first edition of Katie Lee’s (BRAIDS) Montreal Sessions radio residency today from 3-5pm! She’s/we’s calling it SERIE and BRAIDIO and various names but you can expect great music and live performances by the likes of Purity Ring and other rad bands. Find out more about the Montreal Sessions here and check out a video featuring Katie below:

Two thirds of Each Other in studio for Jordan Robson Cramer's last SPECTRAL MIGRATION (MTL Sessions) show

Q&A with EACH OTHER + goodbye, thank you SPECTRAL MIGRATION

Two thirds of Each Other in studio for Jordan Robson Cramer's last SPECTRAL MIGRATION (MTL Sessions) show

Each Other played two short sets on Jordan Robson Cramer’s last show (February 28, 2012) of his Montreal Sessions radio residency, SPECTRAL MIGRATION. Check out the archives to have a listen to their tangled/intricate prog pop tunes and sweetly boyish harmonies. The rest of the SPECTRAL MIGRATION can be found there, including Beaver Sheppard‘s in-studio performance from last week (February 21, 2012). Thanks to Jordan for hosting such a great month of shows!


Nightcrawlers: new overnight music shows!

Remember those open overnight shows spots we mentioned on this here blog? Well, we’re pleased to announce that two new shows have been added to our weekly schedule! Here’s a bit more about them:

  • Turn Down the Suck || bi-weekly Monday evenings, very early Tuesday mornings || 3-4 am: This new-to-us show was born on CJLO 1690AMs airwaves lived there for seven years before coming to CKUT. With a host named Johnny Suck and a tagline that reads “heavy-ass rock, bad-ass metal, and kick-ass hardcore” you can be sure to expect some serious heaviosity on the early morning airwaves. The first show is tonight and Johnny says that he’ll be spinning new cuts from the likes of Orange Goblin, Corrosion of Conformity, and Earth albums. Show archives will be available right here, will replace The 27th Hour‘s usual spot and will alternate weeks with Jet Set Diskotek. Welcome Turn Down the Suck! (Pssst…have a look-see at Johnny’s goodbye message on CJLO’s site)
  • City Sound Underground || bi-weekly Tuesday evenings, very early Wednesday mornings || 12-2 am: Hosted by Adora Morales and Dan Melon (formerly of the CKUT show Your Radio Is Broken), City Sound Underground will alternate with Duck Truck Radio every other week and will (from their blog) “City Sound Underground will take you on an unpredictable odyssey. Spanning all genres of Electronic Music. The programming will include special features, classic cuts, and the newest sounds from local, and internationally, emerging artists. The program will also feature exclusive previews of forth-coming releases, and news about contemporary electronic music artists and events. We hope to infiltrate your ears with the freshest sounds from the underground. Make you dance. And, keep you informed about trend makers, and keepers.” Show archives available here. Welcome City Sound Underground!
  • Note: The 27th Hour has moved from Monday nights to late Wednesday evenings, 2-4am, every other week. Check out the show archives for some excellent rock n roll music!

Also, do get in touch if you’re interested in programming some late night radio for CKUT, y’all: click here for further details.

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Photos of the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble live in studio

Chicago’s Ethnic Heritage Ensemble dropped into The Goods yesterday before heading to their artist-loft show up the street. They began with an improvised jam, then discussed the history of Chicago music scene, the band, improvised music and the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians with guest-host David Ryshpan. Have a listen!

More about the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble can be found on their Facebook page; from that site:

  • The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble was formed shortly after percussionist Kahil El’Zabar graduated from the school of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians in 1976. He teamed up with tenor saxophonist Edward Wilkerson, Jr. to play music that combined contemporary African American musical styles, like jazz, with more traditional African instrumentation and rhythms. The duo would frequently grow to a trio in these first years, adding musicians like saxophonist Light Henry Huff and Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre. In 1988, they added trombonist and conga player Joseph Bowie, who is the leader of the jazz-funk group Defunkt. In 1997, Wilkerson was replaced by Ernest “Khabeer” Dawkins who is the leader of New Horizons Ensemble.

Tune-into Dragonroot Radio, Tues @ 8h30-9h for a k u a

a k u a is playing live in studio Tuesday, January 17 from 8h30-9h.

She’s a local emerging musical talent whose lyrics and melodies will keep bouncing around between your ears long after you hear them. Find more of her music here: myspace.com/akuaunplugged.
Listen back to this and any other Dragonroot session here: www.centre2110.org/media/dragonrootradio/